lovely saathiya (epi 1)

A little girl comes and says good morning mumma to a beautiful lady who is wearing red tops and jeans . the lady says good morning vidhya . vidhya says mumma what r u going to make today for breakfast . the lady that is gopi says vidhya today i will make ur favourite food ,what do u want . vidhya says anything what u make is ok for me . gopi hugs vidhya . she says tik hai dhokla kar deti hun . but vidhya i have to go out for some school work will u have ur breakfast without me . vidhya says ok mumma and goes from there . gopi says kitni pyari bacchi hai . what a lovely girl . thank u kanha ji for giving me a daughter like vidhya . gopi goesto a school called krishn vidya mandir , she goes into the principal’s office and sits in the principal’s chair . she says to a lady , aliya is the form ready which i asked u . aliya says no mam . gopi in a calm way says ok aliya go and get the papers ready ok . aliya says ok mam and goes . a little girl comes and says good morning mam. Gopi says good morning beta but why r u crying dear . the lil girl says mam voh , i want to talk to my parents but , the phone in the room is not working . gopi says ur hostel incharge ms. Who is it . the lil girl says diya mam . gopi says han diya , u did not say to her . the lil girl says ya i said to her but . gopi says ok beta tell ur mother’s number . the lil girl tells her mother’s number . the lil girl says her mother’s number and talks to her mother . she thanks gopi . gopi says if u meet diya tell her to meet me ok , what is ur name . the girl says rashi . gopi gets sad rememberind rashi , she would have started a school and would have become a successful person but she could never forget her modi parivar . she says ok beta go ,i will change the telephone ok .

Modi house
Rashi is seen walking in and out of the room . jigar comes there . he says i understand that u r ver ysad about today , today only gopi bhabhi left us and our meeru too . hope gopi bhabhi is safe and fine some where in this world .
Jigar goes to office . he does not see ahem there and thinks oh today is the day ,rashi also made me remember , so today only, i should take care of office .ahem is seen sitting in a room , he is in a very sad mood . kokila comes there , she says ahem i know u miss gopi vahu but nothing will happen if u sit like this . gopi vahu , if she would be here no ,she would never be happy if she sees u like this . ahem says mom , because of me and u only she left or house , i searched her everywhere i thought someday she would come but , eight years have gone mom , she hasn’t returned . kokila says sambhalo apne ap ko ahem dikhra .
Two lil boys come there . ahem says tolu molu what r u doing here , go and play outside . molu says bade papa we r getting bored , all in this house are afraid of us . ahem says they r afraid because u are very naughty , if u be naughty like this i will send u to boarding school . tolu and molu say no bade papa and they go from there .
Gopi comes home after the day’s work . she sees vidhya standing there waiting for her . gopi goes and hugs vidhya .

please comment and then only I will know whether I should continue or not

Credit to: varshini


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Gopi has become so modern n successful.She is a school principal.loved Gopi helping d little rashi.she still remembers modis.sad.Kokila n Ahem also missing gopi n is sad.y r they sad now?they only kicked her out.Did they know that gopi is innocent?What happened 2 Radha?

  2. meera

    its good but please tell ragini to continue the saathiya new (part 8).
    please its my request please tell her to continue and you too.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.