Their lovely love story…Ishqbaaz…Episode 2

Episode 1
Episode 1

Episode 2 Anika:ma…i have some urgent works…bye Pinky understood that still the problems between shivika are not solved. Anika goes to her cabin. Anika is assistant manager in shivay’s office. Manager:Anika …you came..whats the time now? Anika:sir actually… Manager:This is not your company to come at any time.. Shivay comes.. Shivay:How dare you talk to her like that..You are fired…Get out of my office.. Anika looks at Shivay angrily.. Shivay leaves to his cabin. Peon:Anika,Shivay sir is calling you.. Anika leaves to his cabin. Anika:sir,may I come in? Shivay:yes.. Anika:sir…why did you call me.. Shivay:vo…actually Anika..i didnt do was just an accident.Why you are always hurting me for that..please forgive me na… Anika:How can you ask me to forgive you…you did everything..

you killed him…you are a killer..i will never ever forgive u.I think you did it intentionally.. Shivay couldnt control his anger . he holds Anika’s hand rightly and pinned her to the wall. Anika is crying its so paining. Shivay :how dare you say that i did it intentionally..I also lost my princess in that accident…Never ever say that I did it intentionally.You got it? Shivay,now notices that Anika is crying … He also felt hurt by seeing that.So he suddenly left her hand. Anika slowly opens her eyes .. Shivay:sorry.. Anika hugs him due to the pain.. And suddenly she faints.. Shivay:Anika..Anika …what happened to you…Iam sorry. He made her sit in a couch.. He pours water on her face. Shivay:Anika.. Anika slowly opens her eyes.. Shivay:are you okay? Anika:yes…and an angry tone. Shivay:Anika …wait.Today there is mom’s birthday party and mom want you to be there in our house. Anika:me in your house …its impossible. Shivay:please Ani…for ma.. Anika:okay..i will think about it.. Anika leaves.. Episode ends..

Precap:Anika is in oberoi mansion…Anika got drunk and she is in Shivay’s room.

Hope you guys liked todays episode..

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