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Friends, today it’s going to be the big episode. Hope, it won’t bore you…

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Epi 8,

“The sky is covered with clouds, there is the heavy rainfall, that nobody beside is also visible. Ragini, who is wearing a red saree, is playing in that rain… The rain drops are wetting her… While, she is playing.. Laksh comes from behind and lifts her up… He turns around happily holding her in arms…. They have a deep eye lock…”

A sudden thunder storm strikes, Ragini who was in deep sleep awakes and realizes that it was only her dream..
“This is very bad..I want to ignore him, why he is coming in my mind..” She thinks…

Laksh was sitting at balcony having the look at rain. It’s night 8’o clock.. Ragini comes into the hall to prepare coffee for herself. Laksh is just looking at her again. While preparing coffee, accidentally Ragini’s hand get a slight burn. Laksh runs at her, ‘Ragini..’ And holds her hand.

“Can’t you be careful..” He says and applies ointment. Ragini stares at him. Now, he looks at her. He puts his hand on her cheek. He is about to say something, Ragini stands up suddenly, “thank you mr. Laksh ji…”
Laksh gets hurt with her words, but he then asks her, “Ragini, why did you sell your necklace? If you really need money, you could have asked me…”

Ragini: Laksh ji, it is better if you don’t involve in my matters. And I will never depend on you..

Laksh gets angry with her words and he furiously goes out. Ragini looks on…

Meanwhile, at swara’s house,

Sanskar and Balu are playing chess. Swara is seeing it.

Balu: so, you have hided your love matter from us..

Sanskar : however, you expected it right!

Swara: so, Ragini said to you and Laksh, did anything happen in between them at that time,

Balu: anything means?

Swara: something like
Sanskar laughs..

Balu: what is this, bla..bla..bla.. I didn’t get you. But however they fought…
Swasan: what..??

Balu: fight with words, later I came back.

Swara: so, plan didn’t go well, we have to plan something else…

Balu: hey, your parents doesn’t know about your love still right..

Swasan: ya…

Balu: just a minute.. I will make a phone call and come.
Balu goes beside.

Swara: what shall we do sanskar?
Sanskar: I think, this time Ragini is showing attitude…
Swara: she has to show..!! Remembered, how Laksh rejected her.. These boys are like that..
Sanskar: hey.. I’m not like that…
Swara looks at him smilingly… Then suddenly her phone rings. It’s her mom Sumi.
Swara takes the phone, and Sumi starts scolding her.

Sumi: why didn’t you tell me, about your love…

Balu just comes and sits there. Sanskar is looking at her in confusion.
Balu: don’t worry, now your phone also rings.
Just then his phone also rings. It’s sanskar’s mom sujatha.

Sujatha: arey sanskar, thum ne kya kiya…

Balu is laughing looking at them… The phone conversation ends. They both come and look Balu angrily..

Balu: hehe.. What happened..??

Swara: our engagement is fixed..!!

Balu: what..!! With others..??

Sanskar: no idiot, to me and Swara.. They have agreed our love, they fixed our engagement.. It’s in two days…

Swara: yar, you will be silent, and you do everything…

Balu: I said that, to make your love complete…

Balu laughs.. It’s Balu who informs their parents about it…

Laksh just comes there…

Laksh: engagement..really??

Swara: yes lucky, this Balu has done everything…
Sanskar: everybody are coming here itself.. In two days it’s going to be..
Laksh: so, we have many works shopping, etc.. So, Swara,how do you feel..?

Swara puts her head down and blushes in shy..

They three laughs. Ragini just come there. She comes as she felt alone in house, and she wanted to spend with Swara. But already, they four are enjoying…

Ragini: after all, they are friends.. They are always together.. It’s me who is alone..

She thinks and silently comes out. Kaveri is in front of her.
Kaveri: don’t think you are alone Ragini.. I’m with you…

Ragini smiles and goes with her…

Swara: oh.. I have to tell this to ragu also…

She says and rushes out. She looks Ragini going with Kaveri.
“Ragini….” Shouts Swara in excitement, she runs towards her, holds her and dances.

Ragini laughs, “what’s the matter Swara..?”

Swara: Ragini…. My engagement with Sanskar is fixed. Aww.. I’m happy…
Ragini: really…
Ragini hugs Swara…

Swara: ok..come with me to my house. A small party.
Ragini: no Swara, I have small work..
Swara: o..come on ragu..lets go…

Swara takes Ragini to her house. Kaveri looks at them angrily.

Ragini enters into her house. Laksh raise his head and look at her. She comes inside and sit silently without looking at him.
Swara: I have decided a small party now. I want to eat biryani..

Laksh: chalo, let’s bring a parcel.

Swara: I want home made biryani…

Sanskar: but who knows cooking it?

Ragini: ha.. I know, I will cook that for you…
Swara: aww..thnq ragu…

Ragini smiles and goes into kitchen.

Balu: I will help you sis…

He too goes to kitchen.

Swara: aaahh.. I wanted to make ragu and lak together. But what this Balu…
She thinks…
Swara: oye Balu, get some vegetables yar..

Balu: but I think everything is there…

Swara looks in funny anger at him..

Balu: hehe.. I understood. I will go.

Balu goes out.

Swara looks at sanskar. He too understands and says, “till biryani is done, I’m sleeping..” And acts sleeping.
Ragini is busy is cooking. Laksh is looking at her.

Swara: Laksh, prepare some tea for me…

Laksh: what…

Swara: please..

Laksh also goes into kitchen. Swara smiles.

Laksh and Ragini are in same kitchen now. Laksh is looking frequently at her. But Ragini is really busy. But her heart is beating fast.
He prepares tea and give it to Swara.
Swara: ha, Laksh. Sugar is less. Can you get sugar?

Laksh: why don’t You get yourself.

She looks angrily. Ragini hears it and gets sugar box to her.
Ragini: Swara, if you want anything ask me. You don’t need to send him always to kitchen.

She goes to her work again. ‘I’m sorry Swara, I feel bad when he is around..’ Ragini says in herself.
Swara: haha.. Your wife don’t like you doing work…

Laksh with sad tone, “not that, she don’t like if I’m around..” He says. Swasan feel sad. Ragini bends her head. Balu comes back.
Biryani is finished… Everyone enjoys it…

Swara: there are lots of works. I think we have to take leave from office.
San: you know our stubborn boss.. We have to see all works at evening. No leave, nothing.
Ragini: Swara, don’t worry. I will help you in everything.. You need not have to take leave.
Swara smiles.

After the dinner, Ragini and Laksh are returning to their flat. He wanted to talk something, but she turns her face away.
Ragini sits in her room and takes her books out.
“Hmm… Day after tomorrow is my GRE exam, I have to prepare and next day is swara’s engagement. I will be busy with works tomorrow. So, I have to read now..” Thinks Ragini and she will be reading.

It’s mid night. Laksh wakes up to drink water. He looks lights are on in Ragini’s room. ‘What is she doing’ he thinks and knocks her door.
At first Ragini doesn’t open. He knocks again. “Ofo.. What is his problem..?” She thinks and opens the door.

“What..?” She asks angrily.

Laksh: nothing Ragini, why are you awake still.
Ragini: I said, it’s none of your business.

He sees GRE books on her bed. He looks into her eyes. She doesn’t understand. He keeps moving forward looking at her. Ragini heart starts beating fast, and she steps back.
Suddenly Laksh shouts, “lizard…”
Ragini scares at once and holds his hand. “Where..where…” She fears.

Laksh just fools her and starts laughing badly. Ragini upsets with this and shouts.

Ragini: what’s your problem Laksh. Why are you fooling around. Leave me alone..!!
Laksh stops laughing. “I was just joking Ragini. I’m sorry…” He says and goes away silently.

“Did I over react..?” Thinks Ragini.

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  1. Sindhura

    Its a treat to us not boring

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    awesome update, i am so happy, laksh deserves this treatment from ragini. he has got a very small amount of punishment after what he did with her. i know i am bit rude but what to do he has hurted my ragu to the core. loved it, update soon 😀

    1. Astra

      thnq akshata.. 🙂
      but let’s excuse laksh.. 🙂 haha.. poor guy…
      thq dear… 🙂

  3. Shana98

    loved it, as i said i love this ff of your, cant wait to read the next episode.

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  4. Awww it’s soo good…..I love it…..but update next one ….a longer one ….asap

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    1. Astra

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    It was awesome dear, I hope next comes our realisation of our cute couple and romance between them, just waiting for their pair to turn up.

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      1. Varsha

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    Aww……..laksh tantric in the scene was really cool just loved it

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    love rags

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