lovely saathiya ( epi 10)

Sorry the precap was actually wrong it was gopi sees aliya in office and comes to know aliya is navya , i typed it wrong actually
Here is the epi
Navya comes to office ,she felt very nervous . she thinks hey krishn bagvan , please help me , i am getting very nervous , first day in my office , before gopi mam used to treat me as a sister not a boss , but here it is not like that , i dont know anybody here .please help me and goes into ahem’s cabin . she says may i come in sir . ahem says come in still working with computer . he says miss .aliya get the file ready which sharma ji has , and i should get the file within today . navya says ok sir and goes .
Gopi is at home , she says are ahem ji aur devar ji lunch lena hi bhul gaye . she thinks so i will go and give the lunch . rashi behn is busy wid other works .
She reaches modi industries in car . she asks ahem sir cabin mein hai . jigar sir . the pa says donon andar kam kar rahe hai . gopi says thank u and goes to jigar’s cabin . she gives lunch to jigar’s cabin and knocks the door . ahem says come in , and he gets surprised seeing gopi . he says gopi tum . gopi says han mein, u forgot to take ur lunch . ahem says ok , then i will call jigar also , we will eat together . gopi says ok mein plates bhi layi hun . just then somebody knocks the door . ahem says come in , navya comes in . he says is the file ready . navya says yes sir and gives the file . just then she sees gopi , gopi is also surprised to see her , she says aliya tum yahan . aliya says mam ap . ahem says gopi u know miss . aliya before . gopi says ahem ji meine bola tha na , that a girl was my pa , she was like my sister . ahem says han to voh aliya hi yeh aliya hai . aliya says so this is ur husband mam . gopi says han aliya . ahem says gopi she is our new assistant manager . gopi says han she is really talented ahem ji . gopi says great to see u and hugs her . she sees the red bracelet in navya’s hands . she remembers the person who took the chain also had red bracelet . she thinks ya navya and aliya look almost same , but decides to stay quite , because she still did not know it was navya or not . she sees navya’s neck . she sees the same chain . she shouts yes . ahem and navya are surprised . gopi says aliya jo chain tumne pehni hai voh mujhe dikao . aliya removes the chain and gives it to gopi . gopi opens the chain and says ma ji and papa ji . she is shocked and surprised . she says aliya this chain where did u get this. Who r these people in this pic in the chain . ahem says gopi why r asking this girl all this . gopi says wait ahem ji let her answer . aliya says i think these r my parents because i have this chain from my childhood . ahem takes the chain and is shocked to see kokila and parag’s photo . gopi says ahem ji yeh hamari navya hai . ahem is shocked . he says what and hugs navya . gopi says to prove this shall we do a dna test . they go and do the dna test .they get the report and get very happy to see the report positive . navya cries out of happiness and hugs gopi . gopi says ab se mam nahi bhabi bulana . ahem hugs navya . he says tum meri pyari si navya ho . navya says han sir i mean bhai i am navya . gopi says ma ji told me before somedays that she misses u and today , today we got u navya . ahem, gopi and navya come back to office first . jigar has been busy in office , he comes to ahem’s cabin and finds out that aliya is navya his sister . he hugs her and says mei tera jigar bhai and hugs her . ahem , navya , jigar and gopi share a emotional moment

how was the episode , comment

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  1. well it was emotional no doubt…
    well written

    1. thank u coolhi1988

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Gopi saw aliya in d office n loved that without any dragging gopi found out that Aliya is Navya.DNS teat is also positive.loved jigar ahem gopi Navya union.waiting 4 navya paragg kokila union.

    Is ur Yuvani Ishra ff ending soon?If so can u plz start another joint short ff on Akshara Naira how they unite?I know u have 2 incomplete ffs on ye rishta forum.still if u can…
    i havent watched ye rishta at all.but from promo i realized mother daughter’s i wud like 2 read a ff on it.I suggested it 2 u as u have 4 ffs on separation n union

    1. ya I left two ff incomplete ,because I was not able to concentrate on that because I was writing so many ff’s at the same time . I will try to write an ff on yrkkh , mother daughter track ok . coming to that ishra yuvani ff , I will end it after some more days ok . thank u for the comment ,I wanted to unite , navya soon wid her family

      1. jasmine Rahul


  3. Waste of time loser dont ever update again

  4. Nice episode. Jhon don’t say that again .pls update again .

    1. thank u for commenting swastika . I will update soon . I am happy that u like my ff

  5. It was a nice episode! I am very happy to read ur ff because in actual serials they are always dragging and showing unimaginable rubbish things…but atleast in ffs we can able to see many happy moments…so pls update regularly….

    1. thank u so much nandini

  6. Its nice…continue

    1. thank u

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