Lovely friendship-3

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Epi 3

Laksh keeps on looking at Ragini.. Swara waves her hand before him, then he comes to the world.
Swara: wow.. Ragini, looking beautiful…
Sanskar: Yes.. You are…
Balu: I’m hungry..I want to eat anything..

The rest all laugh. Ragini feels happy with their compliments..however she waited for only laksh’s sweet words..
She goes into kitchen to prepare coffee for all of them.. Swara follows her.. She observes Ragini is sad..

Swara: Ragini, don’t feel bad about what laksh did.. He needs time to be friendly with new people..
Ragini: He could have atLeast treat me as human…
A tear falls from her eyes. Swara feels bad about her.
Swara: No ragu, laksh was busy in morning work. He got scoldings from boss for being lazy, that’s why he is upset….
Swara wantedly said like that to make her happy.
Ragini: So,.. He is not angry on me?
Swara: not at all… You know, that idiot is very lazy, so he gets scoldings.
Swara laughs.. And along with her Ragini…

Ragini: Swara, I want to be modern like you.. Laksh like this types of girls.. So, make me as you…
Swara: no Ragini, you be yourself! We should not change for others. A person has to accept you, as you are.
Ragini: hmm..Swara speak much..

Both laugh…
Swara: You are special today… Is it for lucky?
Ragini blushes.
“I have prepared Halwa for him… He likes it much…” Says Ragini…

Swara: that’s super ragu.. He likes it….
Ragini kept the Halwa bowl in hall on table..

They hear Balu and San voices.. “Wow..super halwa yar.. Very tasty..”
Swara shocks and runs towards them.. But it’s too late.. Halwa bowl is empty..?

“Aww..sorry ya.. Nothing left for you and lucky..” Say sanskar giving empty bowl to her.

Swara looks at Ragini, she seems to be upset. Even laksh observes Ragini is upset..

Sanskar and Balu leave the place.. They don’t observe anything.. Swara also silently leaves..

Swara goes near San and Balu..
Swara: what have you done.. Why did you eat all of it..
San: arey, we are hungry so we ate..
Balu: oo.. Are you upset that we did not left anything to you?

Swara: stop it ya.. Ragini has prepared it for Laksh..
San: laksh won’t feel bad.. Ragini will prepare again for him…
Swara: yar.. Here problem is not halwa.. You shouldn’t be free with laksh as before. Because..he is a married man now..he has his own family. Before you take anything from his house, you have to ask Ragini… It’s better if you won’t take anything.

San and Balu are silent.
Swara: did I say much..?

Balu: these many changes happen after marriage? Can’t we be friends anymore?
Swasan are silent.

Balu: if this is going to happen, I never get married. I want my friends. Swara, Sanskar, do one thing… You both get married.. Then there won’t be any problem.. !!

Swasan shock at once with his words. But later laugh to cover up the situation.

Later Ragini thinks in herself… “I couldn’t have get upset. If they are laksh’s friends.. Then they are my friends too.. Swara has observed that I was upset.. Don’t know how she felt..”

She decides to call them for dinner.. She wanted to speak with laksh but she felt afraid. She was walking in her room, she surprised to see laksh standing at the door. He comes towards her. She bends her head.

Laksh: sorry Ragini, I was rude this morning.. I don’t know why I did so…
Ragini: No problem laksh ji.. I’m not thinking about it…
Laksh: just laksh.. So….
Ragini: I want to call our friends to dinner… Can I?
Laksh feels happy with her words…
Laksh: Ragini, what did you say just now, our friends! Aww.. I’m happy.. You said them as friends. You know, my friends are important to me.. I don’t want to lose them at any circumstances. I was just afraid this morning that you might be the reason for our parting.
Ragini: why, I would do that laksh.. I want you to be happy always… Because I….

She stops there and says in herself, “love you..”

Laksh: okay, I will call them and invite..
He goes to the door and says again to her, “Ragini, you are looking beautiful…” He goes away..

Ragini blushes in happiness and shy….

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  3. Ragini is amazing, raglak scenes are cute

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  4. awesome and love the friendships bonds between them next part soon

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  5. awesome episode dear

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  6. nice but i want ragini to give attitude to laksh
    anyways love ur ff love rags and teja

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  7. Akshata

    ragini is such a wonderful person and she is right laksh could have treat her as a human. but update is really nice.

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    it ws nice, supr. swaragini bonding n swasan raglak pairing is so sweet dear, update next one soon

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    Superb dr.. Aww ragini is so caring n swara too

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    Very nice and a very nice bonding between them ???

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  16. Lovely update. I really like the characters of Ragini and Swara. Its sweet how Ragini gets happy with the smallest of things such as a compliment. And Swara’s care is really adorable xx

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