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Raglak stay in that position for few minutes. Ragini gets relaxed. Laksh get free from her and stand near window. She will be looking at him.

Laksh: studying MS was your dream right, Ragini…

Ragini: how do you know about it Laksh.. That was my dream.. But not now..

Laksh: why not now..?

Ragini: I wanted to do MS before marriage, but later I wanted to marry you instead of doing MS.
I wanted to resume my dream again, after your betrayal towards me. Now, you have changed, this what I wanted Laksh, I love you, more than MS…

Laksh: dreams are not the one which are supposed to leave for something. Can you be happy without succeeding your dream,,?

Ragini: no way, but you are my dream Laksh… If you are with me, I want nothing else.. That’s why, I wanted to marry you instead of studying abroad.

Laksh: so, you were angry on me and you wanted your studies. Now, I’m with you, you don’t need that… If any other day we fight again…?

Ragini looks him shockingly.

Laksh: I’m not telling that we will fight, but in future you shouldn’t think, that you left your dream education for me. That day you may get upset on me…

Ragini: no Laksh, I will never think like that….you are everything to me…

Laksh: even you are everything to me Ragini… I have neglected you before, but later I have started loving you with deep heart.

She looks at him emotionally.
Laksh: you have sacrificed your dream for me. That is the proof for your love. Now I will give back your dreams to you. That will be proof of my love….

Ragini couldn’t control anymore and runs to him, hugs him tightly.
“I’m sorry Laksh, I have hurt you many times…”

“I made you sad, you made me sad, hissa barabar.. Now, leave that matter..” He says.

“But Laksh, I don’t want to go US. I don’t want to leave you.” She says.

“It is just two years Ragini,.. Is your visa interview tomorrow?” He asks.

“But, how do you know, Laksh?”

“I know everything, after all I’m in love with you…” He leaves the hug. “Get ready with all documents…” He says and goes away. Ragini looks on…

Swara: have you gone mad Laksh, you want to send her abroad!!

San: kya yar.. You have struggled to gain her love, now again…

Laksh: it is her dream, let it get fulfilled.

Swara: can you stay without her..?

A tear drops from his eye… “I can’t, but I have to. If I say this, she will never go. So, I have to be strong before her…” Says Laksh.

Swasan houses are busy with all marriage arrangements. Within one week, the marriage day is going to come.
Balu: arey lucky, from when you have been loving her this much??

Laksh laughs and tells, “the first time when I saw her, but Later I realized that I love her. That day, when she did not open the doors for long time..I was really worried. As soon as she opened the doors, I felt hell happy.. I’m an idiot, I could have realized it earlier.”

Sanky: yes your are idiot…
San and Balu hug Laksh.
Swara looks them with teary eyes.

Ragini listens everything. They didn’t see her.

Next morning,

Ragini is doing puja, “hey krishna, I’m just attending interview for Laksh. Please, don’t grant my visa…” She prayed in herself.
Laksh just comes, “hmm..are you praying to God, not to grant visa..?”

Ragini: how did you know that.

Laksh comes and twists her cheeks. “Rags, don’t act. Promise me that you will do interview well” Ragini looks at him with a puppy face, and says ok.. Laksh smilingly take her near, and kissed on her head.

Swasan Balu says her all the best. Raglak leave to visa office. Swasan are busy in marriage works.
Ragini goes inside the office. “I’m just doing this for you Laksh.” She thinks. Laksh will be waiting for her. After 2 hours she comes out with teary eyes.

Laksh: what..??visa not approved..??

Ragini looks at him cries and goes aside. She sits under a tree.

Laksh: what happened ragini?

Ragini: I got visa. I’m going to do MS..

LAKsh: wow..then that’s a happy news.

Ragini stands up and starts beating him.
Ragini: happy news..ha..happy news..???
Laksh: hey hey ragu, stop. Everyone are seeing us.

Ragini sits again and starts telling in upset tone, “laksh, I really don’t want to leave you..”

Laksh sits beside her, “hey, tell me. If I was still angry with you, you could have accepted right..!” He asks.

Ragini puts her head on his shoulder. “I wanted to go, but I don’t wanted to leave you.. I want you.. I have to be with you.. I don’t want to part from you..”she says.

“Just 2 years Ragini, a small time.. Let’s adjust..” He says rubbing her head.
The marriage arrangements of swasan are going on very fastly. Here, Ragini’s U.S. Trip. Ragini is busy with both works. Ragini’s flight is just after two days of swara’s marriage.

Ragini wished the time should go slow, but the time went fast as seconds. The marriage day has come…
It’s their friends marriage. Raglak and Balu danced very much. Raglak didn’t show their pain out, as they don’t want to upset function.. But they are worried in themselves. Laksh and Balu danced as they like in Bharaat.. Swasan laughs at them.
Marriage is over….

Now, time for packing of Ragini’s luggage. Swara is helping her to pack suitcase. She sees all traditional dresses only.

Swara: arey ragu, you are going to america now. Why don’t you wear modern dresses.

Ragini: you have said me know Swara, that we shouldn’t change for others… That’s why, I will be myself where ever I go….

Swara hugs her emotionally. “Miss you Ragini..” She says crying.

Just then San Balu enter there.

San: started emotional drama now, don’t cry now, floods will come.
Swaragini laughs, wiping their tears.

Balu: here, we have brought package of pickles and some food items.
San: they will help you in America.

Ragini: where is Laksh..??
Sanskar, Balu go in search of him. Laksh was sitting on the swing, and he was weeping.

San: lucky, don’t cry as a baby..

Laksh: I can’t give farewell to Ragini. I miss her…

Balu: if you don’t want to miss her, then why are you sending her..?

Laksh: I need not repeat again…
Sanskar puts his hand on his shoulder. “Lucky, stay strong. If you are like this, how can Ragini handle the situation?”
Balu: a strong man is strong lover….

Sanlak laugh with his words. Three of them hug together.

Laksh return to his house. He is surprised to see, the house is decorated in candle light. Only candle light is illuminating. Rest all dark. In between them Ragini is in golden color gown. She is looking at him.
They are alone.. He closes the door and comes near her.
Laksh: you are looking as a princess, Ragini…
Ragini smiles.

Ragini: can I ask you something Laksh…
He moves his head.
Ragini: I fulfilled your promise. Now, it’s your turn. May I have dance with you Prince..

Laksh smiles, puts his hand on her waist, and other hand in her hand. Ragini moves close to him and puts her other hand on his shoulder.
They are moving their steps gently..along with music… They have deep eye lock.

Later Laksh, hugs her from back.

Ragini: Laksh, I will be leaving tomorrow night, what you will do from tomorrow?
Laksh: hmm..hmm.. I will celebrate everyday, that you left.

Ragini turns back and beats him. He laughs. Later they have deep hug.
Next morning,
Ragini wakes up. Laksh who was already awake, starts making all the arrangements for travel.

Ragini: you are very enthusiastic to send me away, right..!

Laksh sits on the big suitcase. “Yes..! To see my wife as master in science. Wow, Laksh.. Husband of Ragini(M.S)” he says and laughs.
But Ragini sadly goes inside. Ragini’s parents also come. Raglak doesn’t get chance to talk with each other, as everyone is around. Whenever they come straight to each, they talk with eyes.

Evening, everyone goes to the airport. Ragini is crying. Laksh is just smiling at her. She hugs her parents, Swara. Sanskar Balu give her shake hand.

At last Ragini, looks at Laksh. He kisses on her forehead. She hugs him cries badly. Then she takes her luggage, goes at the entrance of immigration.

She turns back and sees Laksh..

Now friends., what shall I do? Shall I send Ragini away to US or make her to come back…??

Plz comment guys..give feedback…?

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  1. send her away to us
    love rags

    1. Astra

      Hahaha..?? Lisa…. Hmm..let’s see..

  2. Plz dont send her away plz plz plz…….

    1. Astra

      I will try yar…??

  3. now plzz make her comeback give some raglak next part soon

    1. Astra

      Hmmm… I will try that Nikki…??

  4. Fouzarshi16

    Decision is up to u my dr

    1. Astra

      Haha…?? Done..?

  5. Sindhura

    Me to confused dear
    What ever you will rock

    1. Astra

      Thnq sinduraa…??

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  6. Megha123

    Awsm part btw Send her away coz they say say na that distance make their love stronger ……hehehe ??? & would be happy whatever ur decision is

    1. Astra

      Yes ur right..?? Thnq megha..?

  7. Varsha

    I agree wid megha, snd hr n jus shw thm partd away fr 2 r 3 n shw their scene ma, n its upto ur wish n btw 2days epi ws awsm raglak united aftr misundrstndin

    1. Astra

      Thnq so much varsha….???

  8. Loved it and waiting for next

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      Thnq ammu..??

  9. Shana98

    Send her. Can’t wait for after two years to see their love. ❤️❣

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  10. hey why dont you make both ragini and laksh go to US, ragini for studies nd laksh for business project…

    1. Astra

      U hav expected correctly…???✋

  11. Send her… I can imagine a love triangle so it adds drama.

    1. Astra


  12. Nice update Astra. Awww it’s so nice to see RagLak together loving each other. Their dance, hugs and kisses were so sweet ?. And it’s so nice to see Laksh wanting Ragini to pursue her education. Can’t wait for the next part xx

    1. Astra

      Thq u very much fats..??

  13. SPP

    Ur wish DEAR
    Waiting for the next one………..

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      Thank you..??

  14. Don’t send her….plzzz…instead send them for honeymoon…

    1. Astra

      Haha..? Will see yar..

  15. Akshata

    of course send her away, its her dream, let her fulfill it. As they said, ” absence makes the heart grow fonder.” agree with foreinglady make some excuse and send laksh also :p. coming to the update awesome as usual 😀

    1. Astra

      Haha…?? I agree with you dear..??

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  16. Ruhani

    Send her to us.. As long distance relationship will make their love stronger

    1. Astra

      Ur right ruhani…?

  17. Pls dont send her away.

  18. Superb

  19. Awesome and please don’t separate raglak

  20. Amazing amazing update dear…. Fabulously written. Very very interesting and I think u should send her to US …hahaha I really want them to crave for each other ??

    1. Astra

      Haha.. Sure rabia… Thnq…..

  21. Hemalattha


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      thank you….

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