~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 13

Recap: kunj finds out when twinkle is drunk, she gets to intimate

Kunj mom walk in the house, she looks at the shoe area to see the shoes neatly lined up. Smiling she went in the kitchen to make breakfast, once done she happily went up the stairs.like any mom would do, she knock softly before entering the room. She called his name while walking to the bed, but stop at what she saw.

There on the bed was her son kunj sleeping, next to him was a girl wrapped around him. She wasn’t to decent and her slender legs were wrapped around his legs. When she told kunj to find a girl, she didn’t mean get with wild girl. To shock she screamed, startling the two occupants on the large bed. They sleepily blink trying to clear the foggyness from there eyes. Twinkle look around the room, until her eyes land on kunj mom than her head turn when she felt someone moving.

When both of there vision cleared, they locked eyes. Suddenly the two jump of the bed. Kunj on the other side, while twinkle falling on her butt because of the migraine. ” mam!?” Kunj says surprise. His mom still shock, turn around and left, but before she went downstairs she told them she made breakfast and to come down.

Kunj sigh when his mom lock the door. He was embarrassed not only for himself, but for twinkle as well. Speaking of twinkle, he walk over to her asking if she was alright. Twinkle glared at him while holding her head. ” what did you do to me” she says

” What??” ” why would I do anything to you” he says offended

” so then tell me why am I like this, wearing your shirt?”

” that’s because” he says pausing

” because what?”

Kunj sigh before sitting down next to her, legs cross ” see my twinkle, after I heroicly rescued you from those drunk guys. You got a little needy.”

Kunj fantasy

Twinkle seductively cornered kunj smiling. She lick her lips and blow on his neck. Kunj shivering quickly gets up. ” no…twinkle please stop” he says

Twinkle gets of the desk, smirking. She playfully pout and walk to him. Kunj seeing this told her his a gentleman, he will never take advantage of her ” don’t do this” he says walking out of the office room. He took a step back an she took a step forward, they continued this until they reach kunj room ” you need to loosen up kunj and I know just how” she says holding his arm.

She turn him around and rip his shirt off, kunj use his arm to cover his chest ” NO!!” He says turning his head. She push him on the bed and told him, he is all hers before jumping on him.

End of kunj fantasy

Mortified, twinkle asks if they did it, he pretends to cry while nodding. Twinkle didn’t know what to say, she couldn’t believe she did that. She felt disgust that she raped him. She sadly looks at kunj and apologized. While this was going on they were unaware of kunj mother by the door listening. She herself was surprise to hear what happen. She frown before going downstairs.

Kunj seeing her putting herself down, starts laughing. He laugh until tears started running down. Twinkle confuse asks him what’s so funny and kunj between laughter told her she’s to gullible. ” what do you mean?”

Kunj whipping his tears says ” I was just joking with you, you didn’t really do those things. But you did climb on my bed even though I told you to stay in your room” he says

Twinkle was not amused. She angrily got up to leave, but kunj stops her ” twinkle…wait” he says

She stopped, but refuse to face him. ” I’m sorry” he says

Twinkle turn to him with tears ” that was not funny, I actually believed you” she says angry, kunj touch her face apologetically . He told her.. He hates seeing her angry. And because he was the one that made her cry he will pinch himself a hundred times as a punishment.

Twinkle watch him do exactly what he said he would do. She told him to stop once she saw his arm turning red, but kunj refuse. Worried she told him she forgive him, making him stop. kunj says really?, and she nods.

She sigh with relief when he stops, but frown when her headache became worse. he told twinkle to come downstairs with him to eat. Which she did, when she was seated the mom puts a herbal tea next to her ,” drink” she says ” this will help with the migraine” when she said this twinkle took a sip, she was was surprise that’s it was actually helping her hangover.

It was awkward around the table. No one spoke, until finally kunj mom, who was observing twinkle says ” it has come to my attentattention, after a long thought that you two will get married” she says surpring them both.

To be continued…

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  1. Superb dude..

  2. hey buddy uh nailed it yaar n twinkle raped kunj hehe i know he was joking bt srsly heheheh continue asap

  3. Lol last part was kinda funny idky but i smirked ?? amazing yaar

  4. Osmmmmmmmm kk

  5. Hey kunj is staying at tw place aur tw at kunj…slight cnfusion

    1. Kunj took twinkle home with him. Sonce leela didnt answer her phone.

  6. amazing work kk

  7. What to say….u r really good…..

  8. Thanks everyone, i tried making their relationship different and fresh. And twinkle is Americanized in my story. She has never wore a saree and her hindu is a little off. Most of the time she speaks english to kunj , well you will see in couple of chapters. She sometimes love skinship, you will see it more onces she gets over her heartbreak. It will be kunj who tries to run away from her affection lol, i mean now he only teases her but the table will be turn when its time. By the way in this story she cant cook

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