Lovely Friendship- Episode 1


Hi everyone, this is my new ff… ‘Lovely friendship’

Epi 1:


The story revolves around the four friends and their love stories. Laksh, Sanskar, Swara and Balu(this is new character) are that friends.

coming to the introduction of the story, Laksh, sanskar, swara and Balu are best friends from childhood. They went to same school and they have studied in same college. Now, four of them got the job in same software company in a city. They have moved from their hometown to the new state and city.
They are now staying in the same apartment complex but in different houses. They go to office together in same car. Laksh and Sanskar has got cars. Sometimes they will go in Laksh’s car and sometimes they will go in San’s car. They both know driving. Swara always sits in the front seat beside driver seat as she wishes to learn driving. But her crazy friends San and Lucky never teach her, but tease her. Balu is the silent person in their gang, he is some innocent.

Like this, their friendship is smooth, happy and joy. In this situation, an unexpected twist has happened.
It’s marriage!

Marriage of Laksh!

Laksh was married to a traditional innocent village girl, ‘Ragini’. Their family members perfomed the marriage grandly. Even his friends came to marriage. Swara and San teased Laksh, that he is getting married early and first in them. They both liked Ragini verymuch. Sanskar started calling her, “Bhabhi..”. Balu treated her as his sister.

Swara: Dear Ragini, now we are not four, five friends. You are my new best friend and sister.
Balu: Yes, you are sister for me too.

San: I already have a devil sister Uttara.. just kidding. You are my Bhabhi because, this idiot lucky is like my bro..

Ragini felt happy with the love showed by them. However Laksh is not interested in her!
Laksh: Now, stop it guyz..Now leave us alone..

Swasan balu laugh with his words.
Swara: Aha, you want to be lonely with her..
Sanskar: Chalo, we don’t disturb you…
Balu: We are leaving for city today, you come along with your wife…
they laugh again say bye to Ragini and left the place.

That was all happened at marriage place..There are many relatives and there is full fun. Ragini’s face is shining as the moon. But Laksh face is like bulb..He was not happy, but he was not sad.
When they are finally alone,

Laksh slowly called, “Ragini..”
She shyly looked at him slowly…
Laksh: Actually, I don’t like this marriage…
She thinks that he was joking and smiles.
Laksh: I’m telling the truth…

Suddenly smile vanishes from her face.
Laksh: I don’t wanted to marry this early. I’m just 25.. I also dreamed that I have to love a girl and marry her with permission of my parents.
Ragini is looking at him without blinking her eyes. But he was looking at otherside.

Laksh: But I didn’t love anyone and I can’t love other girl now. I have to have love only on you. But… I don’t have any feelings on you..

Ragini gets shocked with his words and a tear drops from her eyes.

Laksh: Ragini, I wanted to marry a girl who is modern. Who is very crazy and active.
He looks at her. She moves her eyes away from him and bends her head.

Laksh: I’m not telling, that you aren’t beautiful.. ofcourse you are very cute and preety. But, just now I can’t accept you as my wife. I have agreed this marriage on my parents wish, because they need a sanskari bahu. Yes, i too need a traditional wife, but she have to be modern also. But, you are very like a village girl.

Ragini looks at him sadly.
Laksh: I’m not insulting you, I talk openly, I don’t have one at heart and other at tongue. See, I don’t love you that doesn’t mean I hate you. I like you, as a friend. As swara said, you are my new friend. Ofcourse, like them a ‘best friend’.
Ragini is silent.

Laksh: Ragini, plz don’t be silent. I feel as a sinner if you are silent. Please accept my words and excuse me. We shall be friends.
Ragini looks into his eyes and says, “I’m same as you Laksh ji. My eyes and heart speak the same. I love you means I’m loving you.. I can’t change my heart. But, I’m accepting your words. I will never force you to love me or I will never say this to anyone. We shall be as friends Laksh ji.. But, I will be waiting for the day you accept me!”

Laksh gets relieved with her words and says, “Thanks Ragini, and you can call me laksh or lucky.. no need that extension ‘ji..’ “. Ragini just smiles with his words….

*********to be continued…****

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  1. Akshata

    welcome back 🙂 i was missing ur pricess ff. and ur back with new story.
    Really interesting story.

    1. Astra

      Hai akshata…? Thnqq dearr….??

  2. Nice, I saw some movie with same concept but don’t show laksh with another girl,want to see laksh jealousy

    1. Astra

      Thnq… No other girl for Laksh..?

  3. awesum starting
    love rags

    1. Astra

      Thnq Lisa…?

  4. Superb

  5. Awsomee

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  6. Very nice start……update asap

  7. Superb start dear and plz continue

  8. Hemalattha

    very nice

  9. Astra

    thank you….

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