~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 23

Recap: last time we see twinkle with the kidnappers while recalling what happend before she was kidnapped. Kunj got a call during the fitting, threatening twinkle life. Panicked, he excidently enter in twinkle changing room, unaware of her undecence. Now let’s continue

The next day twinkle is seen talking to her mom. She told twinkle not to be nervous, because this time it’s the real deal. She says she could tell that kunj loves her a lot. She says if a men can handle your crazyness, get your favorite ice cream in the middle of the night, and even go to jail with you. You have nothing to fear, ” I can finally rest because I know your in good hands” she says touching her face. Twinkle says ” I have to meet kunj, I want to be assure he won’t leave me”

Leela tried to convince her, but she got up and walk away. With determination, she walk to kunj room. She knock and she heard him say come in. She saw him fixing the wrist part of his outfit. She smile before becoming nervous. K-kunj?” She says

Kunj, nods, while twinkle bites her lip. ” do you still want to go through this?”

Kunj knit his brow together, ” why?” Kunj says darkly

Twinkle didn’t know what to say, she look at Kunj wondering if he was alright. She says it’s never to late to back away from this”

Kunj walk towards her like a preditor, twinkle move back confuse. She ended up hitting the door, locking it. Kunj puts both hands on either side of her head. He leans down while staring at her ” you are mine, twinkle. No one else” he says

Twinkle confuse wonder what’s gotten into Kunj. Kunj on the other hand watch her remembering what happend that night. He recall heading to twinkle job, after finding her phone. He stop when he heard his phone rang. ” hello?”

” Kunj it’s Maya”

” hmm”

” I have some free time, would you like to meet me?”

Kunj frown, while he was walking across the street he told her, ” I’m busy right now, I hav-”

He didn’t finish when he saw twinkle a men, he couldn’t see kissing. He drop his phone, out of shock, and walk away. He was angry and pissed. Seeing this brought back unwanted memories. He says ” twinkle played with me, while she had another lover. Fine, two can play that game”

Kunj remove himself from twinkle, he turn and told her to get ready, he didn’t even turn back when twinkle left the room. He says ” I will get married to you, so you won’t ever be with your lover”

Kunj mom saw twinkle and was surprise that she wasn’t ready, she saw the sad look on her face and asks her what happend. She told her Kunj has been acting weird. Kunj mom told her not to be so upset, she says his probably nervous. To pressure her she calls kunj to come out, and when he did, he gave twinkle the cold shoulder. His Mom told them it’s their wedding day, they shouldn’t be fighting. She says it’s bad oma , and they should makeup right away.

Kunj told her the event will start soon and for them to start heading down. He turn and went back to the room, closing it. His mom calls after him, but their was no answer. She told twinkle to hurry up and get ready.

Few hours later, everyone was downstairs congratulating Kunj, Maya walk in and hug him. She says she can’t wait to see the new bride. His mom complements twinkle, making Maya jealous. She pulls Kunj to the side and asks him, if his sure about this, she says you barely know twinkle, or about her past. Kunj recalls the kiss. He bold his fist before saying, ” I love her, and I’ve never been sure in my life. She’s the one”

Maya frown, before she was drag to dance. While this was happening Kunj saw someone he went expecting to see, yuvraj. He was about to walk to him, but his phone rang ” hello?”

” I see your not taking my warning as a threat. I told you earlier, you either come back, or we kill you. And since you didn’t listen, we will have to take action.” He says

” what do you mean?what are you going to do?”

Suddenly they heard a scream. Everyone turn up the stairs. Kunj ran up while calling for twinkle, follow by his mom. When they reached her room, it was a mess. ” twinkle?”

When no one answered he search her bathroom, but still nothing. The voice laugh ” didn’t I tell you, now we have her in our hands.” The voice told twinkle to say something, ” k-kunj, please help me” she says scared

” you here that Kunj, will you come back. If not we will kill her” he says, Kunj refuse be was about to hang up when he heard a scream and a boom. He wasn’t stupid, he knew that was a gun shot. He panicked and said he will do it. The men pause before telling him to meet him where his father work. Kunj mom after listening asks what’s going on, he sigh and told her he knows who have her. He told her not to worry twinkle will come back, and he will deal with those people.

To be continued…


Kunj is scene tied up, while the gangs explain what is happening.

Yuvraj says his in love to Maya and told Maya about his kiss with twinkle. he shows her picture

” Maya meet twinkle”, Maya Was surprise to see the same girl yuv showed. She decides to confront twinkle about playing her friends

” Kunj she’s no good”

” you bich, what kind of game are you playing. Are you trying to start a war between the two friends ” she says confusing her

Twinkle is scene pushing maya of the stairs. Kunj seeing this told twinkle to pack her bags and leave because he won’t marry her.

What could have happend to twinkle, do you think she was shot? Or maybe hurt? Why do you think they kidnap her?. Tell me what you think. And if you don’t remember the story here’s the link http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4554884

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