lovely saathiya ( epi 4)

Meera also feels an affection towards gopi .
Radha leaves meera in ashram and goes away , a lady comes there and sees meera and takes her inside . she asks her her name , parents name . for everything meera says meera meera and starts crying . another lady of ashram says kya savita behn u r asking alittle baby all these things , she only knows her name , that is meera . savita says ok beta there are many children in this ashram u also be a part of them .
Fb ends

Gopi says ok beta go with aliya and see ur room ok . meera says ok mam and goes . gopi sees her going and says our meera also will be of same age no, if she was alive , no no she is alive . she will come back someday and cries .just then aliya comes there , she says why r u crying mam . gopi says nothing u go

The next day gopi gets ready in a blue shirt and jeans , she does her usual work , goes and prays to kanha ji , but she feels very happy , she does not know why , she feels like somelong lost thing will come back to her today . vidhya comes there . she says mumma i will go to school with driver uncle today ,because i am ready , u come after sometime . gopi says han vidhya i have finished puja ,i have some work , i will finish it and come ok . vidhya says bye mumma and goes . gopi goes to her room . she takes the photo of kokila and says maji i dont know why i am very happy today , when i was with u i used to share everything with u but now ,she cries and leaves for school .

In the afternoon meera is playing with other kids in play ground , suddenly she falls down and gets hurt . she cries . gopi who is going out from school for some work sees her and rushes to her . she says kya hua beta . she says today school doctor is also not available , now come with me and takes meera and goes in car to hospital , meera is crying in pain . gopi hugs her and says bas beta hospital pohanch gaye hum . they reach the hospital . she takes meera to the doctor . doctor ses her leg and says it is fractured . gopi says ok doctor . when doctor is about to put plaster in meera’s leg , gopi sees the mark on meera’s leg . she thinks meera also had the same mark , and when meeraa got drowned anybody would have saved her and gets very happy she says ok doctor sorry for interupting u . doctor puts plaster on meera’s leg .
She goes out sees aliya . she goes to aliya,she asks what happened aliya how u came here . aliya says mam voh i saw u going so fast and in a hurry

, i thought there was some problem and came behind u till here . gopi says ok aliya actually i think this meera is my daughter meera ,. Aliya is shocked ,she says really mam . gopi says han aliya and hugs her . aliya has been with gopi since she started the school and more was like younger sis to gopi . aliya says then u should find out completely na that this meera is ur daughter meera . gopi says how will we find out . aliya says we will do a dna test to find out that . gopi gets very happy , she tells doctor about this .doctor says we need father or a sibling of the child to do this test . gopi says sure and goes out , she says aliya go and bring meera from school . gopi goes and hugs meera . meera asks kya hua mam ap ro kyun rahi hai . gopi thinks i should not tell meera about this , if the result came different , meera will become very sad . gopi says nothing beta .
Aliya brings vidya there . doctor takes vidhya’s blood and says gopi test reports will come tomorrow


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Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Meera was saying meera 4 everything.thats y they named her Meera.Meera got injured n thats when gopi saw mark on her leg which meera had.DNA test is done.hope without any twist it will b proved that its Gopi’s meera n gopi,vidya n meera reunite

  2. Nandhini

    Good twist of meera ending up in joining gopi’s school….gopi dressed up in shirt and jeans???? dis part is confusing…waiting for next part….

    • varshini

      nandhini see the intro , it is written gopi has become modern . so she dresses up in western clothes . but she is same in character except she has become independent

      • Nandhini

        Ohh ok varshini…yaa i saw it now…dat time i didnt notice properly about gopi’s intro….

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