lovely saathiya ( epi 3)

Really , really Sorry for the late update . will post everyday regularly after this . thank u so much jasmine rahul for patiently waiting for me , really sorry ok .

Gopi comes home . she sees vidhya crying there , she says vidhya kya hua . vidhya says mumma today some boys were asking me about my father . gopi says so what , u should not cry if people ask about ur father . u r brave girl no . vidhya says yes but i dont have a father right . gopi hugs vidhya she says u like ur mumma very much na then u consider me as ur father . vidhya says teek hai .

In an ashram
A beautiful little girl is seen . a lady comes there . she says tum hamari ashram mein sab se badi ho , so u r going to study in that big school which i told . the girl says really . the lady says han meera . meera hugs the lady . she says thank u aunty . i dont know how to thank u . the lady says badon jaisi baten mat kar beta , somebody left u here when u were just two years old , u did not even know who ur family when asked, u only knew ur name . this ashram is only taking care of u since then . u r ten years old now , u r the most intelligent in this ashram . the school gave us scholarship for only one intelligent child to go and study and stay in that school . meera says ok aunty so i will pack all my things . the lady says kush raho beta and blesses her .
The next day the same lady brings her to a school , the school is none other than krishn vidhya mandir . she goes inside and talks to gopi about admission . gopi says han ap yukti ashram se hai na ap . there is scholarship of one child . the lady says han we have brought a girl meera for 5 th standard admission , gopi rememberes her little meera when she hears the name . gopi then says sure , tell that girl to come . meera comes there , gopi sees her and again feels a attraction and affection towards meera . meera too feels that .

to be continued

Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Meera is in an orphanage.She is d best student there.So she got scholarship n got admission in Gopi’s school.what a fantastic unexpected twist!Gud that here Meera is not illiterate like the Meera on d show SNS.Gopi feels affection 2wards Meera unknowingly.Hope Gopi recognizes her.
    The orphanage got Meera when she was 2 yrs old.Then how did they know that her name is Meera?Or they just named her meera coincidently?

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