~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 11


Recap: twinkle and kunj had a moment and share a heart to heart convo leading up to a kiss from kunj. Now lets continue

Kunj smile thinking about what happened the night before. He was busy in a meeting when his phone vibrated. He look at the call and hung up. Just when he was about to start talking his phone rang again. He sighs before texting twinkle saying he will call her later. ” where were we” he says going back to the projecter. He was telling them what they can do to benefit the people and the price rate.

” sir your phone has been ringing the whole day. Maybe you should take it ” one of his workers said

” he’s right, it could be important”

Kunj nod before stepping out ” hello” he says

” kkkunj” she hiccups

” twinkle are you drunk?”

“Dddwunk, wwwhose Dddwunk” she says giggling

Kunj sighs ” where are you right now?”

Twinkle looks around ” iii wwwunt knoww” she says

” twinkle you have to give me something here, think where are you” he says now grabing his jacket.

Just when twinkle was about to say something kunj heard two guys trying to talk to her, they were trying to get her to dance with them. He could hear the music pounding and twinkle giggling before saying OK. ” twinkle, don’t leave the phone” he says but twinkle didn’t care at that moment ” kkkunj gggot tool Gggo, Bbbaiii” she says hanging up

When twinkle hang up kunj became worried, he tried calling her again , but there was no answer. He cursed under his breath before urgently grab his jacket. He told his team members that the meeting is postpone until further nottice. while driving he hope that nothing happens to her, if anyone touches my twinkle in anyway I will not spare them, he thought.

He search everywhere until he came to a stop. He called twinkle again but she didn’t answer, but instead someone else. ” hello”

” do you know where the girl is that have this phone?”

” hmm” she thought before realizing ” oh YES! She told me to hold her phone while she dance” she says

” can you tell me the place and address” he asks

” sure ” she says before she send it to him. Kunj put it on his GPS before driving again. When he reached he wondered how twinkle found out about the place. When he entered the club he was hit by the loud music. Girls were coming up to him to ask for his number, but he ignored them. He asks if they’ve seen twinkle but they told him they don’t know who she is.

Kunj push his way to the dance floor until he saw her. In the middle of the dance floor between two guys dancing. Kunj felt rage. He wasn’t happy at all. There one of the guys had his hand around her waist pulling her to him. The other guy was whispering words to her. He could see twinkle giggling not notticing the guys hand going under her shirt.

All he saw was red, before marching over there. He grab the guy who was touching her and punch him. The man staggered back , while holding his nose. He glares at kunj before he attack him. Kunj dodge and punch him on the stomach. The other guy seeing his friend getting hit. Attacks kunj but kunj stops his hits and throw him to the next table.

Some stood and watch while others ignore them. Twinkle still drunk claps with excitement. She told him he is very strong, but he ignored it. He grab her hand to drag her out, but she refused to leave. She even made a tantrum. Kunj rub his temple , before he lift her, putting her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

He walk out of the club and put her down.he told her to stay while he grab the car. She giggles and sash him. He told her to stay before walking away, by the time he came back. She was throwing up. Kunj step out to help her. He told her she drank way to much. Luckily nothing went on her clothes.

Credit to: Kk

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      1. good speeh aishwarya and dont be sad kk

    2. I’m glad you like it so much that you read the whole chapters all the way to here. And also leaving a comment, your opinion is so funny i just cant help, but to laugh. a normal person would have just stop reading after chapter one, but you waited until 10 to tell me this you are really a clown.

      1. I mean 11 lol

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