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Ramadan Kareem, everyone

Precap: twinkle finds out yuv works at her job. Causing her explode, while kunj had an intimate inccident with May, now lets continue

Twinkle watch as yuv went around laughing and conversing with her coworkers. She was throwing evil looks at him, while cursing under her breath. Some people heard it and quickly walk by. When she saw yuv coming to her desk, she quickly pretends like she was doing something. ” hey” yuv says

Twinkle ignores him and continued typing. ” that was quiet an outburst earlier. I didn’t know you speak English” he says , twinkle keeps on typing trying not to scream at him. She prayed he will go away, but he just wouldn’t leave. Yuv smile before getting in front of her desk ” you know if you don’t want to talk all you had to do was say so. You don’t need to pretend to work”

Twinkle stops ” who says I was pretending” she barked
Yuv smirk ” for one your computer is not even on, and two I came to give you the work my father left for you” he says making her feel dumb.twinkle embarrassed avoid his eyes. She thank him before getting up to freshen up.

When she reached the bathroom, she let it all out. Screaming, pooling her hair out of frustration. It wasn’t long before she got a call from kunj. She looks at it and hang up, she says to herself he will never give up, and neither will I. Just when she was about to leave the restroom, her Mom called her. She pick up and her mom told her she’s at kunj place because he fainted. This surprise her. She quickly told her mom she was coming before going to her boss and tell him she has a family emergency.

When she reached kunj house. She quickly grab the spare key under his mat and barge in. She scream for her mom, but their was no answer. She ran up the stairs and open kunj room. She sigh when she saw kunj sleeping soundly. She wonder why her mom lied. Furious she was about to turn and leave when she felt someone wrapped their arms around her. She turn her head half way and saw kunj. He wasn’t looking to healthy. He looked really sick. ” don’t leave twinkle” he says

When twinkle didn’t answer he continued ” l-lm sorry that ii lied. You Wwouldnt A answer so I had to use your mom. iI don’t want you to cut me of your life”

” why?” She asks

” because I just don’t. You are very special to m-” , the next thing twinkle heard was a thump. She turn to see kunj on the floor, worried she cried his name. She tried lifting him , but he was to heavy. She shook him until he woke up, before telling him to lie down on the bed. She told him she will cook something for him, she ask him what he wants to eat, when he didn’t respond. She decides to search for sick foods.” OK I will make this for you” she says

She went downstairs and search for things in his kitchen. She honestly didn’t know where any of his utensil were. She search up and down until she found a pot. She did a happy dance before searching for ingredience. When she found what she was looking for she took them out.

Meanwhile, kunj woke up feeling weak and restless. He look around to see no twinkle.confuse he wonder where she went. He was about to call her when he heard something fall and someone yelling in English. He smile and walk downstairs.their he follow the sound which was coming from then kitchen. Kunj saw her looking for things and reaching for something. He walk behind her and tried looking at what she was doing.
” hmm where did I put that ginger” she mumbles

Kunj looks around and grab the ginger, he puts it near her and she happily adds it in the pot. She search for milk and kunj grabs it and puts it by the counter ” their it is” , she says ” I just need some cinnamon and cloves” kunj now leaning on the counter hands it to her ” thanks kunj” she says unconsciously

It took her a few second to realize he was actually their instead of sleeping. Upset she told him he shouldn’t be standing, he should be sleeping. Kunj didn’t know if it was the sickness getting to him, but he found twinkle very s*xy with her hair messy and wearing his apron. Twinkle shoo him and he laugh, he told her he was going , but not without a good bye kiss.

Twinkle shyly told him to close his eyes, which he did before moving closer. Twinkle smile mischievously before flicking his forehead. Kunj wince and she laughs and told him to leave. He pouts and walk up the stairs. Instead of going up, kunj staid in the middle just watching her move around. ” my house feels complete now that your here. Should I ask you to move in with me twinkle?” He whispers smiling

Few hours later, twinkle came up with a cup of turmeric milk and Marsala chai drink. She told him she researched it, and believe she did it right. Kunj Told her it looks good, and that he can’t wait to try it. She watch as kunj sip some, she asks if something was wrong. He said no its very good. ” oh shoot, I forgot to bring you chicken noodle soup. Let me Get it, you just keep drinking. ”

When she came back up, kunj looks paler then before. Worried she asks if he was OK. He nods, she told him to drink the soup, which he did. This time his whole face was turning red. Twinkle worried asks him what is wrong with him. Kunj trying to stay calm says nothing is wrong. He told her to pass him water but she says they have no eater bottle. She offered more masala and he refuse saying he wasn’t hungry. Twinkle insist, making kunj drink it. By the time he finish , kunj whole system were on high alert.

Out of breath he told twinkle to call a doctor. Twinkle asks what is happening to him, but he insist to call his doctor. She nod and dial the number ” don’t worry kunj everything will be fine” she says turning to see kunj pass out. She yells telling him to stay awake. The doctor asks what’s going on and twinkle says kunj really sick. He told her he will be their shortly and to stay with him.

It wasn’t long before he came and check kunj. Twinkle asks him what has happend to him, and the doctor says he was food poison. ” food poison!!??” She screams surprise

To be continued…,..

Credit to: Kk

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