lovely saathiya ( epi 9)

Navya reaches rajkot , she feels connected coming to rajkot . she goes inside a company , and meets the person who is going to conduct the interview , it is none other than jigar .he asks her name , navya says aliya. Jigar asks questions . ahem who has some work comes there and sees navya’s interview standing outside , he gets impressed , he comes inside and says jigar mr.sharma is getting retired so let this new girl be assistent manager . ahem says i heard the interview .it is better that this new girl , is better than that krishna who is getting promoted . put this girl in assistent manager post . ahem asks by the way what were u doing before . navya says i was a pa in school . ahem says u r very talented , move on and join office from day after tomorrow . saying that ahem goes . navya shouts yes asiistent manager of this much big company , modi industries , wow . seeing jigar staring at her , navya goes out . she says i am very happy and goes to the house she is staying . she goes inside the small house and says itna chota gar , just then she realises she is hungry . she says i should buy something from outside and cook . i dont know this sheher too and goes to market to buy some vegetables .
At modi house gopi says meeti behn i am going to market to buy some vegetables . meerti says ok gopi bhabi i will inform . meera says mein bhi chaltik hun ma , i have to buy some things for school . gopi says teek hai chalo and goes wid meera . gopi meets aliya in the market , aliya says hi mam i got job here itself so i got settled in rajkot . gopi says i am so happy for u but i am in a hurry ,this is my new number , call me . and goes . aliya goes while her chain falls down . gopi sees the fallen chain . she tries to open it and finds kokila and parag’s photo . she thinks ma ji told this is navya’s chain . aliya realises that her chain has fallen down , she says excuse me this is my chain and takes the chain from gopi , gopi sees aliya’s hand wid a red brace let but is not able to see aliya because two men were in between gopi and navya when she gave her the chain . gopi thinks navya should be alive or somebody who knows about navya and gets very happy . then she gets sad thinking she missed the person who knew about navya or navya itself and cries in happiness . she says meera bad me karid lenge beta ab gar chalte hai . gopi goes home , she thinks if it was not navya ma ji’s heart will be broken , i should not do this , i should not tell her , the only clue i have is the bracelet . the red colour bracelet which is unique . gopi says hey kanha ji thank u so much , now i have some hope that navya is alive .

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  1. Hello sir / mam this is mohsin from africa iam a indian but sathiyan show its good but meera behaveour not good pls change to meera and also she is always jolus with vidya pls u have changes behaveour thanks

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Aliya working 4 ahem jigar.what a surprise.She met Gopi.but gopi didnt know that she was working under ahem jigar.Gopi saw d chain too.but she missed aliya’s face.oh no…wish gopi had found out that aliya was Navya

  3. Good one yaar! I love the part wer navya shouts in happiness dat she is the assistant manager of modi industries and then she gets awkward seeing jigar staring at her?? dat was very funny??…soon she will be united wit modi family thru gopi and i want a good handsome man to be paired opposite navya.??…

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