lovely sathiya (epi 1)


Gopi after the school work comes home , she sees vidhya standing there .she goes and hugs her , she asks vidhya whether she ate . vidhya says i was waiting for u . gopi says why beta u should have eaten it is 9 o clock now , i made dinner also , ok come i will feed u . gopi feeds vidhya and gopi and vidhya go to sleep .while in modi bhavan rashi is seen there tensed , she says to jigar jigar ji , i have decided a very big thing for our children , i have decided to send them to boarding school . jigar is shocked , he shouts rashi . rashi says jigar ji i know it is wrong but it is for our children’s future only no . jigar says no rashi .
R:aapko pata hai ki unhone kya kiya . they put a gold necklace of mine to a dog which is roaming outside , moreover , they got only 10out of 40 marks in the class test
J: they r children rashi and this is chikdren’s nature to be naughty
R: JIGAR JI I HAVE decided to send my children to boarding school , there is a school called krishn vidhya mandir , there food is nice , children have a telephone in each room . if children want they can share room , everything there is children’s choice , but even then they make children disciplined
J: fine tomorrow we will check out the school and get admission .

The next day jigar and rashi visit krishn vidhya mandir ,they go towards principal room , but they dont see the name . they say may we get in , a voice says get in . rashi goes insid e and sees aliya there , she says i have cometo join my children in boarding school here . aliya says mam is not there right now , i will call mam and confirm . she calls gopi andsays mam , here there are two admissions actually , they want to go and stay in boarding . gopi says aliya i know about u u manage , u give admission form and also give them the boarding facilities form , ask them to fill it and u check it and tell them the details , aliya says but mam , gopi says i am busy right now , u manange that is it .
Rashi fills the form , she fills the name sahira and samar and all the details .aliya tells tomorrow itself u can bring ur children and leave them here , so that after two days when school starts , they would not have any problem .
Rashi says sure and goes home . at home she convinces everybody to send children to boarding school .
The next day tolu and molu cry a lot when rashi and jigar leave them in boarding school . jigar says dont u think we should talk to the principal . aliya says mam is not available today also , but she will meet the children , u dont need to meet her , u go without any worries , we have seen many children crying like this . they will change after u go . rashi cries and goes to home .
She cries a lot at home
J: rashi i told u cannot be away from tolu and molu
R: u told jigar ji but .
J: ok rashi as the lady in the school said , we can meet our children on Saturdays right . so we will meet them soon

Gopi comes to school . she meets aliya . she says aliya have u registered the children’s name . aliya says yes mam ,sahir and samar , they are very cute kids . gopi says ok i will meet them tomorrow , give them room 1000 , u told their parents told them to make them stay together right . aliya says yes mam . gopi says ok meet u tomorrow , from tomorrow school starts is it not .aliya says yes mam

Please comment yar , if u diont like i will stop it ok

Credit to: varshini

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  1. sorry this was episode was second one actually it got posted as 1st one . please comment

  2. yeh plz cotinue

  3. jasmine Rahul

    dont ever think of stopping this.u know since morning i checked many times if u have updated this or not.
    raji put tolu molu in gopi’s school.sad tht gopi wasnt available there.i thought hearing d names samar sahir gopi will have doubts but it didnt happen.cant wait 4 raji gopi meeting

  4. Going good…

  5. Its good…pls continue the story…and the part wer rashi complaining jigar abt their kids wen they a wore rashi’s necklace on a dog was very funny???

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