~My lovely twinkle~ twinji eps 22


Recap: Twinkle and kunj got a weird wake up call, while kunj got a mysterious phone call. Yuvraj challenge kunj, and confessing he will ruin him. Now let’s move on

Twinkle is scene sitting down, hands tied while glaring at the two brothers. They told her if she doesn’t cooperate, they will shoot her. To emphasise their point, they point the gun on her head. Twinkle didn’t move or shiver, this scared the two. One of the brother gave up, he puts his gun down and starts complaining, asking twinkle why she wasn’t afraid. ” your the first person that’s not screaming or fighting right now”

” I’ve been through way worse things then this”

The brother curious scoot closer to twinkle, ” really? What could a girl like you been through ”

Twinkle look out the window ” my trust and love was shattered, by my no good ex”. The two brother look at one another before listening to twinkle story. The short one name manu starts to cry, he grab a tissue box and pass it to twinkle. Twinkle thank him and starts to cry, with tears and snott running from her nose, her mascare Smearing and everything.

” twinkle – did I, should punish him” , the one name many says
.” Yeah, we can get him for you” his brother says

Twinkle shook her head and told them things happen for a reason, she was about to say something else, when they heard a voice from the transmitter, ” tiny, manu… are you guys at the base with the girl?”

Both boys quickly snap out of it and become serious ” yes boss, we have arrive, and we will take her in” , they quickly grab twinkle when the car stop. Twinkle asked where they we’re taking her, and one of them told her to wait and see. Twinkle worried calls for kunj in her head.

A day ago,

After the little competition, kunj race to the location where his mom and twinkle we’re getting fitted. He was angry , and worried. He raced all the way there, then he got out and rush to the building., ” kunj!” His mom said in excitement

” have you scene twinkle, she look so amazing. You should come and see he-”

” mom not right now, did you see any weird things while coming here?”, kunj mom thought about it before saying no, she asks him what’s wrong, kunj told her nothing before asking if she got her fitting done, ” yes I did, I’m just waiting for twinkle to be done” , kunj told her to go in the car, he will get twinkle things. His mom happily went along, while kunj kept thinking about the phone call. Suddenly his phone rang, he was unaware of someone in black walking in. ” hello” he said

” well kunj, I see your taking my words to lightly. I have sent one of my men’s to find you, their everywhere. The tailor could even be one” he says making kunj turn to the old men, ” by the way your fiance look very beautiful, it will be ashamed to kill her” he says

kunj bold his first ” if you touch her, I will kill you”

” to late, because my men’s are already looking for her” the voice said before hanging up.

Kunj curse, before going to twinkle dressing room. Surprise, twinkle asks him what he was doing. And he told her to sssh, while his back was towards her, he search for any weird men’s around the shop. Twinkle confuse quickly find something to cover herself so kunj won’t see her in her bra and underwear. Just when she was about to pick her saree, kunj turn while sighing. They both look at one another , one embarrassed while the other shy. ” h-here” kunj said picking up her attire

Twinkle avert her eyes ” T-thank you” she says

She quickly grab the clothes, ready to put it on when they heard kunj mom calling for her. They both look at one another before twinkle starts to panicked. She told him, his mom can’t find them like this. Kunj second that, they could hear her footsteps coming closer. Kunj thought of something quickly before she pulls the curtain. ” kunj? Twinkle ” she says confuse ” I was sure she was here” she says looking at the room.

She shrug saying they probably at the car before walking away. Both twinkle and kunj sigh with relief, ” let’s get out of here before she realize we’re not there” he says looking at her.

Twinkle, look at him, with red cheeks. Kunj stare as well, both we’re aware of their closeness, and skin touching. Kunj hand still snakes around her waist, while twinkle half drop the saree hiding her chest. Her mouth was slightly gap open, while kunj lick his lips. He smirk seeing twinkle in a daze, ” do you like my face that much”

Twinkle shook her head, ” don’t leave yet, let’s stay like this for a second”

Kunj surprise, could only nod before wrapping both his arm around her in a hug. Twinkle welcome it, while thanking him. both heart beating, as one.

Few hours later, the tailor finish with her dress. Which wasnt a surprise, especially if kunj mom want things to be done. They thank the tailor before leaving. While leaving kunj had a bad feeling, but he brushed it aside. He drop twinkle at work, and drove off missing yuvraj. ” TWINKLE!” Yuv says

“just great” she mumbles before walking in. The whole time yuv tried talking to her, but she ignored him.after work, while she was walking, yuv tagged along. Twinkle was to busy trying to figure out kunj weird behavior, and where she left her phone , that she didn’t notice a hole, yuv seeing it calls her, but she didn’t listen. She suddenly snap out of it when she almost trip.

She look down to see her heels stuck in a hole. She tried getting it out, but no luck. Suddenly, yuvraj bends down to help her, ” you don’t have to do this, I’m fine.” She says

” it doesn’t look like that to me. and Besides, I want to do it” he says, he twist her legs before finally removing it. ” got it” he says

Twinkle surprise, remember when they we’re together. How the same accident happen to her, he told her to do it herself, so she struggle until she did it, but she ended up falling in the mud. Everyone laughed at her, and called her a pig. she looks at him while thinking, see how the tables have turn. You didn’t even hesitate to help me this time.

Angry, she stomp away, confusing yuv. Yuv follows her, asking if he upsets her. She mentally said yes, yuv confuse, Yank her around, to speak to her, but he forgot how strong he was. She ended up falling on him, both lips touching, surprising one another. Both we’re to busy surprise, that they didn’t see someone dropping something and turn to leave.

To be continued…


” it’s bad omen to be acting this way”

” I think I’m in love, and I think she loves me too”

“I know who have her”

their was a boom sound, and a scream. Kunj panicked and said he will do it.

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