lovely saathiya ( epi 6)

Rashi hugs gopi , gopi gets emotional , she says rashi behn and cries , she is not able to talk in happiness , rashi says gopi itne saal kahan ti . just then tolu and molu come there and see all this .
Rashi hugs gopi again and again , gopi says at last rashi behn hame hamari meera vapas mil gayi and tells the whole story how she met ,meera . rashi says really and hugs gopi . jigar says gopi bhabi and cries . gopi says devar ji kaise hai . jigar says i am so happy we got u back . gopi smiles . vidhya comes inside while tolu molu were standing outside the room . vidhya says mumma lets go to home meera didi will be waiting for us . rashi says who is this gopi , gopi says rashi behn yeh , this is vidhya , i was pregnant when i left modi house . she says vidhya yeh tumhari mausi hai , nahi kaki , kuch bhi bula lo . vidhya goes and hugs rashi . rashi says yeh to bilkul kaki ji ki tarah dikti hai . gopi smiles . rashi says make us meet meera . gopi says chalo but how do u know i was here . rashi says we did not know that u would be here gopi , tolu molu yahi padte hai . gopi is shocked , she says tolu molu, but i have never seen them or heard their name in my school . rashi says because we changed their school name as sahir and smar. Gopi sees sahir and samar standing there . she goes and hugs them . rashi says puchte the na badi ma kaun hai , yahi hai aap donon ki badi ma . sahir says pari miss hi badi ma hai , samar says han buddhu yahi badi ma hai , both of them hug gopi .

Then rashi and jigar meet meera . rashi gets emotional seeing meera , she hugs and kisses her . rahsi calls ahem and informs him about gopi , meera , and vidhya , ahem is shocked and happy . he shares the news with all the famly members ,all do decorations to welcome ,meera,vidhya and gopi .
rashi tells gopi what radha did , gopi is shocked
Rashi says gopi tum itni badal gayi hai ,u have changed so much , u r wearing modern clothes , this house is urs . gopi says han rashi behn this house is ours only , and rahi bat kapdon ki , i just wanted to change not modern but different ,i wanted to forget the incident that took place in me and meeraโ€™s life thatโ€™s why .
Ahem comes there , he sees gopi and hugs her . gopi says aapne mujhe maaf kar diya . ahem says bas gopi tumne kuch galati ki hi nahi . meera and vidhya come there . ahem hugs them , he says i did not even know that i had two daughtersand cries , vidhya and meera hug i am very happy . i will never forget this day in my life .
rashi helps gopi to pack , vidhyaโ€™s things .

Gopi goes to school . she says aliya u have to take care of this school here after . i have made every documents on ur name ,u r the principal of this school here after .aliya is shocked.she says but mam . gopi says no but mam , u r the only one who helped me in all the school work and u have been like a younger sister to me . aliya hugs gopi . she says mam mein apko bahut miss karungi . gopi says i too will miss u and cries . aliya says keep visiting school mam . gopi says sure and goes .
When she turns back she sees ahem . ahem says gopi u look beautiful in this modern avatar,mygopi who does not even wear a salvar is wearing t โ€“shirt and jeans now . gopi blushes . she says vaise to is avatar ka yahi last din hai . ahem says why ,mom will not tell u anything . gopi says maji will not tell me anything but this is not me , gopi modi is the one who wears gujrati style sarees and is the ladli of her ma ji . ahem says i love my gopi , whatever dress she wears .
Rashi sits in car . gopi comes there . rashi says gopi and ahem jiju in a car , i and jigar ji will take the kids . atleast now u enjoy some time alone . gopi smiles , ahem and gopi go in a car ,jigar ,rashi and children go in a car .

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Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    loved gopi rashi meeting.Tolu molu realizing that gopi is their badi maa was so nice.Gohem meeting was emotional.Gopi made aliya d princi n goes with ahem 2 modi house.gopi stops modern dresses.nice epi.

    Varshini..have u seen Saraswatichandra?If so i want u 2 write d season2 of SC.The continuation from the last episode

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