lovely saathiya ( epi 8)

Gopi says ma ji calm down may be we will get our navya back . kokila says hope it happens . kokila hugs gopi , she says i forgot to apologise to u . gopi says ma ji it is ok u were tensed and angry when meera got lost . kokila says teek hai par tu bilkul badal gayi modern kapde . gopi says bas ma ji every one are asking the same thing to me , but this is not me . kokila says pata hai gopi vahu . gopi says ma ji if u dont mind shall i keep navya’s photo . kokila says why gopi vahu . gopi says voh i will show to meera and vidhya .kokila says teek hai . gopi takes the photo to room , she sees the photo again and again.she thinks navya was lost when she was one year one , now she would be twenty five or something like that her face would have changed a lot ,when meera was small she was diiferent but now her face has changed but why do i feel i have seen navya .
Gopi goes out ,she says bacchon shall we go for shopping , tolu says what shopping badi ma , gopi says tolu molu dont u want to sleep in same room wid meera di and vidhya . molu says han if we will all will be in same room how nice it will be . gopi says that is why we r going we will buy new bed for u and tolu and another bed for meera di and vidhya . i will help u in shifting to a bigger room ok . tolu hugs gopi and says badi ma ur idea is super molu , vidhya and meera di in same room , wonderful. Gopi says teek hai baba now shall we go , we will first buy bed then what ever u want ok . tolu molu and vidhya shout yee . gopi says ok lets go .
Meanwhile navya(aliya ) is living in gopi’s house . she is not able to manage school work so she tells gopi about this . gopi arranges another princi for the school .
Navya takes the chain and sees kokila’s photo , she says ma kahan ho tum mar gayi ho , ya zinda ho and cries ,she says i dont even have a house to stay , gopi mam is so good , even after i am not taking care of the school , she was telling me to stay in her house itself but it is wrong no . i should find a job ma . i am going to rajkot , there are a lot of job oppurtunities there . there i will stay in a hostel or somewhere .
The next day gopi is dressed in a beautiful red saree in gujrati style . ahem sees her and is mesmerized in her beauty , gopi calls ahem ji , ahem is seeing gopi , gopi shouts ahem ji , just then he hears gopi’s voice , he says kya gopi . gopi says kab se bula rahi hun , u r seeing me , but not responding . ahem says tumitni sundar ho to . gopi stares at him in a sweet way with a smile in her face . ahem hugs gopi ,gopi is surprised by the sudden hug(satrangi mausam ho plays). gopi says ahem ji u got up so early . ahem says i wanted to see my sweet wife early morning . gopi says u saw me now , i am going to cook no . ahem says wait gopi . gopi says no wait and goes to kitchen laughing .

To be continued

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  1. Nice episode

  2. jasmine Rahul

    navya not able 2 manage gopi brings a new princi.ya she is too young 2 be a princi.plz dont let her go 2 rajkot.let gopi take her 2 modi house.guess like fear it wont b diffi 2 identify navya bcz avika looks d same in adulthood also

  3. jasmine Rahul

    i posted only an os on yhm forum.its not a only 1 part

    1. ho I did not know that it is a os jasmine Rahul , but loved that one

      1. jasmine Rahul

        thx a lot.plz updade ur ishra ff n ishra yuvani ff

  4. ok jasmine Rahul , I did not know it was a os

  5. like the twist of Navya and how kokila got angry after losing meera because she rembererd how she lost navya. surprising that navya is actually aliya

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