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Laksh is driving the car, this time Swara sits at back seat she is not talking with him. Sanskar who is beside Laksh laughs looking at him and says, “Swara, you know, what Laksh has done morning… He has hugged Ragini… Oh, you have to see his face then…” Sanskar teases him.

Laksh: arey, it’s nothing like that. I was worried what happened to her. That’s it…

Balu: worry comes only when there is love….
Laksh: what you want to say…I’m loving her..? It’s impossible….

Swara: sanky, Balu, there is no need to talk about it with him.. He is just…..

Laksh laughs…and says, “yar.. Look at her face when she is angry….”
Sanskar and Balu laughs… Swara looks at them… They again laugh…

At home, Ragini drags a suit case and takes out a file… She looks at all her certificates. She is always topper in the college. She goes back to past….

“Before the marriage, after completing her engineering she wanted to do her MS in USA. at that time, her parents are seeing matches to her.
Ragini: mom, I want to do ms.. I don’t want to get married right now!

Her mom: but, see this guy. He is very handsome.
Ragini: I don’t want to see anyone…

But she suddenly looks at the photo… It was charming Laksh…

A sudden love happens to her. Her heart melts. She takes the photo in her hand and smiles…
Ragini: mom, I think this guy is better than MS…

Her parents feel happy. Then the marriage is fixed. And she has been married…”

Ragini comes out of her past thoughts.
Ragini: Laksh, I have just betrayed my studies for you. But you betrayed me… I will never excuse you!

She thinks, takes her certificates. She takes her hand bag and goes somewhere.

In office, while working Laksh is keep on thinking about ragu. “Why I’m thinking about that girl..” He thinks. Then his mobile rings. He thinks it might be Ragini, but it’s someone else.

Later, again his phone rings, he lifts and says, “Ragini…instead of hello..” But it’s someone else again. Sanswa see his condition.

Sans: do you think, he is loving her..?
Swa: I’m not understanding too.. But, you said you will plan something…?
Sans: just wait for today evening…
Ragini goes to a gold shop and sells her necklace. While giving it away, she feels sad, as it is given by her parents to her with love… “Mom,dad, I’m sorry, I want money to take couching in GRE. If I ask you, you are not going to agree with me.” She thinks.
Next, she goes to a couching center and pays the money. Later she comes out and suddenly dashes to a lady.
Ragini: oh, I’m sorry aunty ji….

That lady looks at Ragini. Ragini is in saree, There are gold bangles to her hands. And gold rings on her fingers. A beautiful gold chain in her neck.
That lady thinks, “seemed to be a gold mine…”
That lady: it’s okay dear… You are laksh’s wife know…
Ragini amazes with her words.

Ragini: yes aunty ji.. How do you know?

That lady: I’m Kaveri. I live in same apartments. That Laksh and his friends never talk with me.. Laksh is good boy.. But he ignores me…..

Ragini unknowingly says, “and ignores me…”
That lady Kaveri smirks.

Evening, after returning from office the house door is locked. “Where Ragini went?” He thinks. Saraswati aunty gives him keys saying Ragini went somewhere.
Laksh opens the doors and goes inside. He don’t know why, but he goes into Ragini’s room. He looks at the greeting card which has fell down. He takes that into his hands.. Joins the pieces and reads it… “Laksh, you are my first and last love. When my eyes saw you first, they decided you as my love.. And Ragini is for Laksh.. Only for Laksh..”

Tears roll in his eyes. He comes into hall looking at it. Then only Ragini comes to house. Kaveri is beside her. Laksh amazes to see Kaveri with Ragini. Kaveri goes away looking at Laksh…

Ragini sees the torn greeting with Laksh. She silently while going to room,

Laksh: Ragini, why were you with that lady, she is not the good one. She is a bad woman. Don’t be close with her.
Ragini looks at him in rather angry way,

“Tera problem Kay hei Laksh? I will be friendly with whomever I want. Who are you to say that.” She says.

Laksh goes near her holds her arm strongly. Her arm turns red. “Who am I? You don’t know who am I?” He asks with red eyes.
She pushes his hand strongly and shouts, “yes..! Who are you!”
Laksh becomes dumb struck. She closes her room door on his face.

Laksh bends his head and comes back. But, Ragini is crying in the room. Suddenly, Balu comes to Laksh…
Balu: lucky, come with me fast….
Laksh: where….I can’t come now. Leave me alone..
Balu: its emergency… Plz come…

Balu takes him out. He makes him to stand in front of his house door and gives a bulb to his hand.
Balu: lucky, you have to change that bulb.

Swasan are seeing it from a side.

Swara: do you think, this plan gets succeed?
Sanskar: don’t you watch serials.. Girl is about to fall..boy holds her… Then they have eye lock.. Now it’s going to happen here….
Swara: God…..
Sanskar: now, it’s time… Call to Ragini..

Swara says ok and calls to Ragini phone.
Ragini sees swara’s call.

Swara: aww, Ragini…. My stomach hurts…. Come fast… I can’t stand or sit….
Ragini worries and says, “Swara, don’t worry. I will come…” And rushes out.

Laksh: for this, you have to call me..?
Balu: plz yar… I will bring the stool, just wait here….
Laksh: Balu…..

Balu goes away. Laksh will be waiting. Balu joins swasan.
Ragini just comes to that floor. She didn’t see Laksh. Even he didn’t see her. Laksh was looking down. He was just in front of her, but she doesn’t observe.

Swara: now, game starts…

While Ragini is running in hurry, she suddenly steps on oil, (which is pored by those crazy guys)
She skids, and suddenly falls on Laksh who is beside her.

These three guys says “hurray..”

Laksh hold Ragini. And she holds him in fear. She raises her eyes up and see him. He was looking at her in passionate way… They will have a brief eye lock…

But Ragini moves far from him and set herself. She rubs her hands with cloth were he touched. Laksh is just starring at her.

Just then, that Lady Kaveri comes. “Oh Ragini beta, I have prepared tasty kheer for you… Come to my house,….” She says.
Ragini: kheer, I love it. Chalo aunty, let’s go..

Ragini goes with that lady. Swasan and Balu come near Laksh.

Swara: Laksh, why Ragini is going with that stupid woman.
Sanskar: man, she is dangerous. We have to stop Ragini.

Sanskar is about to go, but Laksh stops them.
Laksh: Ragini has said me who am I, to support that woman. She won’t listen to anyone now. Leave her…
Swara: but Laksh, truth is that Ragini don’t know about her…
Laksh: do as you like. But I won’t come…
Swara: you are impossible…

Swasan Balu goes to Ragini…

There Kaveri gives kheer bowl to Ragini. Kaveri has mixed something in that to make Ragini unconscious. She smirks….

Ragini is about to eat the kheer…
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