~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 21


Precap: Twinkle staid at Kunj place, and they got a lot closer. Kunj then asks Twinkle to move in after a romantic dance in his room, leading to Twinkle decision to move in. Now let’s continue

Chapter 16

Twinkle and Kunj we’re sleeping soundly, until they heard a bell. They slowly open their eyes to see a priest in their face while ringing a bell. Surprise Twinkle accidenly kicks Kunj of the bed. ” ouch!” He says

Twinkle apoligatically apologize, Kunj just lifts himself of the ground. ” what’s going on?”

Kunj mom happily says ” the priest is trying to get bad spirit away from you two”

” mom this is crazy. Theirs no ba-” , before he could finish Twinkle got up and walk to the priest. She asks if it will really work. The priest says yes, Twinkle says she has a pest that came to her life and he wants him gone. The priest asks if the pest is dangerous, Twinkle nod. Kunj says she don’t need a priest when she has him. Twinkle ignores him and continue questioning the priest.

Kunj feeling dejected, walk downstairs. While walking his phone rang. ” hello” he says now heading to the kitchen.

” long time Kunj” the voice said

Kunj froze hearing it ” why are you calling me?”

” why can’t I, we are family”

” No, we are not. I left long time ago”

The voice laugh ” you can never leave Kunj, you should know this”

Kunj frown ” how did you find me”

” you forgetting I’m your fathers right hand men, I know everything about you. Where you live, your work area and even miss sunshine” , when he said this Kunj check the window to see if their was anyone there. He sigh when he saw no one

” leave her alone ” he says

” I will if you come back”

” I refuse” he says before hanging up

He turn around to see Twinkle. Surprise he asks her how long she was standing their she says not to long. She told him his mom wants to have an engagement party for them tomorrow, Kunj surprise asks why so soon. Twinkle shrug, she told him she has to go to work and will talk afterwards. She kissed his cheeks before leaving, giving Kunj time to think.

It wasn’t long before his phone rang. ” hello”

” Kunj, come fast I need your help” Maya says panicking

Kunj alert asks her where she was at and told her he was coming. Maya hangs up and smiling ” well done Maya, now they will have to see each other” she says

It wasn’t long before both boys came running in at he same time. When they saw her they asks if she was fine. They stop when they saw each other ” what are you doing here?” They said, one angry while the other curious.

” I invited both of you” she says

.” Why would you do that, you know how much I can’t stand him” yuv says

” calm down Kunj, I’m sure Maya has her reason” he says putting a hand on his shoulder. Yuv shrugs it off glaring at him. Kunj asks why they were here, maya smile saying she wanted to do something fun like old time. ” besides I already wrote both of your names for the rock climbing competition”

This time both boys refused , ” Maya I have a lot of things to think about, especially my wedding coming up”

Yuv laughs ” of course you do, you don’t care about anyone, but yourself”

” no Yuv, im just a busy that actually have responsibility, unlike yourself” he says

yuv became angry ” their you go again thinking your better then everyone, go on leave like you always do when things dont go your way”

Kunj frown ” thats not how it is”

.” Really then proove it” he says getting in kunj face

Maya went in between them to break them up. ” guys this is not what i had in mind. I wanted you two to get along again, you to use to be stuck Ike glue, but now your like sharu and Salman.”

Yuv told Kunj he challenge him to the rock climbing competition. He says this will prove if he was right all along. Kunj very emotional says fine, he never knew his friend hated him that much for leaving. He felt guilty, ” fine I accept” he says

Both boys went to the starting line. They lock the belt around themselves before looking up. Kunj puts his phone in his pocket in case of emergency. The men told them no cheating before blowing the whistle. Both boys race up the rock, determine to win. People started gathering cheering for them, one says ” their like Spiderman ”

Neither one we’re willing to give up. Yuv was in the lead, until Kunj skip two rocks getting ahead. Yuv curse seeing this, he also followed Kunj footsteps and did the same, bringing them neck to neck. They both could see the finish line, suddenly Kunj slip a foot. Yuv look back and tease him saying his getting old. Kunj lift himself up and continue to move, catching up. It wasn’t long before Yuv made it to the finish and rang the bell.

Everyone cheered for him, he let go and fall down. Kunj sigh before his phone rang ” good job Kunj, seems like you haven’t lost your touch yet”

” where are you” he says mad

” you don’t need to worry about that, come and meet me so we can talk” he says

” I refuse” Kunj says

” then I won’t be sorry when the time comes” he says before hanging up. Kunj puts his phone away and let go, coming down. As soon as he remove his belt Yuv came in front of him smirking

” you have lost today, but see how you will loose everything that was important to you” he says before walking away

Maya hearing this told him he doesn’t mean that, and ran to talk to Yuv. Kunj frown, he had so much on his plate. His phone vibrate and he read the message, it was from his mom. She was telling him to come to get fitted. Kunj groans before walking away, unaware of eyes watching him.

To be continued………..


Yuv is seen pestering Twinkle, while she tried to get away from him. Her heels got stuck in a crack so he bends down and remove it, surprising Twinkle.

Twinkle is seen getting fitted, Kunj came in her dressing room telling her to sssh. She asks what he was doing and he turn to tell her to be quiet for a second, but stop when he saw her in a saree. ” you are beautiful ” he mumbles, making her blush

their was a boom sound, and a scream. Kunj panicked and said he will do it.

Credit to: Kk

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