~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 25

Precap: Kunj saves twinkle from her kidnappers, only to realize they we’re his fathers men. Now Kunj decided to help them save his father territory from their enemy.

” they look like angels”

” what do you expect idiot, their asleep”

“Ouch, what did boss say about hitting me on the head”

” that you will get dumber, ”

” that’s rig-…. HEY!! ”

” it’s the truth, now come downstairs and let’s make boss some breakfast”

“Ooh Food”

” not for you idiot”, the voice says before hitting him on the head.

It wasn’t long before twinkle yawn. She sleepily stretch and look over at kunj. She shly leans closer and gave him a kiss on his temple. When he didn’t respond she turn to leave, but stop when kunj held her hand. ” you can’t just leave me with a kiss to the head. I need a special kiss” he says

Twinkle red asks where, and kunj points to his lips. She told him to close his eyes, which he did and pucker his lips. Twinkle grab the pillow and hit him on the head. Kunj was surprise, twinkle starts to laugh. He was about to say something when they smelt something burning. Soon the alarm starts to ring. They quickly left the room and enter the kitchen, their they saw two of the guys from yesterday, trying to turn of the fire on the pancake.

Kunj quickly grab the fire extinguisher and use it. Once done, he angrily stare at the guys. ” you two! What are you doing in my house?”

They look at one another before the one name manu spoke ” we we’re assigned to look after you, until this is over”

” I said I would help, I don’t need you two to protect me”

The men with the serious face says ” what about our miss”

” twinkle” , kunj turn and look at twinkle, who said she was going back upstairs.

When she was gone, Kunj thought about it, he wanted twinkle near, so maybe those two can protect her while his not around. But…., he thought looking at them. They don’t look like body guards, but instead clowns.I’m not sure if their good enough. ” I will worry about her later”

” worry about who?” Twinkle says coming back down

Both guys look at twinkle ” twinkle-didi” they said

Twinkle smile at them. Asking what they we’re doing here. They told her their here to protect her. Kunj glare at them, while twinkle eyes shine ” so you guys will stay?”


All three men look at one another. Kunj say they will be leaving soon. Twinkle nod. She told Kunj she has to go and will see him later, before leaving. When she was gone, Kunj asks about the enemy that’s trying to take over his father business.

” their unknown to us. They showed up out of no where, and gain lot of popularity in a short amount of time.”

Kunj listening asks ” whats the real reason they took over my fathers territory? ”

Manu became tense. He council with the other men to see if they should tell him. They finally came to an agreement.

The men with the strict face sigh ” your father before dying made these special type of weapon. Those weapons are so deadly that the government told him to hide it. And the safest place he could find was the warehouse. He knew we would keep it safe, but people found out about it and decides to take it for themselves. ”

” weapons?”

Manu nod “when boss died, we we’re out numbered by that group and they took your father area from us.” He says sadly

Kunj was surprise. Sure he makes weapons, but something so dangerous and different. What could have made him to create such a stupid thing. ” once I get my fathers area back, we will have to destroy those weapons. We don’t want any one to get hurt.” , they all agreed on that.

Meanwhile yuv was at the coffee shop drinking. He still couldnt get twinkle out of his mind. When he saw maya he wave, and she did the same. “Whats with that look?”

“What look?”

Maya smile ” your making that look when your in love”

Yuv laugh ” thats because i am”

” who is she?” She says calling the waitress

When the waitress arrive, she ordered her coffee. Yuv took his phone out and showed the picture to her. It was twinkle walking to work. Maya raised a brow ” shes pretty, but does she like you?”

Yuv stretch and lean back ” of course she does. We had our first kiss already”

Maya was surprise ” wow, thats good”

They staid quiet, before maya asked about kunj. ” what about him?” Yuv says

” he text me saying he got his fiancee back. And wants to introduce, me to her. He thinks we will get along great”

Yuv chuckles ” I’m sure you will, you get along with everyone.”

Maya thank the waiter and drank her coffee ” your right, everything will be fine” she says smiling.

Whats this, seems like Maya is finally gonna meet twinkle. Lets hope their confrontation won’t end up bad.

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  1. Ramya

    Nice one

  2. Hey plz don’t show twiraj intimate scenes.plz its a request…
    U can show twinj love hate relation but plz don’t show twiraj scenes…and that too intimate…
    And this is a twinj ff so plz…but nice one post ur other ff also

    1. Angelk1

      Have you been reading my story? If you have you would know I never wrote an intimate scene with yuvraj. Also this is a twinj story, I know. I wouldn’t write a twirraj. Please read the storie again

      1. Hey I didn’t meant to hurt u ok…
        I had read ur story from start…
        But twiraj kiss that u have shown…
        I don’t like coz this is a twinj ff write and if ur story demands then I cant do anything but just skip that part

    2. Angelk1

      Its cool, it wasn’t even a kiss but an accident kiss. That was two chapters ago. But it’s not in this chapter. Reread that chapter so you will know why I wrote it

  3. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Awesome.. loved it.. do cont soon ❤

  5. For god’s sake don’t show twiraj kiss..in twinj ff.. Please. Am requesting you..

    1. Angelk1

      It was two chapters ago that happend. And I had a reason for doing that. Besides reread the story again… that chapter to see why it was written.

  6. Adya

    It was awesome… amazing….nd yeah jst twinj scenes pls….it was fabuloussss…. Loved it….post soon

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  8. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 I hope Maya and Twinkle’s face off does not destroy Twinj’s relation 🙂 Post soon 🙂

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