~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 15

Twinkle eyes cross before fainting. Kunj worried quickly got up and ran to her. ” twinkle!!” He yells, they took her to the hospital and the doctor told him she will be fine. Kunj sigh with relief, he watch as leela walks in asking for her daughter. When she saw him she walk to him and asks what happens.

He was about to explain when he got a call from Maya. He answered and excuse himself. Leela told him to go if its an emergency, he says its nothing just my friend wants me to meet her friend. ” he must be important, you should go” she says

” are you sure?”

” yes, I will take care of my daughter”

Once kunj left, she walk to the room. She calls her daughter name and she woke up. ” twinkle what happens?”

Twinkle sit up ” he propose mam”

” isn’t that a good thing?”

” no, I’m not ready to get back in a relationship” she says

Her mom sigh ” you need to let that incident go twinkle, how will you move on if you don’t”

” NO!, I will never forget. He hurt me bad mam… Him and that GIrl I don’t think my heart can handle another heart break.”

” kunj seems like a good man. Just think about it” she says

But twinkle refuse to even think. She told her she’s planning on avoiding him as possible. Leela frown, she told twinkle why she has to be so stubborn. ” you can’t avoid him forever.”

” yes I can” she says determined

Elsewhere Maya and yuv were at a coffee shop. She was surprise he was back in India. Earlier, he had contact her saying he wants to meet up and catch up. She happily agree… So here they are now. He had ask her if her restaurant was going great, she explain everything and talked about kunj. This got his interest.

” kunj? Who is that” he says

Maya smirk ” you don’t remember kunj, he was your rival in high school. You two use to compete over everything…even me, you two were the best of buds.” She says

Yuv thinking remembered now ” amthat trader. After he won that track race he left me” he says not to friendly

” come on yuv, you still holding a grudge. I’m sure he has a reason” she says

Yuv ignored her words and asks her if her and kunj were dating. Maya laugh ” I don’t want to ruin what we have” she says

” if you keep waiting he will get snatched from your hand” he says ” speaking of the devil” he mumbles seeing kunj.

Maya turn to see him, she got up and gave him a hug. Afterwards she asks him why he was dress so handsomely. Kunj chuckle before teasing her ” what are you trying to say, I don’t look handsome everyday”

” no silly, I was wondering. What’s the occasion” she asks

Kunj was about to answer when he froze. He look at yuv and smile ” yuvraj?” He says surprise

” kunj”

” what are you doing here… I mean long time no see” he stammerd. Yuv roll his eyes, seeing that thongs were about to get ugly decides to break the ice. ” so spill what happen to make you dress up” she says

Kunj blush a little ” I was trying to propose to this girl” he says

Maya laughs ” let me guess aunty put you up to this”

Kunj blush ” no, I actually like this girl” he says missing the sour look Maya showed not to long ago.

” really? What do you even know about this girl?” She asks to quickly

Kunj thought about it before smiling ” I don’t know much about her history, but the times I spent with her feels like a hundred years, like I know so much about her” he says

Maya tried ignoring the feeling in her heart. ” so what was her answer?”

Kunj frown ” she kinda fainted once I propose”

Hearing this Maya laugh. Yuv smirk ” at least you still suck at getting girls” he says kunj glare at yuv.

Maya told him twinkle probably don’t want to marry him. He should find someone else, ” no… She is the one. I just have to be patient… She will come around” he says

Yuv smirk seeing the. Jealousy radiating from Maya. I guess it was good I came back. Things about to be like old times, he says thinking of when they were in high school. He remember Maya who was the new girl. Kunj and yuv were running away after they were caught peeping in the girls locker room.

They laughed while running . the principle told them he will expell them the next time this happens. While walking, the boys thought of what they had to go through to sneak in. Yuv decides to dress like a girl, while kunj got in the dirty laundry basket. ” you had the best idea” yiv says

” but yours was good until your wig came off” kunj laughs

Yuv took out the money and hand it to kun ” you win this round, next one will be my won” he says. They stop when they saw a confuse Maya searching for her class, yuv tap kunj and whistle maya ‘s way. ” she’s a hotty, I’m gonna go talk to her” he says. He walk to her asking if she needs help, she showed him her schedule and he told her where her class was.

She thank him, but stop when she saw kunj. She asks if he was his friend and he says yes. Maya tried to talk to kunj, but kunj ignored her. She frown at this, yuv nudge kunj and told him not to be rude. Kunj apologized before walking away. ” what’s his problem?”

Few weeks pass Maya still wasn’t able to talk with kunj. It wasn’t until one day she saw him reading in the library that she took interest in him. She thought he was just a thug that doesn’t like education, but she was wrong. That day she approach him and they talk about business, they both found out they have something in common. This started their friendship.

The time Maya spent with them it was memorable. She fell for both boys charm. It wasn’t long before yuv and kunj confess to each other about Maya. They were both surprise, and they got into a heated arguing…leading to them fighting in school. The principle had enough, he told them they will both get expelled.

Kunj and yuv plead to him and he told them he will forgive them, but they have to join the track team and work together. Yuv complained at first, but kunj interrupted him and agreed. Yuv was furious and they didn’t talk for a week until Maya was able to convince them. So they joined track and kunj was really good. Yiv became jealous of the praises he gets so he practice everyday.

Maya decides to help him… Their they got even closer. It was durring the big competition both boys were ready, not just to win but to finally decides who gets Maya. It was a tough race, all the pressure yuv put on his legs led him to loose. When he had fall kunj turn back to help him, but he told kunj to go. He refused but he told kunj he needs to win for their school, so he did.

It wasn’t long before yiv felt jealous. He was mad that he lost and probably lost the girl too. While he was in the infermery he was shock to see Maya, she confess to him and told him she loves him. She was unaware of kunj outside listening.

Kunj heart broken drop out of school the next week. Everyone was surprise, yuv had tried to convince him, but he told yuv that he needs to find himself and what he wants to do in life. He told him not to look for him before disappearing. That was the last time he ever saw his best friend, that was the last time he promise the next time he sees him, he will ruin him.

To be continued…

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