My lovely twinkle chapter 28 twinji

Part 23

Kunj is scene tied in chains, he had bruises on his bare back an lip. He could hear some man speaking in a different language before walking off. The guard that was beating him look at him with a smirk, before walking out the jail. Tierd and in pain, Kunj thought of a plan to get out. He look around the place, their was a small window, a sink in the corner and a bowl. He groan in frustration. Non of this will help me, I have to get out before they leave with the weapons. He Tried pulling the chains, but it wouldn’t come out. He tried moving forward while pulling, still nothing. It only managed to form a bruise on his wrist.

Three days ago…….

Tiny and manu inform Kunj about the oversea shipments and the reason why. Tiny says seems like other groups found out about your fathers deadly weapons. “The enemy that took over your fathers territory is giving the weapons to criminal organizations, like the drug lord in Thailand, the ms13 leader in Mexico, and the big boss in America. ”

Kunj grit his teeth in anger, he look at the man with the strict face. ” tell me, who is the leader of my father enemy?”

” I can’t tell you this”

Kunj got up and grab the mans collar ” and why not? , you said I’m the leader now, I have to protect you all with my life. I have the right to know about this so call enemy” ” you lied and told me you don’t know who this enemy is, but that’s not the case, You do.”

The man look down ” I was sworn to secrecy”

Kunj stare at the man a little longer, before roughly letting him go. ” by who?”

” your father”

Kunj eyes widen, he wonder why his father would want to hide the identity of his enemy so badly. What could the reason be, could he had been afraid? Or was he blackmailed?

Sighing Kunj says they managed to recruite more guards to help them get back his father warehouse. But it won’t be easy, to claim it. He wants no blood shed to happen, and would gladly negotiate, but he knew people like those. They have no time for that.

Kunj got up to leave. before he was completely gone, he told them their plan to stop the shipping will continue as followed. They will leave the next day.

when Kunj got home, he got a text from Maya. He cursed, forgetting about her visit. He quickly unlock his door and calls for twinkle. When he got no sound, he search for her upstairs. ” twinkle?”

Kunj turn around. He could smell a beautiful aroma. He follow it, leading to their room. He look around, to see pettles everywhere. The wind blowing the curtains, the light was off, but their was no twinkle.

He jump when the door slam shut. Suddenly he felt a hand touching his shoulder and a whisper. ” Kunj”

” twinkle?” He half turned ” what’s going on?”

Twinkle smile before turning him around. Kunj eyes widen seeing her outfit. His heart flutterd just staring. Twinkle blush and rub her hand. Kunj snap out of it and puts a hand on her forehead, checking to see if she’s feeling well. Confused twinkle asks him what’s wrong.

” I think you need to see a doctor”

” why?”

” your wearing tradition clothes, you don’t normally wear it. Something must be wrong”

” Kun-”

” come let’s go, I’ll drive you”

” Kunj”

” what?”

Twinkle removed his hand from hers. ” I’m fine, I just want to wear this”

Kunj skeptic says ”, this is not you. This ” he says looking at her clothes in the closet ” is you”

” that is not” he finished

” people can change Kunj”

“Oh no… not you, your up to something. What is it?”

Twinkle lips starts to trimble, before Kunj new it she was crying. ” you idiot, big big big idiot. I just wanted to dress nice, but you hate it.” She wines

Kunj now feeling guilty walks to her ” twinkle, no…I mean…. I’m sorry” he says ” I’m just not use to seeing you different. I’m just so use to your American fashion, that seeing you with a saree is just weird.”

Twinkle look at Kunj in anger ” so now I’m weird, you don’t find me attractive anymore”

” what?…that’s no-”

” so you agree, I’m unattractive. Fine, than I will jus-” before she could finish she threw up on Kunj pants. Kunj turn his head in disgust.

Twinkle surprise at what she did. .starts to cry, Kunj told her he will clean it up. He says it’s nothing to worry about. Twinkle cries harder, ” pettals… look what you did to them”

” huh?”

She points at Kunj foot. ” you smash them” she cries

Kunj looks down to see them there. He look at his pants full of vomite, and twinkle face. He sigh ” I’m sorry twinkle i will buy you new ones.”

” really?”

Kunj nod, he was about to hug her, but twinkle move away. Kunj asks her whats wrong, twinkle holding her nose says ” you smell bad”

Kunj watch as she walk away. He sigh before shaking his head while smiling.

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