Lovely friendship-9


Friends, this is going to be the Maha episode…??
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Laksh was going away silently. Ragini feels bad on her behavior. She soon runs towards him and hugs him from behind. Laksh feels extremely happy and stays like that for few seconds, he turns back….!


It was all his imagination. Ragini has already closed her room door and she is inside. Laksh takes a deep breath and goes back.

Next morning, Ragini becomes very busy in swara’s engagement works. She looks after the decorations, the catering etc. As Swara and others are busy in office, as their boss has not given them leave, Ragini has to do all the works. She alone receives swara’s and sanskar’s parents. Their parents, Sumi-shekar and sujatha-ram gets happy looking at Ragini’s works. She becomes close to them. As she was busy, Kaveri don’t get the chance to talk with her.

Next day, there is Ragini’s exam, still she was arranging everything. By evening they four return from office. Ragini gets tired and she will be sleeping in her room. Laksh comes and sees her that she is sleeping. He then goes and covers her with bed sheet.

Swara comes shouting, “Ragini…” Then Laksh gestures her to be calm. “Oh, she is sleeping..” She says. But already with her noise, Ragini has woke up already. She realizes Laksh has kept bed sheet on her. But she acts unnoticed,

Ragini: Swara….
Swara: ragu, let’s go shopping. Even you have to buy right…
Ragini: no Swara, I can’t come…
Swara: stop it, and chalo…

Everyone leaves for shopping. That day everyone becomes busy in shopping. Ragini will be going on rejecting what ever Laksh selects. She is selecting the things only which he don’t like.

He understands about it. Ragini chooses two gagras, she doesn’t understand what to select. Laksh liked the blue color one. But he wantedly says, “that yellow one is too good.” Then Ragini throws yellow one aside and she selects blue one. Laksh laughs in himself.

Sanskar drags him aside.

Sanskar: yar, are you sad that Ragini is ignoring you?
Laksh: not at all, she is actually loving me, that’s why she is showing attitude. Where the anger is there, love is present right..!
Sanskar smiles at him.

The heavy shopping is done, everyone return back to apartment. Raglak return to their flat.
Ragini is about to go into her room.

Laksh: Ragini….
She turns to him.
Laksh: I have bought something for you…

He says and gives pretty blue earrings to her. Ragini takes them into her hand.
Laksh: good night Ragini..

He says and goes to his room. Ragini puts those earrings on table in the hall itself.

Next morning, Ragini’s exam. She rushes to the exam hall. Even Laksh, rushes to office. Swasan manages to have leave, as next day is engagement.

Laksh goes to the gold shop. He will pay the money and he takes Ragini’s necklace back. Ragini just finishes her exam and comes out of the hall.
Laksh who was just going in the car sees Ragini standing outside. He surprises what she is doing there. He stops car before her.
He comes out and stands before her.

Laksh: are you going home..
Ragini: yes…
Laksh: chalo, I’m also going home…lets go…
Ragini: I won’t come with you…
Laksh: Ragini please…
He stands very close to her. As everyone are seeing, she doesn’t want to mess up much, so she silently sits in the car. Laksh feels happy and starts the car.

While going, as it was extreme silent, Laksh switches on the radio. “Thum hi ho.. Ab thum hi ho..” Song plays. Ragini looks at him in anger.

Laksh: sorry….

He says and changes the station. Then, “hum thum.. Ek kamerein mein bandh hogai..” Plays. Ragini closes her ears. He changes other station, “every night in my dreams…” Plays.

“Will you stop that radio please..” Asks Ragini. Laksh stops the radio. They reaches apartment.

Swasan are standing out and talking something. They call Ragini, but she goes away. Laksh comes near them.
Swara: is everything okay?

Laksh: not at all okay… I wanted to tell her my love, but she is not giving me chance.

Sanskar: Laksh, she is angry with you now. You have to make her understand that you are feeling guilty. You have to ask excuse before you say your love…

Swara: don’t worry Laksh, Ragini will accept you back…

Laksh just takes a deep breath and goes inside.
He looks Ragini has kept earrings box on table itself. Then only she comes out. Then Laksh go before her and ask,

“Ragini…why are you doing this to me? I know I have behaved bad with you, but I realized my mistake. I’m really feeling bad about whatever I have done, why don’t you excuse me?” He says and holds her shoulders,
“I want you back Ragini, you own. Don’t be anger on me. I love you Ragini..I love you..” He says with teary eyes.
Ragini looks at deep into his eyes. Suddenly sujatha and Sumi rushes inside, “Ragini beta, come and help us to decorate the hall…” They say and take away Ragini. Laksh looks at her as if something precious one is gone…

Next morning,
It’s engagement day. Swara and sanskar are made ready as very beautifully. Laksh was setting some lights standing on a stool.
Balu: arey, set properly yar…
Laksh: I will kill you idiot, be calm..

Then only Ragini comes there wearing the blue gagra, “arey Ragini..kithna sundar ho thum..” Says sujatha and goes near her. Laksh looks at her listening to it.

He was amazed to see Ragini such beautifully. She was like angel. Laksh keep staring at her and he suddenly falls from stool. Balu laughs at him. Laksh even more feels happy that she is wearing the earrings he gave. He gets excited and starts dance with Balu. All small children around, laugh at them…

Engagement will begin. Laksh comes near Ragini. They both were alone.
Laksh: hey Ragini, you are looking very beautiful. Thanks for wearing those earrings. I’m happy you accepted me.
Ragini laughs badly with his words.
Laksh: oh Laksh ji… You are thinking that I wore your earrings? No, I have bought same set, you just confused. See, on the table. They are like that only….

Laksh doesn’t feel bad.
Laksh: whatever it is, you are still beautiful.
Ragini goes away from him.

“Bole chudiyaa..” Song plays. Ragini along with some girls starts dancing. Everyone are enjoying the dance. Laksh smilingly sees her. In middle he too joins with Ragini to dance. She too goes along, as it will not be good as everyone are seeing. She hesitatingly dance with him. While dancing, she suddenly slips and falls on Laksh. He hold her, without falling down. Both stare each other. Everyone shout, “oooo….” Then they come back to world.

Ragini goes aside. Laksh will stand far shooting lovely sights at her. Swara gets a plan and takes sanskar with her. They stand beside Laksh. He don’t see them. He is busy in seeing Ragini..

Swara: now, I will throw this flower On Ragini. We will go aside. She will think Laksh has thrown it… Then, happens.
Sanskar: make sure it won’t becomes bla..bla..bla…

Balu comes and stands beside them, thinking that they are going to do some fun.

Swara throws the flower, Ragini moves away and that flower falls on Saraswati aunty’s daughter.
Swasan shocks and goes aside. Balu is booked. Saraswati aunty gets furious on Balu.

Aunty: what is this Balu? I thought you were a nice guy…
Balu: no aunty, I didn’t throw that. Your daughter is like my sister…

Swara comes, aunty I have threw it on sanky. But accidentally fell on her.
Aunty: ok….

Sanskar comes near her, “see, bla..bla.. Happened…”
Swara takes breath. They look for Laksh.
He was searching somebody nervously.
Swara: what is he searching?
Sanskar: where is Ragini?
They see Ragini no where. They go near Laksh.

Balu: don’t panic Laksh, may be she went to home… We will search her here.

Laksh agrees and goes to home. But doors are locked. That means she is not at home. He thinks Kaveri has done something and goes near her flat, but that doors are also locked. He calls to balu’s mobile.
Laksh: is Ragini there…?
Balu: no Laksh, is she not at home..?

Laksh cuts the call in upset. He will be running here and there calling “Ragini…” “Ragini..”

But she is no where, no response. He will go back to hall, everyone will be leaving. But he don’t see her there…

He shouts, “where are you Ragini…!!!”

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  1. Sindhura

    I think ragini should firgive him a little

    1. Astra

      Yes..she will…??

  2. Akshata

    todays episode is outstanding. Though i love ragini more but i have to accept that now i am feeling bed for laksh (puppy face). loved laksh’s reverse psychology really useful. then swara’s lalalala and balu’s bla bla bla, i was laughing so hard. Now i am also so scared,”where are you ragini?”. update soon 😀

    1. Astra

      Haha.. ? Thnq akshata…??
      I will update soon…
      I’m also feeling sad for Laksh.. But soon this pain will over..??

  3. Megha123

    Amazing …..laksh Was Too sweet proposing ragini ???

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    Offo dear, please make them together Na, I want them to understand each other, love each other and trust each other. Btw it was awesome

    1. Astra

      Ok varsha.. They will be together soon..?☺️

  7. awesome update

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  8. Amazing, loved it. Now it’s too much, make ragini accept lakshya.update next part soon.

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      It will happen in next part yar…☺️ Thnq…??

  9. Ohhh amazing ep
    Love rags

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  10. It was a great update. All the RagLak moments were really sweet. Especially how Laksh brought Ragini earrings and how he confessed his love. Hope Ragini is alright. Can’t wait to read more ?❤️?

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      Thnq vey much fats…?☺️?

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  13. Superb Dr…I read previous one….loved it

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  17. plzz ragini has to forgive me now lakshya is going to a lot next part soon

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      I try that..??

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        Will try..

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    Awesome Superb
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    Waiting for the next one……….

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