lovely saathiya ( epi 7)


Gopi enters the modi house . the house is decorated beautifully with flowes . kokila hugs gopi meera and vidhya . all the family members are happy to see meera and vidhya . they r all surprised to see a changed gopi . kokila goes inside .gopi sees her and says yeh maa ji ko kya hua .
Kokila goes inside her room and cries , she says kahan ho navya . gopi comes there . she asks kya hua maji . kokila says nothing and hides the photo that she had in her hands . gopi says maji u dont hide aything from me but why i feel that u r hiding something from me . kokila breaks down, she cries hugging gopi ,she says gopi u think that i have only two children but i have three children , actually nobody remembers her , i had a daughter navya when ahem was ten years old and kinjal six or seven probably i dont remember . navya was the smallest of all, now if she would be wid us also she would be only 24 or 25 years old only . gopi is shocked . kokila continues , she says the incident which happened with meera happened with navya also . she fell down into a river. Kokila cries . she says that is why i was so tensed and angry eight years ago when meera fell down in the river .

Young kokila is shown with her one year old baby (navya ) . ahem , kinjal and jigar are playing . modi family has come for picnic near a mountain area .
Navya being a very small baby goes near the end of the cliff . kokila goes there but is not able to save her daughter navya . police could not find the baby from the river below the mountain . everyone cry ..
Fb ends

Kokila says gopi vahu i know my navya is alive so only there is no photo of navya anywhere in this house . nobody wants to remember the incident in this house , so i have not shared this grief with anyone except ahem ke papa and u . gopi hugs kokila .gopi says ma ji , if at all navya was alive how will u find out that this is navya . kokila says she has a mole in her face . gopi says ma ji many have a mole in their face . kokila says han but she also has a chain which has a photo of me and ahem ke papa . the photo can be seen only if opened in a unique way , i can find out my navya if she is wearing the chain till now . kokila cries . gopi says ma ji calm down .
Everyone go home after searching navya a lot . navya is floating in river . a lady sees her and saves navya , she takes the navya home . her drunk husband comes home . she thinks i should not keep this baby wid me , how will i give this baby food ,and gives navya in a ashram . the ashram people remove the chain from navya’s neck but they r not able to open the dollar and see the photo , so they put the chain back in navya’s neck .

Navya grows up wid the chain . one day she tries to open the chain and succeeds in opening the chain and sees kokila and her papa’s photo . but she is not able to find them . she joins as a pa of principal in a school .navya goes inside the school , she sees the principal , the princi is none other than our gopi , gopi asks navya her name , but she only knew the name which ashram people kept her , she says aliya . gopi treats aliya as her sister but she never knew that aliya is her sister in law .
Aliya(navya)still has the chain in her neck

Aliya ‘s (navya) role is played by avika gor

to be continued

Credit to: varshini

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    its shocking that kokila also has a lost daughter n she alo fell off d cliff n thats y she was angry with gopi in d meera incident.naya has a special chain koki hopes navya is alive n she was saved n put in d ashram where they cud’nt remoe her chain.but thankfully navya has seen d pics in d chain n she will recognize koki n parag.surprise is that navya is aliya.1st i thought aliya is simply gopi’s PA.When gopi made her d next princi i thot her sugnificance she has become a very imp charac.Navya is avika.loved ur choice.plz update daily

  2. Fabulous episode! And a mind-boggling twist! Thats y avika was on the cover page…she is ahem’s and kinjal’s younger sister!

  3. Nice episode

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