~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 12

Recap: kunj sees twinkle at the club and became jealous seeing her dance with strange guys. Now lets continue

He took her to the car and call leela. She didn’t answer. So he took her to his house, it wasn’t hard getting her out or taking her to the bathroom for her to change. But he wasn’t expecting her to come out in his shirt, with her hair still wet. She had entered his office drunk still. Giggling while calling him, kunj told her to go to bed. But she once again refused saying she wasn’t sleepy.

She walk around his desk and sat on his desk. Crossing her legs ” twinkle get of my desk”

” no!” She says

Kunj didn’t know if her being drunk was worse than her being sober. Twinkle on the other hand, wanted something from kunj. She didn’t know what, because her mind was a little foggy. She touched his face lovingly. Kunj remove her hand. He told her she’s not thinking straight, but she shussh him. She use one of her foot to unbotton his shirt, kunj moved back.

Twinkle pouts telling him his not being fun. Kunj told her he is going to bed and walk away. He changed into his pajamas and turn of the light. Twinkle didn’t want that. She was very needy when drunk, she sneak into his room and climb on his bed. Hugging him. ” what are you doing twinkle” he says

” Iii wwwunt to be wiithh uuu” she says cuddling him

Kunj got up, he told her he wasn’t going to gave this. He grab her hand and drag her to his guest room. He told her to stay and don’t come out. Than he locks the door. He went back to his room and turn the light off. It wasn’t long before twinkle came back climbing on the bed. She giggle while hovering above him.

She poked his face and trace his lips. Kunj opened his eyes and almost had a heart attack ” WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!” He says

” I Don’t Wwaant to Ggoo!” She says

Kunj told her she can’t keep doing this. They have to sleep. Twinkle wine. Kunj pick her up and took her back to the room. Than he went to his room. He staid awake for a little while before happily going to bed. It wasn’t long before he felt the bed go down. And twinkle head on his chest with her foot wrapped around his. He opened his eyes and look at her, he sigh when he realize she fell asleep. ” she is so stubborn” he mumble before closing his eyes.

While sleeping he didn’t hear twinkle calling him her hero, or her shirt lifting up . They were to tiered to care at this point until the next day.

To be continued…

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