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Epi 10

Ragini is no where, Laksh is shattered, he falls on his knees, starts crying putting his hands on his face.

Then he hears a drunken voice, “oho..Laksh where are you…??”
Laksh raises his head up. Ragini is sitting in a swing and seeing here and there. She is acting very childish. Laksh runs towards her. She sees Laksh and tries to stand, but about to fall, then Laksh holds her.

She looks at him and laughs, hehe.. Drink smell come from her.

Laksh: did you drink?

Ragini: what Laksh, I drink everyday… Water and milk….

She laughs and staggering.
Ragini:: : Laksh, why are you moving like that, stand properly…

Laksh raises her up in his arms. He will be taking her to home.
Ragini: Laksh, are we flying in sky..?

Laksh: yes….

Ragini: oh… I really fly everyday in sky, whenever I think of you.
Her voice is as drunken voice. Laksh will be straightly taking her to home. She will be playing with his cheeks sometimes, and gives flying kisses to him…

Ragini: oh Laksh, I love you very much you know… You know how much.. This… muchhhh…
She says and stretches her hands as long as she could.
“But you don’t love me this much also know,” she says showing a pinch.

Laksh is silent. He takes her to her room and make her to sleep. While he is about to go, “Laksh, why are you going away… ? Stay with me….” She says beating him with her soft hands.

Laksh sits beside her. She hugs him and puts her head on his chest.
Ragini: I love you soooo much Lakkshh..

Then Laksh rubs her head and asks, “then why did you ignored me many times..?”

Ragini: when did I? You have ignored me know… You only said that you don’t love me..

Laksh: I have said it only twice, but you ignored me many times…

Ragini: oh really, I did so…. I’m choo chorry lakchh..
She says and she kisses on his cheeks.

Laksh smiles.
She goes into unconscious state dreaming, “Laksh..”

Laksh make her to sleep and he kisses on her forehead. He sits on the floor he puts his head on bed, holds Ragini’s hand. He will be looking at her, till he fall asleep.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh is holding her hand. He sat on floor. She suddenly grabs her hand. Then he too wakes up. He sees her and about to go close to her, but she moves back, she is in confusion and fear.
Laksh goes out silently, but with a smile on face. “What happened to me…?” She thinks.

Laksh sees the earrings were not there on table. He understands that Ragini is wearing them. “Why do you lie do love me…but you are not saying that…” He talks in himself.
“But… We didn’t supply any drink in yesterday party… Then how did she drink..?” Doubts Laksh and goes to sanskar’s house.

Ragini wakes up, she takes a shower and get ready. Then only someone knocks the door… It’s Kaveri.
Laksh goes to sanskar.

Sanskar: what, a drink. It’s impossible.

Laksh: that’s why. We will see the video, who has smuggled drink inside and Ragini drank it being unaware of it.

Swara and Balu also come there. They will play the video.

Kaveri is talking with Ragini,

Kaveri: Ragini beta, my husband is not feeling well. We need money for his operation.
She says and sheds crocodile tears.

In the video, one lady, who has veil on head, brings cool drink near Ragini. She has only, one glass in the tray. Ragini takes it and drinks it. After drinking it, Ragini feels dizzy, she goes out the hall.

Balu: the cc camera might have recorded outside, let’s ask owner about it.
They go to the apartment owner.

Kaveri: Ragini, help me… It’s only you, who can help me. Until I pay the fee, the operation will not start.
Ragini: aunty ji, don’t cry. I will help you. I too don’t have money now. I will bring my bangles.
Kaveri smirks.

Laksh and his friends see the cc footage. Ragini comes out of the hall and she sits on swing, she will be swinging. Then Kaveri is about to kidnap her, then itself, Laksh comes… All that happens….

Laksh gets furious on Kaveri.
Laksh: that stupid woman, I won’t excuse her now…

Swara sees from window, Kaveri is taking Ragini somewhere.
Swara: Laksh, Kaveri is taking rags somewhere….

Laksh too sees it… He shouts, “Ragini..” But she don’t hear.

Then Laksh jumps from their floor to down floor. “Laksh….” His friends shout.

Laksh gets up, his knee and elbow is hurt.

“Ragini stop….” He shouts running behind the auto. But she didn’t see him. Laksh takes his car and soon follows them.
Swasan and Balu also come in other car.

Kaveri takes Ragini to a house.
Ragini: aunty, we are supposed to go to hospital…
Kaveri: we have to take uncle from here, come..
She says and drags Ragini strongly inside.

Someone locks the door from out. Ragini shocks. Kaveri laughs weirdly.
Ragini: what is this…!!

Kaveri: give all the gold, and silently leave from here. Or I will kill you.

Ragini: if you wanted gold, you could have taken there itself, why you need to play drama…
Kaveri: there Laksh or someone will come to save you. Here, no one comes..!!

But suddenly, they hear police horn. Kaveri scares. In that house, there are Many smuggled items and some goons. Police arrive there all of sudden.
They come and start arresting everyone. They are about to arrest Ragini also.

Ragini: sir, I don’t have any relation with this. This lady has cheated me…

Kaveri: no inspector, that girl is in our team.
Ragini shocks with her answer. Ragini is trying to tell police. They are about to put handcuffs to her. Then itself, Laksh comes over there.
Ragini feels happy looking at him.

Laksh: sir, she is my wife Ragini. I’m Laksh, software engineer in Google. She don’t have any relation with this. That lady Kaveri is a cheater. You can enquire in our apartment, everyone knows her history.
Police: mr.laksh, but your wife is spotted her red handedly.

Laksh: no sir, Kaveri has brought her here, telling some reasons. She is back of my wife from many days.
Police: but we need proof to believe anything.

Swara: there is proof inspector..!
Just then swasan Balu come. Balu shows him video. Inspector releases Ragini, and he arrests Kaveri and her gang. They all leave.

Ragini looks with teary eyes towards Laksh and his friends. She runs towards them. Laksh opens his hands to take her near. But Ragini goes and hugs Swara. She cries badly. Swara consoles her. Sanskar puts hand on Laksh, as he missing Ragini.
They all return to apartment silently.

After reaching apartment,
Swara sat beside Ragini, and she was crying still.

Swara: it’s over ragu. Don’t worry.
San and Balu are silently looking. Laksh is walking here and there in frustration.

Laksh shouts, “you don’t believe me just wanted to believe that lady. If you could have believed me, all this have not happened.”
Ragini trembles when he shouts.

Swara: Laksh, be calm…

Laksh: why should I? If we are late, just imagine what could have happened..

Ragini then stands up and starts saying in crying voice, “then what should I do..? I felt extremely alone, when you rejected me. I wanted a friend. Swara and others are with you, but who is with me..? That’s why I did friendship with her. Who knows, she is a bad woman..”

Laksh: but, I said you know Ragini…

Ragini: I didn’t wanted to believe you, I was anger at you….

Ragini was still crying. Laksh goes near her, he takes her near and wipes her tears. He kisses on her forehead and hugs her. Ragini too sticks in his hug. She closed her eyes, putting her head on his chest.

Swara: it’s settled, let’s go away….
Swasan Balu leaves from there silently.

Precap: Ragini gets student visa…


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