The lovely tale of Gaurika part – 1 by Sakash (U add colors to my life gauri. U give new life to me omji)


Hi i am Sakash.Love u all.If u like my FF give comments to me friends.Welcome to my FF.U can share ur feelings friends.
The story starts :
“The love story of 2 pure souls”.
All characters r same like in story.
I start my story from Gaurika remarried by Dadi.
Om : Why r u packing ur bags gauri?
Gauri : As i promised u that i will leave oberoi mansion.Now i am leaving.
Om : What?r u mad.
Gauri : I never break my promise omkaraji.All went to temple this is the right time for me to leave from here.
Om : Just shut up!now listen to me.U r not going anywhere,U stay here with me whole life as my wife.
Gauri : Why omkaraji?u won’t neither love me nor trust me.U just hate me to the core.I can bear any thing but i can’t bear ur hatred for me.
Om : Just stop ur drama of being innocent.U must think before remarrying me with all rituals infront of all my family members.
Gauri : So ur doing all this for ur family.

Om : Yes i am bearing u for my family.What u think i am interested in u?i hate lies gauri.I just hate the people who lied me u r a liar!
Gauri : Omkaraji please shankharji ki kasam i never lied u.Oh sabh meri majbhuri thi!
Om : wah gauri,ek aur drama ok tell me kya majbhuri thi tumhari?
Gauri : “Jaha nyay honae ki umeedh nahi hai waha baath karna baekhar hai omkaraji”.
Om : Tum kabsae nyay ki baath karnae lagi ho gauri,kudh hi besharam ho!
Gauri : bas omkaraji bas bahuth hogaya mai sankarji ki kasam ka kar kehti hoon mai kabhi dokha nahi diya aapko.
Om : Teak hai then who come as chulbul and fooled me answer.Tumnae dokha nahi diya na then baathao.
Gauri : woh meri majbhuri tha.
Om : Just shut up damn it joot joot pae joot.
Kya majbhuri thi tumhari damn it tell me aaj main bhi jaana chahti hoon.
Gauri : Mujhae chodiyae omkaraji please mujhae jaanae dijiyae.
Om : U know what u lied me again with the name majbhuri.The truth is u r a liar.U know what gauri if u won’t do all these things like money kae liya kaali sae shaadh,chulbul ban kae dokha nahi diya hotana tears falling from omkara’s eyes.
Gauri : Tell me omkaraji please tell me?
Om : Omkara pulls gauri close to him and says, Sun nae ki himath hai tho suno u helped me in svetana case,for that u went to death door and comes back.Seeing ur good side if u won’t do wrong things like kaali kae saath shaadhi,chulbul bankae yae sabh nahi hotana tum gauri bankar mujhsae milthi na!
Gauri : Tell me omkaraji.
Om : Then i really love u from the core of my heart.

Precap : I love u too omkaraji.

Now all give ur khidkithod smile.I hope u all love it.Sorry for short update friends.If u all like my FF then i will write long update.If my update touch u r heart please comment me “touch my heart to the core” and share ur feelings.

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  1. Shreyanvi

    It was amazingg bhai….waiting for nxt part…post soon…

  2. Niriha

    Lovely update….awesome

  3. keziaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    really nice but pls write in english ,super duper

  4. Awww awesome yaar… Loved it… Excited for the confession… Waiting for the next one… post it as soon as possible…

  5. Zulfi Singh Oberoi ki DEEWANI!

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooddddd!! I mean agar aisa show mein ho jaye, tab hum toh marr hi jayenge. Look, we all can see that desperate, caring, love, hatred, anger and ”please don’t go away from me” type of thing in Omkara’s eye for Gauri…. Anyway, please do post the next asap and yes, THIS TOUCHED MY HEART TO THE CORE 🙂

  6. Maheera


  7. It was really good. I hope there love story will start.

  8. Nice…..

  9. Verna

    its very nice dr.. but pls try to write in English

  10. Hi bhaiyaa i am Ashwa.Superb bhaiyaa it’s amazing,fabulous,&tremendous touched my heart to the core.Post ASAP love u bhai.

  11. Shraddha-DBO

    This really touched my heart dear…
    And eager to see how gouri proposes to om?

  12. Haridhra

    Hello Bhaiya Hope u remember me.. Awsm start loved it n a small request can u show Gauri in a dabaang avatar if not fine. All the best for this bhaiya n hope our Om clear his misunderstandings soon..?

  13. Sakash.

    Hi i am Sakash.Love u all.Thanks for ur comments friends.
    Shreyanvi – Thanks for accepting me as ur bhai.Glad to meet u my dear sweet sister shreya.
    Niriha – Thanks for ur support in my every FF.
    Keziaaaaaaaaa&Verna – I will write in english,actually to bring feel of real incident i write in hindi.Thank u.
    Sagithya-Thanks for ur support yaar in my 2 FF’s.
    Zulfi- lovely,so sweet of u.Glad to meet u.I am very happy yaar.Thanks for ur comment.
    Maheera,Palak&San – Thanks yaar.
    Ashwin-Thanks for ur comment chotae love u bhai.
    Shraddha- Thanks for ur comment shradda.Glad to meet u.
    Haridhra : First a fall.Thanks for ur support hari ur my sweety i never forget u.U no need to ask request just order me like ur friend or brother ur wish i will show gauri dabaang style.

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