Lovely friendship-5


Hi guys… I know that you are feeling bad with treatment of Laksh towards Ragini.. But, it is important as per the story… Sorry guys for that.. But it will not be much long…
But… Today it’s going to be a disaster… ?So, plz just bear today’s episode.. Love track of Raglak starts soon…☺️
Bcz, every failure leads to success and every hate leads to love…. But it just takes a bit of time..
Hope, you will accept this epi… Thank you friends… For your support….

Previous epi..

Laksh looks at everyone. They all Look at him, a slight confused what he is going to do. Laksh turns towards his friends and tells,
Laksh: our friendship has started at our 5years of age. We have been friends from 20years… Till today, we never broke up and nothing has shattered our relationship.
They three move their heads agreeing. He turns towards Ragini.

Laksh: and I never let anything or anybody would break our friendship.

Swara understands what he is going to say.
Swara: Laksh, it’s nothing like that…

Laksh: what’s your problem Ragini? They are my friends! They have right to take anything from here and they are allowed here anytime…

Sanskar: but lucky, Ragini never avoided us. You are just misunderstanding. We by ourselves went back.

Laksh: that’s what I’m saying, her behavior is making you guys far from me. Why she need to stay close to me if I don’t love her! Why she has to come into my room.. Why she has to get upset when you eat here….

Swara: stop it Laksh…

Ragini: Laksh, I was then upset. But not now. I said they are my friends too. Why I will try to make them far?
Laksh: Ragini, this is last time I’m telling you. I don’t like you. And don’t try to be close with me.

Ragini hurts with those words and runs into her room and locks her door. Swara feels bad.

Swara: what have you done Laksh! If our friendship is the only reason to hate Ragini,then forget my friendship. I’m not going to talk to you until you accept Ragini.

Says Swara and goes away.
Laksh: Swara…stop…

Sanskar: Swara….
And he follows her.

Laksh: hey Ragini, are you happy now! My friends have gone. This all you needed right!

He shouts. Ragini who is inside crying a lot.. “What did I do..?”

Swara sits on the steps and she will be crying. Sanskar sits beside her.

Swara: has that Laksh gone mad? Why is he doing this to Ragini? He is acting cold hearted.

Sanskar: Swara, did you remember… How Laksh is very stubborn from childhood… If he hates a thing he keep on hating it. And if he love a thing he keep on loving it whether it is right or wrong.
But he never loves something which he hate and he never hate something which he love.

Swara: that means, he keep on hating her? Why girl like innocent Ragini should be a host to such idiot!

Sanskar: I don’t know that.. But we have chance to change Laksh. We have to make him realize what is Ragini to him. He has to know her importance. After all,we are his friends. We have to change our friend when he is doing the mistake.

Swara Puts her head on his shoulder.
Swara: So, what shall we do now?
Sanskar: leave everything to this sanky, he will apply plans now….

From behind, Balu: can I be the partner I this crime?

They three laugh.

Ragini tears the greeting card she prepared in frustration.
Ragini: I have showed much love on him. If he don’t like me, then I will never see his face.

She thinks and sleeps…

Next morning, Laksh wake up and see Ragini’s room is still closed. He goes to bath and comes. Still the door is closed.. He will be getting ready, door is not opened still..
He eats his breakfast looking at the door… He goes near the door and about to knock it. But come back.
He wears his shoes. “She used to wake up early everyday. Why not today? Is it not she….” Laksh thinking like that only, gets nervous and knocks the door.

She won’t open..
He knocks two times…no answer….

Now, his heart beats fast..

“Ragini, open the door.” He shouts. No reply..

Now, the frequency increases.. “. Ragini…Ragini… Open the door… Ragini… Ragini…..” He will be shouting and knocking….

No answer……..
Tears start rolling down from his eyes… “Open the door Ragini…I’m sorry…” His voice gets sadly low….

Suddenly…. The doors get open….. Laksh rubs his eyes and looks straight…

Ragini is standing with tired eyes and her face is all red…

Laksh: Ragini…
Says Laksh and hugs her suddenly…. Ragini gets amazed at first. But, she moves far from him and bends her head.

Laksh: I’m going to office……

He says but she is silent till bending her head. Laksh goes out silently…. Ragini looks on….


Hope you are not getting angry on me…?
Thank you friends.. Plz keep reading….?

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  1. Sindhura

    Not at all now its her turn
    Make her ignore him
    And little big wala update

    1. Astra

      Yes…it’s ragu’s time now..

      1. Sindhura

        Upload next one soon yar

      2. Astra

        I will try dear..

  2. awe rags mera pyara bacha
    love her so much
    btw who is playing balu character

    1. Astra

      Not decided for Balu.. He is new character.

  3. Rasha

    Now it’s getting so much of interest & excellent frnds & now rag looks much better before her behavior..

    1. Astra


  4. Omg laksh how dare u to talk lyk dat wid ma rags??…awww how sweet of swara sanky n balu?dey r really good frndz…n yippeee nw its rags turn…ab maza ayega…nw u jst wait n watch mr.laksh??hehehe sry thora zada wt to do yaar…i m hatng dis laksh..?

    1. Astra

      Haha…?? Thnq u fairy.. For liking it…?

  5. Great update Astra. Although Laksh says he doesn’t like Ragini, he was so concerned for her, how cute. Oh and its gonna be really interesting to read Laksh’s reaction towards Ragini ignoring him. Can’t wait for the next part xx

    1. Astra

      Thnq yar.. I will try to update soon..

  6. Shana98

    Great loved today’s epi.
    Make Laksh realise his mistakes for hurting rags. ??

    1. Astra

      Thnq…? happens..?

  7. Megha123

    Aww…ragu nt again plzz make her as stubborn as laksh if possible plzz bring another character to make laksh jealous plzz

    1. Astra

      Haha… I will try to do that megha…?

  8. now raglak track seems interesting, I’m waiting for next part

    1. Astra


  9. Nice

    1. Astra


  10. Wow superb Dr.
    .its a lovely Ff..
    Loved their friendship and understanding… Feel bad for Ragini… Superb..

    1. Astra

      Thnq yar…??

  11. It was amazing. Waiting for next episode. And plz make it long, plz, plz, plz…….

    1. Astra

      Thnq ammu…? I will make it long..?

  12. Akshata

    now its time for role reversal. its ragini’s turn to ignore laksh completely. make him understand that after marriage, a girl left her everything behind and come with you to share a life with you, adjust herself in the new family, accept u n ur family wholeheartedly, sacrifices her own dreams and if you treats her like nobody then this is surely not acceptable. but coming to the update is really awesome 🙂

    1. Astra

      Yes akshata…you are correct…?? Laksh realizes importance of Ragini…☺️

  13. It’s very interesting dear and eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Astra

      Sure ammu…

  14. Not at all dear episode was good plz post next part soon

    1. Astra

      Thnq ankita…

  15. yaa let ragini ignore lakshya and involve with his friends next part soon

    1. Astra

      Ya done…?

  16. Varsha

    It was good dear, Laksh will understand his mistake and Ragini’s love is soo sweet, want more and more raglak scenes soon

    1. Astra

      Ya sure…?

  17. Hemalattha

    so nice

  18. ManSi Chaterjee

    Try to upload nxt part asap..,

  19. Yashal

    Very nice ??

  20. Yashal

    Very nice ????

  21. Ruhani

    Awesome epi dr.. That laksh is such a jerk.. Ragini should be strong and shouldn’t always obey him…

    1. Astra

      Thq ruhani…? That happens..?

  22. Nami

    Aaha so now it’s ragini’s turn to ignore laksh. It was superb

    1. Astra


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