~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 16


Precap: yuv comes back to india, there he meets kunj and promise to ruin him for breaking there friendship. Now lets move on

Ever since she got out of the hospital… Shes been avoiding kunj. He knew shes just trying to ignore his proposal so he gave her some time to think, but that soon change when he realize she refuses to pick up his call. He went to her job but they said she wasnt there, it was a lie of course because he saw her by the window hiding behind the curtains.

Then while grocery shopping he bumped into her. Their cart hit one another, at first he didnt know it was her, until he looks up. Boy was she shock, before he could say her name she turn and ran. He was confuse at first but he soon push his cart and ran after her ” twinkle!” he says

Twinkle made a turn and look behind her. ” leave me alone” she says

” twinkle we really should talk”

Twinkle turning back made another turn and grab what she was looking for. When she saw kunj coming closer she push her cart” twinkle please stop for a second” he replied but twinkle was adamant… She looks at him and told him to stop following her. Kunj eyes widen, he calls her name agIn but she yells at him and turn just in time to hit a stack of toilet papers.

The store manager came and glare at both of them ” you two out!!!” he screams kicking them out of his store. They both pout protesting. ” well.. I guess we can talk now, huh twinkle” he says turning to her with a smile. He look around to see her no where in sight, but stop when he saw her getting in a taxi. Determine, he quickly ran to the car. Twinkle seeing him got in quickly, she was about to close it when kunj hand was blocking it.

They stubornly kept pulling and pushing the door all while kunj tries to speak. The driver took his phone and took a picture of them. They both turn to him before attacking him. Twinkle pulling his hair while kunj trying to grab the phone. The taxi driver was holding his phone tight while screaming. He use his other hand to pull twinkle hair making her scream. Kunj seeing this told him he is trouble now. And open the car door to pull his leg, while the men kicks. This was how the police found them, he took all of them to the police station and they each wrote a statement.

The men lies saying they took their anger out on him when he told them to get out. Twinkle told the police he’s lying, she told him he took their picture without their concent so he deserve to be here, the men scuff and called her a rude girl. He told the police men thats shes speaking back to him even though his old, this irratates twinkle and she starts speaking in english. The men told her this is not america but india. Twinkle ignores him and said some bad words in american.

Kunj sitting down, just watch the two. He was tiered and hungry. He wonder if he should speak to twinkle later… Yeah thats probably a good idea, he thought looking at his dirty shirt. It wasnt long before leela showed up and angrily lectures twinkle . twinkle points at the guy, the guy told the police to lock her in a cage when he saw her glaring at him. Leela sigh and grab twinkle by the ears and pull her out.

Kunj walk up to them and apologized. He told the men he should think before taking a person picture. He told the men he might actually loose his business. The man was about to speak but stop when he realize how scary kunj look. He quickly nod and turn away from him.

The next few days twinkle didnt speak to him. It rained a lot, kunj stood outside of twinkle house and scream the whole time… Saying he was sorry. Twinkle looking out the window told him to go home, but he refuses. He stood their for four hours, in the rain.leela told her to stop being stubborn, but she refuse.

It was late at night when kunj gave up. He decided he wont see her anymore. The next day kunj was depress, his mom seeing this decides to do something about it. She calls twinkle while kunj was at work. When she came she told twinkle she doesnt have to accept her son if she doesnt want to. Twinkle told her shes just not ready. Kunj mom told her its fine. She got up to go upstairs when she fell and faint. Twinkle scream and call the ambulance. They took her to the hospital and who was the doctor… None other than rheir family doctor.

He told twinkle kunj mom condition is getting worse. She needs to relax more. Twinkle feeling bad, decides to accept kunj. The doctor told her not to tell kunj about what happen. It will make him worry, twinkle agree. It wasnt long before she enter kunj office. She knock and enter, she looks at kunj and told him she accept. Kunj confuse at first smile and walk to her before hugging her. Everyone clapped for them, twinkle now realizing people were around hides her face in embarrassment.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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