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Epi 7

Ragini is about to eat it. But someone knocks the door. She hears, “Ragini….” Laksh voice…

“Laksh..!” Amazes Ragini and goes to door. Kaveri tries to stop her, but she goes and opens the door. Laksh was standing before her.

Swasan Balu are coming and they amazed to see Laksh already there.
Sanskar: see, our oil-bulb plan worked out.. He really concerned about her.
Swara: ya…may be…

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and tries to take her away from there, but she pushes his hand.

Laksh: Ragini, you don’t know about that lady. She wants something from you.
Ragini: don’t try to fool me Laksh ji. You won’t be close with me and you don’t let others also to be friendly with me..??
Laksh: don’t harm yourself being angry on me.. All the people know about her here. But we can’t throw her away because we don’t have proof for her deeds. Now, come back to home.

Then Kaveri aunty starts her drama, “hey bhagavan.. Why they are insulting me like this? What did I do?”

Laksh: hello drama aunty, please stop your plays. I know you have something mixed in that kheer..

Swara: wow…Laksh is defending Ragini… How sweet…
Sanskar: but see, Ragini is seemed not interested in him..?
Swara: ha….?

Ragini was trying to remove laksh’s hand while he hold her hand tightly.

Kaveri: you are telling that I have mixed something in this kheer, now see I will eat it…

She eats the kheer, but nothing happens to her.
Ragini: Laksh ji, it’s very bad to hurt others…

Laksh: oh you believe her more than me…right..! You are not going to believe me… If Swara and others say it, then will you agree this?

Ragini: Swara… Oh I completely forgot about about her. She needed my help…

Ragini is rushes to go…

Swara: oh no.. Ragini is co in back.. I have to go back.. If she sees me like this, she will be upset..

Says Swara and she too runs. While running. Swara suddenly steps on the oil and falls down. Ragini who just came there sees her that she is fell and she shouts “Swara..” And runs to her.

Sanskar and Balu runs as they hear Ragini’s shout.

Laksh who is far can’t listen her. He looks at Kaveri and warns her..
“Don’t try to see Ragini again… I will not be good if you do anything to her..”
Kaveri simply closes her door and she feels dizzy as she ate that kheer.

Ragini: Swara, how did you fell? Why did you come out having pain?

Sanskar sees swara’s condition and come near her shouting, “Swara..”

He lifts Swara with his hands and takes her to her house. Ragini is amazed to see that..

Swara will be looking at sanskar in loving way…
Balu will be cleaning the floor, so that there will not be trouble again.

Sanskar takes Swara inside and make her to lay on bed. He starts rubbing her feet. She is just looking at him in passionate way. She suddenly says, ‘ouch..’ In pain..then sanskar puts his hand on her cheek, telling, “hey, don’t worry. You could have walked slowly…”
They both forget that Ragini is beside them.. She smiles looking at them…

Ragini: from how long you have been in love?
Swara and sanskar panics with her words.

Swara: it’s nothing like that Ragini….

Ragini: oo..come on Swara, I understood everything…

Then Swara thinks, a plan to make raglak together… She agrees with her.

Swara: yes ragu.. But we are afraid to tell this to Laksh and Balu..

Sanskar looks at her, “really..?” Swara blinks her eyes.

Swara: can you do me a favor Ragini, will you tell this to them?
Ragini thinks for a while, says ok and leaves the place.

San: why did you tell her like that? However, we are going to revel this today or tomorrow…

Swa: I have did this for them both.. Now Ragini will talk to Laksh about this.. That too love topic.. So, some.. may happen…

San: if happens then ok, but if bla..bla..bla happen?

Swara looks at him innocently, “hmm..?”

Ragini comes out thinking, ” Laksh could also have loved me like that..”

She sees Balu cleaning the floor.
Ragini: why are you cleaning it?

He murmurs, “bcz, i pored oil..”
Ragini: what..??

Balu: hehe, nothing sis, just cleaning so that no one fall again..

Ragini: you are great bhayya.. Come with me.. I have to say you important thing.

Ragini and Balu go to Ragini’s house, Laksh was in the hall, he was looking at the marriage photo of them.
Ragini clears her throat. Laksh look at her.

Ragini: I want to tell you an important thing..
Laksh and Balu look at her.

Ragini: I don’t know how you will feel but, I have to say this. Swara and sanskar are in love with each other…
Laksh amazes with her words.
Laksh: they love each other… I never knew this…

Balu: I have expected this already, their behavior has cleared my doubt. They are in deep love since three years. But, I waited if they will tell..
Laksh: you knew this, why didn’t you tell me?

Balu: I just had a doubt…

Ragini: you are right Balu bhayya, anyone who know the meaning of love can understand it.. But, the stone hearts can’t observe it…
Laksh: excuse me Ragini, what do you mean by that? I’m a stone heart??
Ragini: I didn’t say like that…
Laksh: yes you did…

Balu understands that a fight is going to happen, so he wants to leave.. Then only sky is covered with clouds and it’s about to rain..

Balu: hehe..guys, I’m going now, I have to take the dried cloths. Otherwise they might get wet in rain.
Balu goes away.

Ragini and Laksh are looking angrily each other. Suddenly, a thunder comes.. Ragini scares and hugs him. Laksh is amazed…He is about to put hands around her, but Ragini gets away from him, runs into her room and closes the door.

Laksh looks on.. Then he sees a small paper which came from her room. It was the bill of the necklace which Ragini sold.
“For what Ragini has to sell her necklace.. Why do she need money?” He amazes…
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  1. Shana98

    great, I am in love with your ff… can’t wait for the next episode. x

    1. Astra


  2. Sindhura

    I waited like hell plzz make it long one deae

    1. Astra

      Sure sinduraa…??

  3. awesome, raglak hug scene is cute

    1. Astra

      Thnq lovely…??

  4. Superbbb..,
    Post nxt epi asap..,

    1. Astra


  5. Varsha

    Aww so cute nok jhok been our lovable raglak, they are just amazing together, hope laksh realize the love of ragu n have good time with her…

    1. Astra

      Thnq varsha…??

  6. Megha123

    Awsm bt i think ragu shouldn’t easily forgive laksh hi hihi??? after all he made her feel really bad???

    1. Astra


  7. As usual superb episode dear. Loved it

    1. Astra

      Thnq ammu….???

  8. Superb

  9. Akshata

    loved it, really amazing and funny too. Balu is so innocent, especially that line, “bcz, i pored oil..” hahaha. i liked laksh concern towards ragini, swasan are cute but i love this new ragini who doesnt give a damn about him. update soon 😀

    1. Astra

      Thnq akshata….??? I will try dear..?

  10. nice now loving the way ragini is now lakshya has to do something to get ragini back

    1. Astra

      Yes…he will do..?

  11. Awesome. ……superb..plz update next epi asap…??

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  12. Lovely, amazing. Waiting for next episode.

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  13. Nice

  14. Ruhani

    Awesome yr… Hahaha laksh is concerned abt her.. Oof hate that kaveri.. Swasan is so sweet

    1. Astra

      Thnq ruhani…??

  15. An amazing update Astra. It’s nice to see Laksh fighting with Kaveri for Ragini’s wellbeing. And aww I find Balu so cute. Can’t wait for the next part ?

    1. Astra


  16. superb ff
    love rags

    1. Astra

      Thnq Lisa… 🙂

  17. super. finaly laksh if feeling for ragini . . . . waiting for next epi…

  18. Awesome superb fantastic dear:) 🙂

    Dear sry to say bt i cnt able to comment or read any ffs due to some personal prob… i”ll try to b back soon on telly update till den keep rockng dear. 😉 🙂

    1. Astra

      Thnq dear…??
      It’s okay yar.. ??

  19. Oh… nice update…
    Waiting for next

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