~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 27

Summary so far: twinkle was raised in America, an was engaged to non other then yuvraj. On her second year of collage yuv humilated her by announcing to everyone that maya is his finance. shatterd, twinkle made a commitment to start new by loosing weight.

Her mom convince her to come to india. Their she met kunj . on their first meeting kunj wasnt to fond of twinkle , but with each incidents they got closer and of course leading to her moving in with him.

Twinkle in denial slowly starts to fall for him. But with every relationship theirs trouble. Yuvraj twinkle ex comes back, an falls for the new twinkle. Maya yuv ex is kunj childhood friend. She doesnt know about twinkle or recognize her.

As the story progress. Twinkle found out that kunj is a mafia son . his father gang kidnapped her just so kunj could agree to save his father territory and weapons. What will twinkle do knowing this?who is the enemy behind this? And How will this war end. We wont know until the story progress.

On to the story…………

Kunj was having a nightmare, it wasnt those scary nightmares. It was one of his childhood. He could see himself getting in a car accident and his father calling his name. He saw ambulance taking someone away. He couldnt see who, but it was a little girl about his age. His eyes widen when he saw her drop the necklace he had bought her. In pain he tries to get up, but his body wouldnt move. He was crying while calling for her.

” no….come back….dont go T-” he says, his mouth couldnt mustard the rest of the girl name. He just couldnt figure it out for some reason.

Twinkle woke up from kunj voice. She sat up worried. She turn an starts to shake him ” kunj …kunj” she says

When she got no response, she tried again. ” kunj please wake up, whats wrong”

Kunj finally woke up, when he did he was out of breath, sweating. Half of his sweat was running down his shirtless body. Twinkle asks him what his dream was about. Kunj told her he didnt know. He was shaking so much. Twinkle have never seen him so scared. She wish their was a way to ease his mind. Suddenly she remember what her mom would do when she had nightmares.

” kunj”


” come here” she says tapping her lap

Kunj was confuse at first, but he fi ally gets it. He positioned himself an layed down enjoying the warmth. Twinkle look down at kunj an played with his hair. Kunj smile ” this feels nice” he mumbles

” my mother would do this when ever i cant sleep”

” i should thank her”

Twinkle smile ” do you want me to do this everynight?”

Kunj turn his head and press his face on her stomache. Twinkle blush. ” what are you doing?” she says flusterd

” I’m cold so I’m getting more heat”

.” lier” she says

Kunj laughs. ”

” i hope you dont think I’m a baby because of this”..

Twinklw smile ” no, of course not”

” good “, he close his to sleep.

When she was sure he was sound asleep, she says ” your my big hero .” kunj unconsciously smile.

. the next day, kunj woke up. He smile seeing twinkle face bobbing While asleep. ” your a strange girl twinkle” he says to himself. He watch her a little bit before getting up. As soon as he did, his phone rang. ” hello?…really!….I’m coming”

He look at twinkle one last time before leaving.

Few hours later.Kunjj an his guarss reach the dock. He could see the people transfering the box. ” their, my fathers weapons is in that box”

” where are they taking it boss?”
” the ships basement. We have to get it out. Theiir no way I’m letting my fathers weapons go over seas. Who ever this enemy is, is making a joke of my fathers creation. We have to get these out before the ship starts moving.

They both nodded. And so kunj an his men planned. The plan was simple . kunj will go in acting like an engineer their to check the ships engin. Tiny will then help kunj dump it in the small boat. It was a good plan, but the alarm rang alerting the other goons. Quickly kunj drops the box. They were about to leave the room when they spotted the goons. The goons seeing them start shooting. Kunj an tiny move out the way an separated.
.kunj told him to go, he will make way. He told him to get his motocycle.

Tiny nod while kunj prepare his gun. He grab both his gun an got up then he ran behind another area an starts to shoot. One was hit while another was dead. He hide when a bullet heads towards him. He rearange his bullet before deciding to face them head on.

Elsewhere, twinkle woke up seeing no kunj. She was confuse, but she smile recalling last night. ” i dont know why he always act tough.” she goes in her closet to look for a nice saree to wear. While searching she heard vibration. She search until she found it in kunj jacket. ” kunj left his phone?… I should put it on his desk”

As soon as she grabs it, a message pops up. She really didnt want to read it. But she did. So many questions were running inside her mind. Like who is maya? Why did she text her fiance?

She desided not to worry to much. She happily got dress , looking her best for kunj. Then she Went down stairs to start the day.

Meanwhile, kunj kept shooting until he spotted an opening. He smile , before running full speed . he quickly made a dash for the door. He could hear more goons coming closer. He tug on the door, but it was locked. He look at his gun before shooting at the locks. When he did, it opens. Kunj steps out he had to hold his balance for a sec. He whistle an soon manu an tiny came with the motorcycle. Kunj seeing the goons smile before jumping. The goons surprise walk to the edge.

They saw kunj starting his motocycle. He smile at them before leaving. The goons curse an call their boss.

When they were out of reach and on land. Kunj tells them to take the weapons to the warehouses. They both nod before disappearing. Kunj gets his motocycle an ride home. When he arrive he tries opening the door, but it was locked. Twinkle smile from the other side. ” whose it?”

Kunj smiles ” you forgot me already”

Twinkle pretends to think ” you sound familiar…but i cant match the voice with a face.”

Kunj tries to open the door, but twinkle locks it again. ” are you really gonna leave your fiance out here alone”

” not until you answer my first question”

” its kunj”

” i dont know anyone name kunj” twinkle giggles behind the door.

” then should i leave”

Twinkle stop for a second, she was tempted to open, but she knew he wouldnt actually leave. So she continued her game.

” why are you here…kunj?” sm

Kunj decides to play her game. He says he heard theirs a beautiful women in the house, so he wanted to see an capture her heart. Twinkle says he wont be able too.

” then tell me how i can” he says

Twinkle thought about it, before speaking. While talking kunj went around the house an spotted the window. He did a few tricks an it opens. When he stepped in he saw twinkle listening by the door while talking. He sneak up behind her when she said he has to be kind and makes her heart beat just by seeing him.

Kunj grabs her hand and pins her to the wall. ” then shall i make your heart drum for me” he smirk

Twinkle surprise, gasp. Kunj stare was a little different from the usual. He was looking straight at her with so much intensity. She felt a knot in her stomach, her lips start to shake when he nears. Her heart humms when he wrapped his free hand around her waist while the other is pinning both of her hands above her head. She could feel the friction, the heat radiating from both of them. It made her legs weak.

She tried saying something, but she couldnt. Kunj cockily smirk, instead of moving for her lips he nuzzle her neck. Twinkle blushes. Her Saree starts to fall from her shoulder showing her black top. She became shy ” the table has turn now. What happend to the spunky women that would wear western clothes to grab my attention. ”

” i-i d-dont k-know what your talking about” she stuttered.

Kunj chuckle , he lightly kiss her neck an bite it gently. Twinkle calls his name. ” now you remember my name”

Just when twinkle was about to answer. The door opens ” KUNJ!!” the voice says , the women turns to see them looking at her. One with embarrassment while the other with shock. ” maya”

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