My Lovely Dreamland (SS) by AngelAshu (Part-1)


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So lets starts Part-1 of #My_Lovely_Dreamland

This is a story of girlwho are always watching dreams(Sapne) in her sleep

And sometimes she getting some type of flashes..

Sometimes her flashes becomes true also..

She always confused about her dreams and flashes…

She never wants perfect life.. she always wants happy life with her happy family..

She loves music and books a lot.. she doing masters now

What will be her future??

Which type games playing her destiny with her..??

What about her dreaming after entering some guy(dream boy) in her life..??

This girl is none other.. she is Swara Gadodia

And lets know about our hero..

A guy which always want live his life as he want..

And he never want to hurt anyone..

Joy full person and always doing fun with family and friends..

Always keeps his heart happy..

He recently joined in her family business..

Handsome.. dashing looks..

Loves music and spend some time in his music room in day..

He always thoughts music is his relaxation..

Always want to enjoy each and every moment in his life..

And responsible young man.. with little angry..

After girl entering in his life.. what will happen..??

What about his future with her..??

Both have common likes.. in few things opposite also..

Then, how they both (Swasan) will meet..

How their destiny meets each other and makes fall for each other..

So, lets starts story..

It was a beautiful morning..

At Mumbai..

Gadodia Mansion (GM) :

A girl sleeping peacefully on bed in her room..

Blanket coved her half body.. (from foot till tummy)

A little smile visible on her face while sleeping..

It means she busy in her some happy dream.. haha

Some sun rays fallen on her angelic face.. which makes her dream disturb..

she opened her big and attractable eyes slowly.. still smiling..

she woke up and removes blanket..

she seated properly on bed and doing some prayer to god..

she joins her both palms.. closed eyes with smile..

She start praying..

** Oh god, makes my day happily without hurting anyone..

thanks a lot for giving me a new morning in my life**

she opened her eyes..

at that time shomi came there..

Shomi: good morning Shona..

Swara: (goes to her mom and share a hug) very good morning maa..

Shomi leaves a peak on swaras forehead..

Shomi: today no college na..

Swara: yes maa..

Shomi: then whats todays plan..

Swara: ummmm (thinking) first I want to go park for jogging as daily..

After that..

Shomi: after that..??

Swara: soch kar btaungilol.. (will think and tell)

Shomi: u will never change na.. (touching swaras ear)

Swara: maa park calling me.. I have to gohahaha

Shomi: haha shona.. go..

Swara wore jogging dress, took her mobile and water bottle and leaves for park..

She reached park..

She meets with her friend Ashu there..

Swara: heyyy ashu.. good morning..!!!

Ashu: good morning Swara..

Both share a hug..

Both start bak bak while jogging..

Swara: whats ur plan for today..?

Ashu: borning yaar.. I hate holidays.. ufff

Swara: even mee too yaar.. am missing my college fun in this two days of holidays..

Ashu: yeah.. so, whatsup..?

Swara: today evening am going to some Ashram.. u wanna join with me..??

Ashu: why not.. I love to spend my time with children..

Swara: so.. done..

Ashu: hmm done..

Ashu: acha.. now tell.. what was last night dream..??

(Swara always shared her dreams and flashes with her bestie Ashu)

Swara: how strange dream it was yaar..

She start explaining her dream


Swara buying some bouquet…

Some little boy came there and gives a slip (a chit.. I mean little folded paper) to her..

She was about to ask boy ran from there..

She tries to find boy.. but vain

Am opening slip..

*** DREAM ENDS ***

Ashu: acha.. whats matter in that slip..

Swara: I didnt read that..

Ashu: why

Swara: I was about read.. sun rays disturbed me..

Ashu: ohhhooo swara.. how lazy girl u are

Swara: meee???

Ashu: when u got slip.. first of all u want to read that na..

Swara: but yaar.. I was searching that little boy who gave me slip and ran from me..

Ashu: but first u wanna read that slip na yaar..

Swara: but I want to know, who was send that slip for me na..

Ashu: see now.. u missed that slip reading opportunity.. if u didnt waste ur time and start read.. it will not happens na..

Swara: ashu I was in dream yaar.. nothing was in my hands..

Ashu: next time read slip without thinking about sender okk..??

Swara: okkk baba.. if that dream will repeat.. I will read quckily without thinking and searching.. okk

Ashu: hmm thats like my Swara..

Both start burst out laughing

All staring Swara and ashu..

Ashu: okk.. u pick up me evening here bye

Swara: okk.. c u..

They both reaches their homes..

Swara entered into GM..

Shomi: shona u came..

Swara: yes maa..

Shekhar came there..

Swara ran and hugs him..

Swara: good morning papa..

Shekhar: good morning beta.. (peaks her forehead)

Shekhar: jogging done??

Swara: hmmm..

Both seated in sofa with side hug..

Shomi looks them and smiles..

Shekhar: so, whats planning for today..

Swara: want to go Ashram to spend some time with children..

Shekhar: alone..??

Swara: ashu coming with me..

Shekhar: then okk..

Swara: but we are going evening..

Shekhar: then.. what about morning..

Swara: fun with family.. hahaha

Shekhar: very good.. hahaha

Ragini and dadi came from upstairs..

Ragini came to swara and shekhar

Ragini: morning papa.. morning swara..

Shekhar: (peaks her fore head) morning beta..

Dadi seated in front of shekhar..

Ragini seated another side of shekhar..

Swara rushes to dadis side..

She hugs dadi (while seated)

Swara: daadddiiiiii

Dadi hugs back with much affection

Dadi: when u came from park

Swara: hmm.. just..

Dadi: have some breakfast..

Swara: no dadi.. wanna fresh up.. after that breakfast..

Dadi: okk.. go and fresh up.. we all are waiting for u..

Swara went upstairs…

She takes shower and came near to mirror..

Took remote and plays some songs

She drying her wet hairs..

Swara singing songs in low voice.. while doing her work..

She makes her hairs dry..

She wore white coloured chudidar with a little worked with green lace and stones..

Swara singing song..

Swara: bahaaraa.. bahaara.. hua dil pehli bar hai (bahara from I hate love stories)

She wore her platinum pendent chain..

She wore her bangles..

She left her hairs open..

Swara offs music and went downstairs for breakfast..

She did lots of fun with her family while doing breakfast..

At evening..

Ashu calls Swara..

Swara: haa ashu..

Ashu: Swara.. am ready.. waiting for u..

Swara: okk.. me coming..

Ashu: hmm.. bye..

Swara: bye..

She cuts call..

Swara: maa.. now I have to leave ashu is waiting for me..

Shomi: okk beta.. take care..

Swara smiles..

Swara: (to dadi) dadi.. am going to Ashram with Ashu.. will come after some time..

If u want something from out.. tell me.. I will bring for u..

Dadi: (smiling) no beta.. if I want something.. I will text u.. u go and enjoy..

Swara: (smiles) okk bye..

Swara was about to leave.. ragini called her from back..

Swara turns back..

Swara: haa ragini..

Ragini: (paasing swaras guitar) u forget ur guitar..

Swara: (share a hug with ragini) aww thank u..

She took her guitar and leaves..

She pickups Ashu at park and reached Ashram..

Swara and ashu gives chocolates to children..

Some lady (working at ashram) came there..

Swara: Namaste aunty..

Aunty: Namaste beta

Ashu: how r u aunty..

Aunty: fine beta.. and u both..??

Ashu and swara looks each other and smiles.. said in same voice..

Swara & Ashu: always fine..

Aunty: always be happy beta.. glad to c u both here..

Swara: aunty.. I wanna spend some time with chidren..

Aunty: nice beta..

Ashu: okk.. aunty.. can we take children to back garden..

Aunty: (smiles) okk beta.. take care..

Swara and ashu took children to garden (a place decorated with flowers plants at back side of Ashram)..

Ashu makes all children seated..

Swara touching flowers with her palm while smiling..

Garden beside of road..

So, who are traveling at road..

They can see what happening in garden.. but cant c properly.. coz of plants..

Ashu calls Swara..

Ashu: Swaaarrrraaaaa

Swara: yes commingggg

Swara and ashu did some fun with children..

Some time passed..

Weather start changing..

Wing going little fastly..

Such a awsme weather.. its evening time.. 5pm..

Clouds moving at sky slowly..

Children asks Ashu and swara to sing something..

Swara: (passing guitar) ashu u first..

Ashu took guitar and start playing guitar and singing..

Haaaa aaa oooo aaaa

Main jaan ye vaar du..

Har jeet bhi haar du..

Keemat ho koi tujhe

Be inthahaa pyaar du

Saari hade meri.. ab maine tod di..

Dekar mujhe pata aawaargi ban gayi

Haan hasi ban gayi haan name ban gayi..

Tum meri aasmaan.. meri zameen ban gayi

Aaa aaa ooo oooo aaaa aaaa

All start clapping..

Ashu: Swara.. now u..

Swara: oookkkk..

Swara start singing while playing guitar..

Kehte hai kudha ne iss jahan me sabhi ke liye..

Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya har kisi ke liya..

Tera milna hai usse rab ka isharaa maano

Mujh ko banaaya tere jaise kisi ke liya..

At the another hand one young man driving car..

Traffic was jammed

Suddenly he got a call..

Young man: (picks call) hello uncle..

Uncle: hello Sanskar beta.. how are u..

Yes he was our Sanskar..

Sanskar: am fine uncle.. u tell

Uncle: fine beta.. is that presentation ready..??

Sanskar: yeah uncle..

Uncle: perfect okk beta.. c u..

Sanskar: bye uncle..

He cuts call..

Suddenly he noticed some melodious sweet voice coming..

Sanskar: such a sweet voice..

He turns his face.. and opens car window.. to check whose voice that was..

He not able to fine..

Traffic start moving..

But his heart not accepting to move on..

He moved and parks his car some place..

He came there and.. checking..

Finely he got.. voice coming from that beautiful garden..

He saw.. some girl playing guitar there while singing..

But he not able to see her face..

Such a awesome weather going on..

He tries to see her..

Finely he saw her face middle of plants..

He mesmerised to saw her..

Sanskar: (monologue) what a beautiful girl she is such a sweet voice.. I love it..

Here swara notices someone stood there and staring her..

She saw him.. unknowingly smile appeared on her face..

Both looking each other from distance..

But she doesnt stop singing..

Kuch to hai tujh se raabtaa

Kuch to hai tujh se raabtaa

Kaise hamm jane hame kyaa ptaa

Kuch to hai tujh se raabtaa

Tu hamsafar hai.. fir kya fikar hai..

Jeene ki wajah yahi hai..

Marrna usse ke liye..

The episode ends with both staring each other..

Precap: Swaras another dream.. Ashus birthday.. Sanskar fall in love with Swara

So, friends.. how was the Part-1 of my SS..

Hope u all like it..

Upcoming more intresting..

So, dont miss..

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