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For some of days this ff will only concentrate on tolu , molu and gopi’s school ok . please comment . thank u so much jasmine rahul , sonali ,tom ,rianaa, nandini . ur comments inspired me a lot , please .. keep commenting .

After leaving meera near the temple , radha gets afraid . she is afraid that somebody will find out she only is reason for all that is happening . she runs away from home . modi family people join all things and realise that radha is the reason for everything and she has run away . ahem realises his mistake and so does kokila , they till now miss their gopi vahu .

At urmila’s house
Kinjal: dhaval ji cant u see rashi behn is sending her children to boarding school, we will also send our pappu there .
D: no kinjal we rashi behn is sending tolu-molu because they r naughty .
K: but they will become good in studies right , then what will our pappu do , we will join pappu in the same school that is it dhaval ji , nobody can question my decision not even fai .
D: ok kinjal do what ever u want

She calls krishn vidhya mandir ,AGAIN aliya takes the phone . kinjal tells all the details and asks for admission . aliya says han there is a seat . actually , there is no time because the school is alredy started . we will send u the admission in ur email , u fill it and send it back . tomorrow bring ur son prateek so that he can get admitted in school and in boarding also .
The night gopi says to vidhya , vidhya pata hai tomorrow two new boys r coming in ur class , vidhya says really , two new friends . gopi says han vidhya , actually they r new no so i have not met them , they r even crying a lot , u sleep ok , watch man uncle is there no . i am going to school and will meet them . vidhya says ok mumma come back fast , gopi says han baba u know na , it is only 10 minutes distance from here. Vidhya says han come back within 20 minutes ok .
Gopi goes to school’s boarding building , the watch man says mam aap , gopi says kitne bar bola hai dont call me madam ok fine u respest my work ,but can call me gopi right . two new children have come . they were crying a lot it seems . i wanted to meet them . watch man says madam aap to is school mein padne wale har bacche ko apna baccha manti hai . gopi says ok watchman kaka i will meet the kids and come ok ,

She goes to room 1000 where tolu and molu r staying , she knocks the door . tolu opens the door he , says aap koun ho ,. Gopi says aap ki friend samaj lo . gopi thinks in her mind why am i feeling so attached to this children . tolu says aap itni badi hai . gopi says u are sahir and samar right . samar says han aunty , u no we know a bhoot , she is very cruel ,and bad . gopi asks who is that bhoot , sahir says voh principal who gave admission in this school . we did not do anything we just very doing help to somebody , but our mumma put us in this school . gopi says kabhi principal ko dekha hai kya . sahir says no but i know she is devil or bhoot only . gopi says tell me one more thing ur mumma sent u to this school because u helped somebody . samar says han we saw a dog which was very thin , sahir: we thought we could help them to buy food by giving mumma’s gold chain to dog . gopi says tik hai now u sleep , dont cry ok , u will meet ur mumma ,papa on Saturday ok . tomorrow when i come back u should tell me how that principal bhoot looked ok . sahir and samar laugh .
The next day ,in the prayer the principal is called gopi comes ther . sahir says to samar , samar we r gone , we told to bhoot that she was a bhoot . sahir says why did she not tell that she was the bhoot , but she was very good not like bhoot , she was like pari . samar says han buddy .

Gopi comes to class where tolu , molu and vidhya are studying .
Meanwhile kinjal comes there to leave prateek AGAIN she meets only aliya . aliya says sorry mrs.kinjal , principal is not available ,so u leave prateek and go , u can meet mam later . kinjal says ok and goes .
She calls tolu and molu. She says ab bhi main bhoot dikhti hun . sahir says sorry . gopi says mein isiliye ayi thi taki mein aapko mein bhoot nahi hun bhalki insan hun . samar says ur not bhoot mam , u r pari miss ok . gopi say ok go to ur class now . gopi thinks yesterday night also i felt an attraction towards this children ,as if they r my kids , today also .

To be continued

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Credit to: varshini

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    thank god..u updated it.i was waiting since morning.plz give quick updates.
    kinjal also put pappu in tolu molu’s school as she cant stand below rashi.kinjal hasnt changed.even she didnt meet gopi.Gopi meet tolu molu in boarding as they r crying.without knowing who she is they said d princi is a bhoot.ha ha.after knowing who she is they found her an angel.after that the confrontation they had with gopi was very cute

  2. Really cute update☺☺….the conversation btwn tolu, molu and gopi was so adorable…samir and sahir started to like gopi and call her pari miss??….i am expecting more cute conversations btwn them…for me its no problem for how many days dis ff concentrate’s on tolu, molu and gopi’s school…i just want to see a long childhood story of meera, vidya, and tolu, molu….so keep going varshini??….

  3. Really cute update…the conversation btwn gopi and tolu molu was adorable☺☺ samir and sahir started liking gopi at first sight and they call her pari miss?? even the interaction btwn them wen they saw gopi as principal was soo funny??…waiting for more…for me no problem for how long the story concentrates on tolu molu and gopi’s school…i just want more of their childhood moments…so carry on varshini??

  4. Very boring . Pls stop it

    1. if u don’t want please stop reading it . I will also stop this ff after some days for sure . atleast I should not stop abruptly in the middle right . sorry if it hurt u

  5. Such a boring episode

  6. Do you people have jobs or something like that? And god, oh god, your English is intolerable.

  7. Yeses plz continue

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