~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 20

Message: hey guys I haven’t been posting like I usually do, because I’m writing stories for other tv shows I like, people aways ask me to update, so I try to update all my stories. I will update my other twinji story probably today, and PoST it tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy it like how you enjoy this one: )

Precap: the rain prevents Twinkle from going home, giving kunj to apologize, but things became interesting when Twinkle decides to be a dare devil. Now let’s see what unfolds next.

Few hours later kunj came out of the hot bathroom, in a daze, twinkle came out next smiling. They both enter their room, and got dress. Twinkle was in a great mood, while kunj was just shy. Twinkle told him, he will always be special to her because she likes him a lot. ” what did you say?”

” I said, I like you a lot” she finished blushing

Kunj for the third time was happy, Twinkle just keep on surprising him every time. He can’t wait to learn more things about her, matter fact, he wants to learn everything because she makes him feel, loved a lot. Kunj grab her hands pulling her on his bed, he wrap his arm around her waist and told her, he likes the way she smell.

” really”

” yes, and I like the way my shirt looks on you” he says

Twinkle blush, kunj remove his hands from her waist, and change position. This time his head, laying on her stomach, Twinkle plays with his hair lovingly. ” Twinkle”


” I want you to move in with me”

When he said this, kunj felt her hand move from his hair, he wonder if that’s a no, but when she continue to play with it, his heart continued to beat. ” why?”

” because I can’t stay away from you”

” I will drive you nuts”

” that’s more reason for you to move in”

” I will cook more bad food”

” and I will still eat it”

” I’m crazy”

” and I’m calm, see how perfect we are”

” kunj” she says

” uh uh… hero”

” I’m not saying that”

” why not, it has a catchy ring to it”

” kunj”

” Twinkle”

” this is getting us no where”

” that’s because your being stuborn ”

Twinkle smile ” see you can’t even handle that”

Kunj remove his head from her stomach and stood up. He stretched his arm and asks her to dance with him. She told him, theirs no music, he says their is. She looks at him like he was crazy. Kunj told her to just listen and he pull her o him.

While dancing Twinkle could hear the rain, and her heart drumming, making some type of tune. She looks at kunj, and he looks down, she smiles up at him. ” I can handle anything you throw at me, because I am your hero, if it’s for you I can do anything. In Twinkle head she says I really like kunj a lot, he’s so different from yuvraj. but I can’t tell him I love him , what if hes just using me.

She was snapped out of it, when kunj kiss her, twinkle kissed back this time she played with his tongue. They continue this until they needed air, kunj told her if she will move in with him. She says yes, this made him so happy. He pick her up and spun her around. Twinkle giggles the whole time, while telling him to put her down. He says no, he told her she made half of his dream come true, Twinkle says what’s the other half. Kunj says he wants to have many kids with her.

Twinkle smile at him before whispering something in his ears. Kunj stop spinning her, and sat on the bed with her on his lap. ” I’m feeling tiered now, we should sleep”

Twinkle couldn’t agree more, she climb on the bed, and kunj asks what he was doing, and she says since their practically engage, she can sleep with him. Kunj told her she should go to her room, but she says no. She told him she feels more comfortable with him then alone. Before climbing on the bed and covering herself. Kunj watch her, before getting in himself.

To be continued…

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  1. Ria

    It’s amazing.. loving it.

  2. Nice episode

  3. Angita

    Nice..liked it a lot,what other TV shows do you write for?

    1. I still write ek mutthi Aasman, ganga and ashok, but it’s in Indian forum, not on telly.

  4. Amazing, I loved it! Great 🙂

  5. omg osm kk bt i m bit confused i thnk i m nt undrstanding dt wts happning cn sum1 explain uhhh sry bt i m serious

    1. What are you confuse about?

  6. Fan

    Nice epi..

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing….Nice epi….

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  9. Saby

    Hey kk… Ur name is really a meastory?? Do tell r uh a boy… As I think so… Uh r going just too good…. Loved it…yaar and and and India forums is just to complicated to look for frictions… Do uh know then plz help me out…. I m not able to find TEI fanfictions over there

    1. Saby, I’m a girl lol, but when you get to Indian forum, you just search for tashan ishq and you will see it says the name and it says tv show click on it, and it will direct you to the page, their you scroll down to topic and you will see some stories that says twinji as or twinji ff, they have many page, and you can also search for me on the search bar, this story is their.

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  11. Sayeeda

    Sorry for not commenting on ur previous episodes ….sorrrrryyy…
    About ur ff it’s amazing….. u always rock with it …mind blowing..

  12. Thanks everyone

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