lovely saathiya ( epi 5)


Gopi and vidhya go home . gopi says vidhya , if u get a big sister how nice it would be . vidhya says i will be very happy mumma .gopi hugs vidhya , she says han vidhya it will be very nice .
The next day , gopi goes and prays kanha ji after many years i have got some confidence of getting meera back , please bagvan let the results be positive . she goes to hospital .the doctor gives the report , gopi prays to god and opens the report file , and it showed that meera was vidhya’s sibling , gopi cried in happiness , she wanted to hug meera but meera was in school. She drives back to school ,, she goes to meera’s class where meera is sitting in weelchair because of her fracture, she goes and hugs meera with full of happiness . meera is surprised . gopi says shall i take this girl to my home . the teacher says sure mam . gopi takes meera home . she says meera u r my daughter at last after coming home , she hugs meera again and again . gopi then tells her the story how she got lost . she tells about vidhya . her happiness knew no bounds . meera also is equally happy . she says ma , gopi becomes emotional , so does vidhya for getting a sister back . gopi says i should inform this to ur papa vidhya . vidhya says who is my papa mumma . gopi says i will tell u . gopi just then realises ,she does not have ahem’s number or any thing about her family now . she cries . she says what is the problem , let me go to modi house with meera and vidhya . she just then realises that meera’s leg is fractured . she sees meera’s leg . meera SAYS HOW WILL WE CONTACT PAPA, MA . GOPI CRIES ,she says han meera and cries again . meera says dont cry ma and hugs her . gopi smiles . vidhya too comes there and hugs gopi .
She tells vidhya tum pooch rahi thi na whether we have a familty or not , we have a big family beta , a very big joint family . u have papa , dada , dadi , bade dada , kaka , kaki i mean mausi . vidhya says really , when will wee go to them mumma , soon beta .
The next day was Saturday . all kids parents came to take their kids to home . rashi sees tolu molu very happy there . she asks tolu kyun bahut kush ho itne ro rahe the . molu says hame pari miss mil gayi na sabse acchi . rashi says who is pari miss . tolu says principal . rashi says vo tumhe pari miss bulane ke liye dant thi nahi hai . rashi says jigar ji only one week children were there in this school , see how they have changed , lets go and meet the principal .
Rashi and jigar go to meet the principal , gopi is seeing something and sitting the other side . when rashi says excuseme and comes inside towards rashi and is shocked to see her . rashi is also shocked to see gopi . she gets very happy and cries. she thinks gopi itni badal gayi , westwern clothes ,she is working also . she goes and hugs gopi .


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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Nice. Please continue…

  2. jasmine Rahul

    DNS report is positive n in that happiness gopi goes near was such an emotional beautiful scene.Glad that atleast she thot if informing it 2 ahem tho she isnt able 2 contact him.RaJi came 2 meet d principal.Rashi n gopi meet was so emotional n beautiful.i just loved it.cant wait 4 d next part

  3. It was a lovely episode

  4. So the family is going to reunite finally…hoping for some good family moments in modi mansion….or is thr any kind of twist gonna happen?? Waiting….

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