~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 17


Recap: twinkle plans to ignore kunj backfired when they landed up in big trouble and put in jail. Kunj mom seeing her son depress boost her acting by fainting once more convincing twinkle to say yes. Now let’s continue

After the little dramatic answer. Twinkle hasn’t heard a word from kunj. She wondered if he lost interest , or don’t want to anymore.she calls again, but it went to voice mail. ” fine if this is how he treats his fiance then I won’t call him. She says pacing by the phone. Leela told twinkle to relax, she says he’s probably at work. Twinkle look at the time ” at work at this time mam, he should have at least call during break” she says

Leela was happy that her daughter was finally letting yuv go.she might not notice it, but she thinks yuv is already gone from her heart. Her mom giggles ” what’s so funny” twinkle asks

Lea says ” you refuse to get married to him, but here you are acting like a house wife” , twinkle stop pacing and cross her arm. She denies it and told her shes just worried for a friend. ” So if kunj calls her she won’t answer because she’s mad at him”

Leela smile ” OK then, if the phone rings don’t answer”

” I won’t” she says

” then move away from the phone”

” I will”

” twinkle” she says

” I’m just making sure it rings properly, so we won’t miss any important calls” she finished, suddenly the phone rang. Leela asks who was it, and twinkle mumbles kunj name. She thought her mom wouldn’t hear, but she did.

The phone kept ringing and twinkle was loosen her cool. ” her mom asks if she was gonna answer, but she says no. Suddenly the phone stop and twinkle frown . it wasn’t long before her mom phone ring. She looks at it and answer ” oh kunj” she says

This made twinkle move closer to the couch. ” ah twinkle” she says ” she’s in the kitchen” ” OK then”

Twinkle curious asks her what’s going on, she told her to asks why he hasn’t picking up and where has he been. Her mom laughs and told her to ask him herself. She gave her the phone and twinkle bombed him with question. Kunj told her if she miss him, she told him to stop asking questions when he hasn’t answered hers. He chuckles and told her he is overseas and with a client. Twinkle sigh with relief, but she stop when she heard a female voice.

” kunj, I’m leaving call me if you need anything” she says

Twinkle was starting to Feel something and it wasn’t pretty. Kunj was about to tell her he was kidding when she interrupted him and call him a lier and a cheater. Confuse he asks what she meant, but she hang up. He tried calling again, but she refuse to answer. Kunj in his bed, sigh and sneeze, before saying he will call tomorrow.

One of twinkle family member asks if everything was fine with kunj and she stomp upstairs and told them not to talk about him. ” trouble in paradise” her mom told them

The next day twinkle was on her way to work. She ignored kunj as much as possible. She was even thinking about blocking him. She was. So busy thinking on what to do with him, when she bump into someone. What ever they had in their hand drop and they bend down to pick it up. ” I’m sorry” they both said

Twinkle look at the paper and turn pale, she prays in her head hoping it wasn’t that person. She look up to see see her ex yuvraj in a navy suit. ” are you OK” he asks giving her her stuff. In his head he was thinking she is hot. Twinkle quickly grab her things and walk away, yuv seeing this follows her ” excuse me” he says ” what’s your name?”

When she didn’t answer he told her his. He realize he wasn’t getting anywhere and decides to grab a coffee. Twinkle was greatful for that. When she reached her building she waited for the elevator, when it came she got in. Just then yuv enters, she cursed under her breath while watching him run for it.

In twinkle fantasy

She saw yuv running and quickly press the button, while yuv use his legs and ran as fast as he can. Just when the elevator was about to close. He put his hand there to stop it. He scream when he saw twinkle pressing the button and the door kept pressing on his arm ” that’s what you get you liver!!!” She screams while laughing. Yuv apologized saying he was sorry, but she didn’t care. She kept pressing the button

End of twinkle fantasy

Twinkle secretly press the button hoping it would move fast. But sadly it didn’t. She cursed under her breath when yuv enters the elevator. ” thanks for holding it” he says

She mumbles in English, I wasn’t trying to you devil. But yuv didn’t hear it, he asks her what floor she’s heading and she said nothing. They both press the same number surprising each other. She turn to him asking if he was following her. He smile and said no, she says then what are you doing here.

” you will find out soon” he says getting of. They walk until everyone got up ” everyone it is nice to meet you. I’m happy to be working under my father” he says shocking twinkle ” NO FREAKIN WAY!!!” She screams in English getting everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile kunj was sleeping dreaming about twinkle. In his dream he heard a voice calling him. He felt the bed press and some one shaking him. He smile thinking of twinkle. Kunj getting unconscious heard the voice and smirk. He wrap his arms around her waist and flip her on the bed, surprising her. He open his eyes to see Maya instead of twinkle. ” MAYA?!.. What are you doing here?” He says

” your mom told me you were alone , she said she couldn’t stop by so she told me too” she says half lying . kunj let go of her and apologized. She said it was OK, and told him to eat up because she has to run back to the restaurant. Kunj thank her and he look at his phone to see if twinkle called. When Maya left she touched her wrist where he held her and said she needs to breath before her heart explode.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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