lovely saathiya ( epi 15) last epi

Gopi and ahem do kanya dan of navya .
Then ashish , applies sindoor on navya’s forehead , pheres are taken and every riual is done . after all the rituals r done , it is bidai time , navya who has gone to change dress is still not back . all get worried . gopi goes and sees navya crying . she consoles her .
Then the bidai is done . navya hugs gopi , rashi .takes the blessings of everybody and goes in car . gopi cries after navya leaves in car . kokila says gopi vahu navya is in rajkot only no , we can meet her any time we want .
After some days

a fine morning .
Gopi is cooking while ahem comes there and hugs gopi from behind , he says good morning gopi . gopi says what is this ahem ji u frightened me . ahem says wait i will relax u and kisses her cheek . gopi blushes . ahem lifts gopi and says shall i take u to our room . gopi says no need ahem ji i have legs no , i will go on my own . ahem says no .
While ahem is lifting gopi ,and taking gopi towards room , he sees somebody else also doing the same , it was jigar , jigar was taking rashi from hall .ahem laughs . gopi who is still in ahem’s arms says why r u laughing now . ahem says i am not the only one , see there , gopi sees jigar and rashi and smiles . satrangi mausam ho plays .

Gopi says why all this , what is special today . ahem says u forgot that also , what a bulakkad u r today is our wedding anniversary . gopi says are mei ye kaise bul gayi . jigar says to rashi , u were so busy wid marriage preparations that u forgot our marriage . rashi says how can i forget our marriage i only forgot our marriage anniversary , jigar laughs and says ya and happy anniversary . ahem also wishes gopi . rashi and jigar then go to ahem and gopi and wish them .
All the four of them come down ,everyone wish them ,tolu ,molu , vidhya and rashi give , gohem and raji cards made by them .
Kokila says we have a surprise for u , gopi and rashi ask what is the surprise . navya comes there . gopi goes and hugs her . she says wow navya ,very happy to see u . navya says , gopi bhabi , rashi bhabi , jigar bhai ahem bhai ,happy anniversary .all together say thanku then ashish comes there , he also wishes them .
Gopi tells today is the day i became a member of this family and also today is our anniversary too so i called the phototgrapher ,to take a family photo , now navya is alsowid us so shall we take a photo .all agree

All come and stand and smile , photographer says cheese ,. All of them smile . gopi thinks , now my family is complete wid my two children ma ji and everyone , thank u so much bagvan . all are shown at last wid a smiley face .

Thank u so much guys for commenting these many days , i will start a new ff after some days . sorry if i had made some mistakes in my ff . bye bye and good wishes

Credit to: varshini


  1. Nandhini

    Ohh dats it??!! I expected some more happenings after navya’s marriage….but its ok….i am glad to see the happy moments in modi mansion☺☺☺

  2. jasmine Rahul

    navya ashish got married n gohem did kanyadan.gohem raji scenes were romantic n cute.nice wedding anniversary.neer thot it will end soon.but nice ending

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