~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 3


The man wasn’t angry at her outburst but instead told her, that she was on the wrong side. He told her that she had paid for middle class, 26 by the window. Twinkle look at her ticket before realizing she did and that she was on the wrong lane, embarrassed she was about to get up, when the flight attendant voice was heard, saying we will now be leaving.
The man look at the girl and told her she could stay there, he will just seat next to her since, it’s not a lot of people on this side. Twinkle didn’t really here what he was saying, because she was too busy shaking. The man relax on the chair and turn to her when he saw her shaking. “Are you ok miss?” he asks
“NO! This is my first time on a plane, I can’t help but to be scared” she says talking supper fast. The man understood, he told her to take a deep breath and calm down. Nothing will happen, but twinkle shook her head in denial. The man told her to listen to her music, and she did. He sigh when she calm down a little. Half of the ride to India was ok, when it was soon landing time and the plane started going down, twinkle puts her hand on top of his, and started chanting for the gods to save her.

The man tries to remove her hand from his, but she was holding on to it tightly. “Excuse me, can you let go” he says feeling awkward, but all he could hear was her saying we are going to die, over and over. When the plane landed she was shaking, the man gave her some times to cool down before asking her if she was ready to get up. Twinkle opened her eyes and nod, she waited until the man got up before she gets up. The man waited for her to grab her stuff, from the top bunk, while waiting he observe her outfit, she was wearing denim jeans and a crop top, which shows her back and stomach. He groans uncomfortably.
Twinkle was having a hard time, grabbing her suit case, yes she’s short, but she didn’t think the flight attendant would put it so high. The man watch as she jump, and struggle to grab her thinks. She was making struggling noise, with her tongue a little out. One of the passengers passing by stop to stare at her skin showing. He was blushing, while watching her. His seeing this slaps him, making him snap out of it. The man sigh, seems like his been doing that lately. He walk to twinkle, hovering above her, he tried not to think about the warmth he was feeling being so close to her. He grab her suit case, surprising her, before putting it on the ground. Twinkle turn to him and thank him before grabbing it and walk away. The man looks at her and chuckle, he grab his suit case and walk out of the plane. He walk right past her heading to his car, while she wait for her mom to come get her. She watch as the rain fall, bringing some unwanted memories. She didn’t want to think about her ex so she found something better to do.
While waiting she didn’t notice, a car passing by her with speed. The car splash the water making it land on twinkle, soaking her from head to toe. Twinkle look at the white car, before running after it, but she didn’t get far because the driver had no intention to stop. Grumpy twinkle walk back to her suit case, mumbling bad things. The driver, who happened to be the man from before smirk, before chuckling to himself, he wasn’t stupid. He saw twinkle standing there, and wanted to pay her back for embarrassing him on the plane. He watch her from the rear mirror before saying her name “twinkle, what an interesting name” he says before holding her necklace in his hand.

Credit to: Kk

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