~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 2


After the little incident, Maya had no trouble flaunting the ring in her face. The whole school found out and made fun of her, some were very hurtful saying things like i can’t believe how delusional she was to think yuvraj would marry her. And she should stay away from people boyfriends. While walking out of the school, twinkle remember the day she met yuvraj. See she was sitting on the bench, and yuvraj came. He had frown when he saw her, and she blushed because she always had a crush on him.
Maya her best friend, came and smirk seeing them on the bench. He told yuvraj to have fun before she left with some guys. Shy, she looks at him with a dreamy eye, but she soon stop when yuvraj turn to see her. “This is a cruel way to reject someone” he says to himself, but twinkle heard it.
“What do you mean?”
Yuvraj sign before speaking “I asked Maya out, and she told me to meet her at the bench. I came, but she left me with you” he says ” if this is her way of rejecting me, than she really did it” he finished making her frown
“i don’t know if i should be offended or not” she says looking at him
“You’re right, I’m sorry” he says” it’s not your fault after all, you probably didn’t know what was going on”
“It’s fine, I’m twinkle by the way” she says
“Yuvraj” he says shaking her hand
Twinkle snort thinking about their first meeting, she should have known it was a set up. But she didn’t want to believe it. She got on the bus, feeling empty before reaching home. She stack her books n the table before going to bed. The next day twinkle was determined, she decides to throw away all her fat food, but before she could throw them out she told herself, she just want to enjoy.sh ate them while crying, than she went to work. It wasn’t soon she graduated, and got a job.

Few years past, and she was now ready to see her mom. See after she graduated, her mom decides to move back to India. She had always told twinkle to visit her, but with work she didn’t have the chance. Now that the company transfer, she will move to India. Her mom was so happy hearing the news, she told twinkle she can’t wait to see her. So here she was heading to her plane. “Excuse me, the man said bumping into her” she bends down to pick up her ticket, but the man beat her to it, he grab it and hand it to her while apologizing. After words he disappear. The man left before she could utter the word thank you, this confuses her. Strange man, she thought before going to her plane. She found her seat and sat down before putting her head phone on. A man stand before her and cleared his throat getting her attention “excuse me” he says, but twinkle couldn’t hear him, she was to busy enjoying her music, bobbing her head and shaking her feet. “Excuse me” he says again, but twinkle still didn’t hear him.
Irritated the man, gruff before leaning towards her, and take of her head phone. Twinkle confuse look up to the man “what is it?” she asks
The man straightens his back, “you are sitting in my seat, so can you get up” he says
Twinkle looks at the number “you must be confuse sir, but this is my seat. Number 26”
“look it says on my ticket here 26 by the window, you must have got the wrong ticket” he says showing her the ticket, twinkle looks at it before showing hers ” see, mine says the same thing number 26 by the window” ” now if you excuse me sir, I’m going back to my music. The man look at the ticket and raised his brow, middle class, he thought he tap her again, this time she was irritated “WHAT NOW!” she yells

Credit to: Kk

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