~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 10

Recap: kunj surprised twinkle at her soon to be job, their he offered to take her home. Do to the rain he was invited in and things got interesting.now lets continue

It was late when everyone went to sleep. Kunj was still up, see he couldn’t sleep because he kept having dream about his childhood. He put his arm under his head, looking at the ceiling “papa” he mumble, he was soon snapped out of it when he heard a noise. Turning around he wasn’t surprise to see twinkle sneaking around. He smile to himself and walk behind her with her not aware, he walk with her until she reached the kitchen. He watch as she took a spoon and grab an icecream, than turn smiling.

” what are you doing?” He asks making her drop her dessert

” why are you still up?”

” i m not allowed to be up?”

” don’t answer the question with a question” she says irritated

“Ok” he says giving up

Confuse twinkle wondered why he gave in so quickly. Kunj on the other hand grab the ice cream from the floor and throw it, than he cut a price of paper towel and wet it. He came back to her and bend down, “what are yo-” before she could ask he grab her leg and put her foot on his knee. ” I’m simply helping you clean the mess you made”

She watch as he clean her foot and in between. She blushed a little, thinking no guy has done that for her. Once he was done he tap her foot to get it of before asking her why she was getting ice cream so late. Twinkle told him that she had nightmares of an accident, ” ice cream helps relieve my stress” she says

“OK than, I will just go buy you a new one”

Twinkle laugh ” are you crazy its really late, no store is open”

” than I will go to another country and get it”

Twinkle laugh ” what are you superman”

” no just your hero” he says,

twinkle ignored his statement, she asks him why he was up. He told her he couldn’t sleep like her. She asks why and he told her he won’t tell. ” come on kunj, I told you its only fair you tell me”

Kunj told her fine, he will tell her, but in return she has to keep him company. ” that’s not right, you can’t ask for two things”

“Yes I can”

“No you can’t”

” well do you want to hear it or not” he says

She nods, he shoo her from the kitchen and told her he will clean the floor. When she was gone he made a call before going to the living room. He saw twinkle on the floor with a pillow on her lap, waiting patently, when she saw him she pat the floor, inviting him to sit. ” OK spill”

Kunj thought about it ” well, I kept having a dream of a girl. She was moving away, since I didn’t want her to leave I put a sindoor on her head.” He says

Twinkle asks how old he was ” I was probably eight” he says

Twinkle surprise asks if he was crazy ” how could you do that?, i mean did you even know what it means. You just tied yourself to a girl you don’t even love” she says

Kunj frown ” don’t say that, the first time I saw her it was love at first sight. She was my world, she helped me with my lonlynes” he says remembering his dream, see he didn’t know who the girl was since her face was blurry, but he know her name.

” wait… She was your world, what happend to her?”

Kunj told her he doesn’t want to talk about it, but she insist. Kunj was about to reply when the doorbell ring, twinkle wonder who it could be. Kunj got up and walk to the door, twinkle couldn’t see who since his body was blocking her from seeing. Once he close the door, he walk back to her ” here this is for you”

Curious twinkle grab the bag and pull whatever was in it ” you kidding me right” she says surprise ” how? Where?” She asks

Kunj smile ” does it matter where, just enjoy it”, she contemplated before digging in, eating the ice cream. Kunj watch her enjoying herself. He complement himself for making her happy. Twinkle while eating stop ” don’t just stand there come eat some” she says

” its fine, I have a sweet tooth” he says, but twinkle insist ” don’t be silly, a little ice cream won’t hurt you” she says getting up. Kunj protested but twinkle wouldn’t have it, she took a spoon fool and walk to him ” Ah!” She says signaling him open his mouth. Kunj find it amusing , but he didn’t want her to treated him like a child.

He watch as she wait for him to open his mouth. Mumbling to hurry up or the ice cream will melt. ” do you really want me to eat it?” He asks hinting something

Twinkle oblivious said of course, ” OK since you insist” kunj grab her hand that was free before leaning down, and pressing his lips with hers. While kissing her he could taste the sweet flavour, it was so addicted that he wanted more, but held himself back from going any further. Twinkle didn’t notice she drop the spoon, she was indeed surprise at kunj action.

When her brain finally realize what was going on, she bite his lip, making him pull away ” what was that for?”

” you kissed me!?” She says

“So, what’s the problem” he says

” don’t do it again”

” ok” he says

She sat back down, and he sat beside her. They staid quiet for a while, twinkle still can’t get over it. While kunj was smiling in the inside. Kunj hating the silence decide to break the ice. He yawn saying he’s going to sleep. This snap twinkle out of her daze ” wait a second, you can’t sleep yet”

Confuse he asks her why; she told him he still didn’t answer her question. ” you are very stubborn” he says but she just cross her arms glaring. ” the girl she died” he says

Twinkle frown ” I’m sorry kunj, no wonder you didn’t want to tell me”

” its fine, I’m sure she’s happy and living well” he says

Twinkle touch his arm, rubbing it. Kunj surprise, lean his head on her shoulder. Twinkle heart beat a little, but she tried not to show it ” you know that makes you a widow” she laughs

” I will live, I’m still young and handsome I’m sure there’s a girl out there for me” he says

” is it even possible to have a male widow?”

Kunj thought about it ” yes its possible”

They talk for a while before they both fell asleep on each other. Twinkle head on top of his, while his on her shoulder. Their hands touching, while their heart beat.

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