~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 14


Twinkle while drinking her tea accidentally spit some out. She quickly wiped her mouth, apologizing. Kunj looks at his mom ” why exactly are we getting married?” He says .

His mom look at twinkle than kunj ” after what she did to you, you this is the right decision. Your lucky your not pregnant” she lectured, now looking at twinkle. This time it was kunj time to be surprise. Kunj mom grab her plate to put it in the sink, while she was busy twinkle glare at kunj. She grab his ears and pull him to the living room ” I think your mom heard us” she says

” I figure much”

” you have to tell her the truth kunj” she says

” your right, we should. I will tell her now” he says unaware of his mom listening. As soon as she heard them coming, she ran to the sink and start washing dish. Kunj walking in clear his throat. ” mam” he says

She turn around, and told him to bring more of the stuff on the table. He complies, kunj tries again to start the conversation, but she kept ignoring him. Asking him questions about twinkle and how excited she is to finally have a daughter in law. ” mam… Please listen” he says

” I wonder what color would look good on her”

” mam… Me…and… Twink-”

” tell me later beta, I have to call your father” she says now reaching for her phone. Kunj frustrated finally blurted it out ” mom, twinkle and I did nothing it was just a jok-” , he never got to finish when his mom fell. Worried kunj grab his mom, calling her name. It wasn’t long before twinkle heard it ” kunj what happend to her?” She says

” I don’t know, she just fainted” he says worried

He picks her up and put her on the couch. Than he check her pulse. She’s not OK he told twinkle. He called the family doctor and he came. Kunj asks him if she’s fine, and the doctor told them she has high blood pressure. He asks kunj if his mom been stressing herself lately. Kunj thought about it, before nodding. He asks her if she’s been depress or felt weak before, and he said yes.

The doctor told him, this is serious. He told him he needs to try to make his mom stress free and watch her sugar intake. He than asks him if his mom been stress over something lately ” yes, she’s been stressing herself trying to find a bride for me”

” I see” he says ” I think you should try to make her happy by any means so she won’t have a heart attack” he says. Kunj nod, the doctor prescribed some medicine for her and told kunj he will watch his mom, while he takes twinkle home. At first he didn’t want to leave, but with the doctor ressuring him…he complied.

As soon as they left kunj mom open her eyes ” did it work” she says

The doctor smile ” he believed it, but are you sure this is a good idea. I mean kunj will be very angry when he finds out” he says

” your right, but she is perfect for him. He with thank me later” she says smirking. The doctor shook his head, he was glad his mom wasn’t like that to him.

Elsewhere, the ride was silent. No one spoke, kunj hand was tightened around the wheel. Twinkle seeing this ressures him, that everything will be fine. ” what if it won’t twinkle, meree maan , mere lie Sab kuchh hai. I won’t forgive myself if something happens to her” he says, twinkle understood his pain, just like him, her mom is her life. She wish their was a way to help him after all kunj is her friend, even though at times they fight.

Kunj while thinking park his car. Twinkle bit her lip embarrassed by what she was about to do, she unhooked her seat belt and called his name. Kunj turn to her and she kissed his forehead. Surprise kunj was about to ask why she kissed him, but she just pulls him in a hug. Massaging his hair. The silence was welcoming. After all they needed it, twinkle mom seeing the car opens her door to see a welcoming sight.

Both unaware of her presence until twinkle pull away. Embarrassed she quickly got out the car and say good bye to kunj. Kunj just stood their confuse, before smiling.

The next day kunj was waiting for twinkle, he had called her because he had decided since last night. He was standing their , with two balloons on each side. Their was a lot, with different color. He had a banner that says will you marry me, and people dressed as teddy bears holding a heart. Kunj looks at his golden watch, he smile and fix his white suit.

Twinkle while walking wonder why kunj asks her to meet him at a cafe. He told her to wear a nice saree, but she refuse. She wore a nice black dress and her hair was in a pony tail, showing her small earing. When kunj saw her, he instructed the band to start playing and right in front of her kunj starts to sing, well attempted.

Mere maula maula mere maula, man matwala kyun hua hua re
Man maula maula mere maula, mere maula,

Twinkle confuse watch as kunj dance , soon follow by the people behind him. The sign was hidden by the balloon so she still didn’t know what kunj was up too. She laugh when kunj accidently bump into one of the bears, embarrassed, he watch her, smiling. One of the bears grab him, and he snap out of it. Twinkle turn when she saw bubbles floating around, she spun around smiling, trying to catch one, kunj grab her hand and dance with her. She tried telling him, she cant dance, and he told her just follow him. While dancing the bears blow bubbles around them, twinkle looks at kunj and he did the same.

She shyly looks down, but kunj grab her chin and gave her a peck. Before twinkle could react he ran, twinkle blushing ran after him. It wasnt long before kunj was drag away by the bears to finish the song. While the song was reaching its end, kunj gave her a flower follow by the rest of the people. He got down on his knees while the melody finish ” mujhase shaadee karogee, TWINKLE!!”

Twinkle baffled didn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, a man step out of his car. He took his sunglasses off ” I’m home” he says smiling.

To be continue……..

Credit to: Kk

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