Lovely Friendship- Episode 2


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Episode 1

Ragini’s bidaai is done.. she moves away from her hometown holding her husband’s hand. Laksh just keep looking at her.
By next evening they reach to the city where Laksh and his friends are staying. At the entrance of apartment he was surprised that his friends have not given any welcome. But as soon as he opens the door of his house, ‘tap’ a balloon sound and some colorful papers fall on Ragini and Laksh. At the sudden sound Ragini scares and hugs Laksh unknowingly. They look each other.
“Happy married life..” they hears the voices of sanskar, swara and balu. they both look at them.
They three have arranged the surprise welcome party. Laksh comes to them and says, “Okay guyz..thnq very much.. now go…”
They three laughs, “New married boy wants to be alone with his wife..” they tease..
Swara hugs Ragini and says, “Dear Ragu, if you want anything u can ask me. Be free with me…”
Ragini feels happy.
They three leave says them bye….
Laksh will be removing the papers fell on his head telling, “actually, I never ask my friends to leave, but I don’t like this marriage. and how could I accept this party?”
Ragini remains calm. “Okay, you can use the room at left side. I have arranged everything for you there.” he says and goes into his room. She feels sad for being in separate room even after marriage.
Ragini arranges everything in her room and soon falls asleep.

As a habit, she woke up early in the morning next day, and performed all the puja.. Laksh who was just awake surprised to see his house is so peaceful and new, in a hurry, suddenly Ragini and Laksh collide each other.
laksh: oh, sorry Ragini, I have to hurry to office.. I didn’t see you…
Ragini: no problem laksh ji…
laksh: just laksh..okay.. by the way, you have made this house beautiful today..
he says and rushes to washroom. Ragini feels happy with his words. She opens the main door and suddenly hears a shout. She gets scared and closes her eyes. “Haha..don’t be scared’s swara….” says swara smiling crazily. Ragini smiles.
She comes inside the house and sanskar, balu follow her.
Sanskar: Hai bhabhi, this idiot lucky is not yet ready? aww.. he is always late…
he says and taps the door of washroom.. “abey lucky, jaldi kar…” he shouts.
Balu straightly goes near the dining table and starts eating the breakfast made by Ragini..
Balu: wow sis, this puri is yummy…
swara: really, swara wants to taste..
san: wait for me…
They three start eating, Ragini serves them more, feeling happy. Later Laksh joins them. He looks at her and says, “Ragini…. it’s a wonderful dish..” Now, she is at cloud9.
“Now, hurry up. we have to reach in time…” says his friends and they leave house.
Ragini will be looking them from window; they four are sitting in san’s car. As usually swara in front seat.. they leave..
‘I’m happy with the new friends.. but if Laksh could have loved me, everything is okay..hmm..i will try to impress him..’ she thinks.

In the car while going to office,
swara: hey lucky, did you like Ragini? she is very nice girl…
sanskar: yeah.. how he could be without liking her? he surely loves her…
balu: don’t feel shy yar.. say..
laksh: no! I don’t love her.
they amaze with his answer.
swara: but why?
laksh: I don’t wanted to get marry this early.. and I don’t wanted to marry girl like ‘Ragini’
swara: but whats wrong with her? she is good, traditional..
laksh: that’s my problem! In this city, how can I roam with that village girl? our colleagues might laugh if they see her. Old fashioned girl!
swara: she feels bad if she listens this. you are foolish to miss that girl’s love..
Sanskar: exactly, that girl loves you a lot. lucky, it’s important whether our partner loves us or not. bcz.. love is important, not the fashion or beauty..
Balu: that’s true….
Laksh: Okay, now stop the lessons and car. we reached the office..
Laksh keeps thinking their words…
Ragini is busy in the house.. ‘how to impress laksh?’
She wants to prepare a sweet dish for him. so she wanted to know, when he would return from office.. so she calls to laksh’s mobile. Laksh who was busy in office work annoyed to see the call from her. He simply cuts the call. She thinks that he was busy and decides to call later.
After an hour, Ragini calls him again. Laksh, who was not busy but simply eating lunch chitchatting with his friends again gets annoyed to look at her call. he lifts the call and starts scolding her, “what’s your problem? Why do you keep on calling me? Just put off the phone.” he cuts the call. His friends get amazed with his behavior.
Ragini starts crying there.
Later swara call her.
Swara: what’s the matter ragu? any problem?
Ragini: nothing swara, I just wanted to know, when you guyz would return from office..
swara: it will be 5’o clock.. why? Are you planning anything to impress him?
swara laughs.. ragini too…

Later swara comes near Sanskar who was working on computer. She puts hand on his shoulder. san says, “Hmm…You are looking upset..??”
swara: yaa.. why this laksh hates ragini? that innocent girl loves him a lot..
sanskar: I think we have to teach him love from us….
swara smiles.
Yes..swasan are loving each other. but laksh and balu don’t know about this..

At evening 5, they return from office. They all go Laksh’s house. Usually everyday they go to each one’s house after office, have tea and return to their houses. That day they came to Laksh’s house.
Ragini opens the door… they amazes to see her. Ragini was in pretty sky blue saree, she was extremely beautiful… Laksh keep looking at her, eyes wide open..

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  1. nice part

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  3. Akshata

    i am really feeling bad for ragini, and u have written it so beautifully.

    1. Astra

      tnq akshata… Ragini’s pain is not too long… laksh going to change..

  4. Superb..

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  5. Amazng feelng bad for ragini..

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      thnq… everything is going to set..

  6. feel bad for rags bring some1 fpr rags to make him jealous
    love teja so much

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      haha…. 🙂

  7. Great update Astra. Aww poor Ragini, I feel bad for her. But Aww Swara and Ragini’s bonding is cute ??. Can’t wait to read the next part xx

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      thnq….. i will update nxt part soon

  8. Sindhura

    Laksh type people will be their
    Loved their frds

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      thnq sindhura….

  9. Subi

    Actually I got a confusion while reading it… I mean is it base on a Tamil movie pugaipadam… As in that movie too in friends group a pair will love but didn’t inform it to others and when they inform a silent guy in the group will be heart broken and commit suicide coz he too would have loved that girl. I hope you won’t make balu character like that… As now a days these kind of friendship groups are rare.. So pls don’t separate them….

    1. Astra

      no no.. it’s not at all like that.. i don’t know about that movie anyways… thx 4 reading yar… keep commenting… 🙂

  10. Interesting dear

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      tnq ammu..

  11. Hahaha superb dr.. Ragini is so innocent.. N laksh is such an idiot

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      thnqq… haha..

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