~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 24


Precap: kunj finds out twinkle was kidnapped, while during the wedding, and heard a gun shot.

Note: hey guys been a while, I was busy with work, so I couldn’t update. I apologize

Chapter 19

Kunj was driving in his car, he kept looking at his GPS and making turns, All while making sure he was going the right direction. he peed down the high way, avoiding traffic and red lights. He curse under his breath for the third time, thinking about twinkle. He says ” why didn’t I let her walk away with her lover, why did I let her continue her sharaid. ”

Kunj made a turn and then made another ” now she could be in danger all because of me. I swear if they harm her, I won’t forgive them even if they are fathers men.”, when he arrived at warehouse, he had a flashback to the time he came here with his father while he was working. He remember his father picking him up and showing him around the place.

Kunj left his car, and grab what he needed. He walk to the entrance, but no one was around. He said this is to easy. He check for traps, but he couldn’t find any. Now Kunj was confused, just when he was about to continue some guys surround him. They we’re armed with guns, pointing at him. ” so this is what my father hard work have led too.” He says

When they didn’t respond Kunj says ” I will give you all five second to leave, if not I won’t make promises ”

Some of the men look at each other hesitating, Kunj smirk. ” 1″ he says. But still they didn’t budge, ” 2″ he stretched

” 3″

“4”, the mens Prepare to fire

“5” he says before moving away from the shooting.

Kunj ran to the nearest car and hide. He grab his gun and reload it before jumping on the car and shoot. The men’s spread out while Kunj shoot. Somewhere not lucky, they we’re hit by Kunj. Kunj slide to the other side of the car and shoot the men there before grabbing his gun. The gun the men had was bigger then kunj’s, and hold more bullets. Kunj came out of hiding and start shooting all the way inside. He drop his gun and attack the man trying to fight him.

The men happen to land a punch on him, making his lips bleed, but that didn’t faze kunj. Kunj upper kick the men when he tried to attack. Sending him to the wall, he straighten his clothes before walking to the door. He was about to open when he was hit at the back of his head.

When Kunj was opening his eyes he heard many voices ” you didn’t have to hit him so hard.”

” Kunj…Kunj….wake up please”

. When he could finally see, he look around to see twinkle across from him tied.. while the mens surround him. He shook his arm, and realize he was tied. He cursed under his breath before looking at twinkle ” are you hurt?”

Twinkle shook her head ” no, but you shouldn’t have come. I am perfectly fine”

Kunj frown ” how can you be when he threaten you with a gun”

” a gun?

Kunj nod, ” I heard the gun going off” he says

Twinkle thought about it before laughing. Kunj was confuse, he didn’t know why she was laughing when her life is at stake. ” that wasn’t a gun, that was just him trying to blow a balloon to cheer me up”

” what?” I heard it….and you we’re crying for help”

” I was, but it wasn’t because I was being torchard . They we’re tikling my foot.”

” what?” ” what is going on here?”

When he said this, the head of this operation came out. ” nice to see you again Kunj” he says

Kunj glare at the men. He was the reason why twinkle was kidnapped, and ruin his wedding.

” why? Why did you do this?”

” because we need your help” ” your fathers territory is being run over by a new group.”

Kunj says he was done working dirty, he says that’s why he started new. The men says ” your father work hard for this, this was his second home and family. Would you really give all that up”

Kunj remember his dad. He remember his dad telling him, his businesss will be his one day, that was before he died.

Kunj sigh ” you guys didn’t have to involve her” he points

The man says ” would you have come if we didn’t?”

When Kunj didn’t say anything twinkle decides to speak up. ” so if this was a scam to get Kunj here, are the men outside really dead?”

The guy laugh ” no, their all wearing bullet proof jacket. Luckily Kunj didn’t hit them on their head, or they would have been dead”
The man apologize to twinkle for involving her, he says this was important to them. Twinkle told him it was OK, while they we’re conversing Kunj thought about everything. The pros and cons and his family. It wasn’t long before he decides to do it.

He told them he will help them because their his dad people. But if they ever do a stunt like this again, he will make sure to get them. The guys thank him and untie Kunj and twinkle, it wasn’t long before they left.
Kunj was in deep thought. He says ” I should have let her leave with her lover, this is getting to dangerous, and now I involve her. I will have to find a way to make her leave, but I know she won’t. She’s to stubborn. He was so deep in his thought that he didn’t notice twinkle getting up to go to him. Jut when she took a step, the limo made a turn, causing her to scream.

Kunj look up just in time, to see her fall and land on his chest. ” are you alright?”

Twinkle blushing says yes. They both stare at one another, Kunj finally took notice of her appearance . He look away trying to hide his blush. Twinkle took it the wrong way, thinking he’s still mad at her. She call his name, but he didn’t turn. She used her hand and grab his face, making Kunj stare once more.

She started tracing his lips we’re the bruise was.before wiping the dry blood with her hand. Kunj eyes widen, but he soften seeing how determine she was to wipe the dry blood. ” theirs just something about the way she was looking at him that makes Kunj whole system shut down.

In less than two second, Kunj had twinkle on the seat. Pinning her down, twinkle was surprise. Her heart was beating fast, so was her breathing. Kunj says ” I change my mind, you are mine , I won’t ever give you back ”

He lean in before kissing her. Caressing every part of her body. Twinkle turn red, she told him, they shouldn’t do this because the driver will hear them. Kunj says between kisses, ” what should I do?”

” wait when we get home”

When she said this Kunj frown, but stop anyway. He sit up and help twinkle . The remaining ride was silent. They had a long way before they reached the house. Kunj was getting restless, he was starting to doze off. It wasn’t long before his head was on her shoulder. Twinkle look at him smiling, she says ” I really love you my hero. When I’m with you , my life is never boring. ”

She smile and carress his hair, while humming to herself.

To be continued………

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