Lovely friendship-12

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Ragini turns back and look at Laksh. Laksh is seeing her. Ragini leaves her luggage there itself and come near Laksh to hug him..
But, there is a glass in between them. Ragini can’t come out side. They can reach only shoulders. Ragini puts her hands around his neck.
Ragini: laksh, at least tell now. I can come back. Once if I go into immigration, I can’t come out.. Laksh, I will come back.

Swara: yes Laksh, ask her to come back…

Laksh takes Ragini’s face nearer to his face. Ragini has closed her teary eyes. Their heads and noses are touching. Laksh is looking at her.
“Ragini, just a time span of two years..just bear that pain… I will be waiting for you…” He says.

“I hate you Laksh..” She says and kisses his cheeks. Laksh is about to kiss her back, but she starts leaving.
Everyone wave hands to her. Ragini enters into immigration, she is invisible now.. As soon as she gone, a flood of tears comes from laksh’s eyes. Ragini who finishes her check in also, starts crying.
There are so many to console Laksh. But Ragini is weeping alone. The flight takes off.. Ragini leaves india.

Laksh after returning to house, feels alone. “It is my punishment for betraying you at first Ragini, if I could have accepted you then itself, we couldn’t have this painful parting..” He thinks..

To make him normal, swasan Balu are always around him.

Ragini stays in relatives house at usa. Everyday, she talks in phone to Laksh and his friends. Ragini starts her hard work to study. If she does hard, she can complete ms in a year and return to Laksh. So, her intention is to return in one year.
Like this two months were passed….

Ragini is calling in a phone to someone.

Ragini: why Laksh is not lifting the call..?? Hmm, I will ask Swara.

She calls to Swara.

Swara: hai ragu, Laksh is actually busy in some work. So, he don’t take calls till evening.

Ragini: I will be busy when it’s evening to you… Then when to talk..?? Ok, ask him to call me when he is free…
Swara: ok Ragini, take care.

Ragini won’t feel happy until she talk with Laksh. She calls him the next day also, but he won’t lift the phone. She gets same response that he is busy.

Ragini goes to college in upset manner only. While she is walking on the road, someone whistles at her. She ignores it and starts going away.. Again, the same person, “hey beautiful indian girl…” Shouts.
This time she gets angry and turns back. She is at once surprised, shocked and felt veryyyyy happy…. She at once ran towards him. It’s none other than…. Laksh…

Ragini: aap yahaa..??

Lakshi: kyo.. I have just came for you.

Ragini is still surprised. “But, how…when..??” She asks.

Laksh: on the part of company’s work, they sent me here. Actually, I won’t have come. But, I have come just for you….
Ragini feels very happy and holds his hand, puts her face on his shoulder. They are walking together.

Ragini: so you wanted to surprise me, that Swara also didn’t tell me anything. Hmm, that’s why you didn’t lift your phone for two days…
Laksh: ya… That’s my paln..

Ragini holds his hand even more tightly..
Ragini: how many days you are going to stay here..?

Laksh: I’m going back in one week…

Ragini shocks and Looks at him in sad way..
He laughs…

Laksh: don’t worry, I have to stay here for eight months…

Ragini: that’s super dooper. I will complete my ms in eight months. After taking convocation we can leave together. I’m really missing Swara, sanskar and Balu.

Laksh: so, you aren’t missing me…??
Ragini: not yet all… I love my friends more than you..
She laughs. He looks at her innocently. She laughs again.

Laksh: hey I forgot to tell you, balu’s marriage is fixed. Guess with whom.. It’s uttara…

Ragini amazingly, “really, with sanky’s sister. I’m very happy. Then why dint you tell me..”

Laksh: I wanted to give you surprise after coming here. Balu is just waiting for us. He won’t do even engagement it seems, till we come back. Even sanskar’s parents agreed.

Ragini gets her eyes teared. “Hey…” Says Laksh and wipes her tears.

Ragini: I’m really feeling fortunate to get such friends.,.
Laksh: yes…ours is a lovely friendship….

They both are walking on road together……
Eight months have finished. Ragini completes her ms, she receives her convocation. Even Laksh finishes his work there… They both return back to India.

As soon as they come, balu’s and uttara’s marriage is fixed. They celebrate the marriage grandly.
Now, they aren’t four friends, they are six now. They are happily leading lives together.

Ragini is standing in balcony, she is pouring water to plants.
Laksh comes and wears a necklace around her neck. Ragini gets surprised looking at it. It is the one which she sold, Laksh gave it that day to surprise her. She hugs him, and in his ears she tells, “I love you prince…”. He takes her near even more tightly, and he kisses on her cheek… Ragini blushes…

…………….the end……..

Guys..this is the end of the story… I’m so happy with all your comments and feedback. I hope you liked this ff… Thank you very much friends…..
I will come with new ff soon.. Miss you dears…


  1. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    The end????? are you serious???? why so early yaar. this is one of my fav ff. at least give us an epilogue. coming to the update really awesome, loved it and yes come back soon, i am waiting…… πŸ˜€

    • Astra



      Sry it end it here dear..😊
      Thank you so much akshata…😊😊
      I will come with other ff soon…

    • Astra



      Thnk you varsha…😊😊 I have to end it here yar..
      I will come soon with Raglak ff..☺️

  2. Rasha


    |Registered Member

    Why did u end this so soon not fair dear.. but it was awesome ff so come back with other beautiful ff..

  3. Fats

    It was a lovely ending Astra ❀️❀️. It’s nice Ragini completed her studies and Laksh supporter her in this. All the RagLak moments in this FF were really nice. Thank you so much for writing this πŸ’• xx

  4. rabia

    Omg it was soooo good and u finished it so early….for fair yar….but I hope to see u again soon with another ragalk storyyy plzzz good luck dear

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