My Lovely Dreamland by AngelAshu (Part-3)


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Recap: Ashus bdy.. Sanky chit chat with Swara..

So lets starts Part-2 of #My_Lovely_Dreamland

If she want to tell something to him..

She just closes her eyes and tells to her heart..

And surprise he able to listen her words..

Its called relation of heart to heart..

Both thinking about each other deeply..

She kept a name for him as chits boy..


Which makes him smiles..

It was a beautiful morning..

She woke up with a smile

She remembering last night dream..


Some boy got accident..

Swara start sweating

She not able to see his face..

Its like flashing..

But she suddenly.. blur erased.. and she saw him.

He got injured badly..

She shock


Swara: (confusing) who was he I saw him yeah I saw him offooo..

Whats happening with me.. who was he.. oohhhnnnoooo he he

That day I mean when I went Ashram with Ashu.. that staring guy yeah yeah

OMG.. but I doono him na.. y he came in my dream and y me tensioning for him

BG plays..

Haan.. ye tu hi to bachaa

Jo jeene ka maza.. kyu aane laga..

Ye hawa meain hai kya

Toda sa jo nashaa.. u chane lagaa

Pucho na mujhe kya hua hai teri bahon meain akhir..

Pucho na mujhe kya milega teri bahon meain akhir..

Ye ishq haaye.. baite bitaaye..

Jannat dikhaye haannnnnnnn

Swara start biting nails

Shomi came there..

Shomi: what happened Shona.. y r u looking tensioned???

Swara: wo.. wo nothing mom..

Shomi: is everything fine beta..??

Swara: haan mom.. (fake smile)

Shomi: Shona after 2days some one coming to see u..

Swara: what mom.. I didnt get u..

Shomi: I mean.. ur dad selected a match for u.. they told to ur dad.. they are coming after 2 days here.. they want to see u..

Swara: but mom.. shadi (sad face)

Shomi: dad told me.. its very perfect match for u.. but dont take tension.. we cant do anything with out ur wish.. okk..

Swara: okk mom..

Shomi went..

Swara: omg.. one side this stupid dream.. and one side this match ufff ohh my destiny what r u doing with me.. Swara.. just relax.. u donno that guy.. so.. take it easy.. but he injured badly na.. this dreamarrrgghhhh.. it this one also became nogod.. please save him..

She went washroom

At the another hand..

Sanskar: I wanna prepare letter for my darling..hahah.. may be she waiting na..

He walking on road

Some car coming from his back side.. he thinking about her and smiling

Car brakes failed.. so car was not coming properly

Car driver pressing horn.. but bad luck.. horn also not working..

Driver shouting but sanky not able to listen..

Car dashed him..

Here swara in class she suddenly jerked..

Swara: (Monologue) ohhnnoo.. what happening with me..

She sweating

Ashu: Swara.. swara what happened.. r u okk..??

Swara: Ashu.. donno.. iam not able to understand what happening with me..

Ashu: (passing water bottle) take it..

Swara took and drunk..

Ashu: howz u feeling now

Swara: ashu.. am going to home..

Ashu: okk.. chalo.. I will drop u..

Swara: no.. I will manage..

Ashu: swara.. chalo.. once see ur condition.. I cant leave u alone.. lets go..

They both went to Swaras home

At swaras room..

Swara told about dream and Match(marriage proposal) to Ashu..

Ashu calm downing Swara..

Swara: an ashu.. u know.. I didnt get any chit from him today..

Ashu: may be he busy.. u will get.. dont worry

Swara: am waiting from morning.. and see its 2PM..

Ashu: wait till evening..

Swara: hmm

Ashu went..

Some time passed..

Swara: what is the sign of this dream.. ohhnoo swara.. forget about that guy and that dream.. just think about ur chit boy..

She walking in her room like lifeless body

Swara: its 7pm.. I didnt get his 2nd chit too ohh god.. please help me..

She spent whole night thinking about that chit boy..

She didnt slept..

Night passed

Swara slept unknowingly at sofa..

She suddenly jerked and woke up..

She felt like someone throw a paper on her..

She chked surrounding.. she got a chit..

A biggggggggggggggggggggggg smile appears on her face..

She didnt waste one second.. she took chit and open..

* first of all a big SORRY to u..

I gave much tension to u na..

Sorry.. I tried many times to give chit to u..

But I was really very very busy..sorry..

(she got emotional)

Okk.. now stop ur tears..

(she wipes her tears)

I know u also loving me..

But y r u not expressing

u r playing with me na..*

-Teri Diwanaa

Ragini came at that time..

Ragini: swaraaaa

Swara hides chit..

Ragini: u slept night here..?

Swara: (covers) wo.. I was reading book.. I didnt know.. when ninni came..

Ragini: haha swara.. any way.. mom gave me this dress to u..

Swara: for what..

Ragini: tomorrow ur inlaws coming to c u na.. (teasing)

Swara: raaagggiiinnniiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Ragini: acha baba.. dont be angry.. keep this..

Swara took ragini went..

Swara: ohh god.. what to do know.. Iam in love with this chit boy na.. I cant imagine my life with someone else.. but how can I tell mom dad about him.. I donno at least his name..!!

Now I dont have any option.. I have to attend this match.. after that I will tell to papa.. I didnt like ladka.. yeahh.. its perfect..

She closes her eyes..

Swara: chit boy.. I love u.. I didnt wanna attend this match but am helpless.. come to meet me..

U always listening my words na.. please try to understand me..

At the another hand.
.Sanskar smiling to see her picture..

Sanskar: I love u too swara.. but I like this game.. hope u too.. haha.. dont take tension darling.. u r only mine.. and am only urs..

The next day..

Some family came to GM..

All seated..

Shomi: ragini beta (she gave a sign to take swara here)

Ragini nodes and went to take swara..

At swaras room..

She got ready..

Swara: ohhnnooo y my heart exiting to see him.. its not good swara.. ur chit boy will be jealous..

I dont wanna see him.. uff.. I have to reject this match..

She adjust herself..

Ragini came there..

Ragini: swara.. they came..

Swara gave a fake smile.. fake blush.. (hahahah)

Swara: (monologue) be ready Mr am coming to reject u..!!

Ragini: swara.. u know what.. ladka ekdum dashing hai.. u will like him pakka..

Swara:(monologue) ufff.

Ragini: lets go..?

Swara: hmm

Ragini took swara downstairs..

Swara: (monologue) I dont wanna see him at least.. ohhnooo.. my destiny.. whats this situation.. I cant bear this.. but have to face na..

Ragini makes Swara seated..

All talking with each other..

Shomi came to swara and askes to see ladka..

Swara ups ur head..

All thought.. swara looking at ladka..

But she looking at another side.. coz she dont wanna see him..

Ladkas mother: Sharmishtaji.. I like ur daughter.. even my family too.. if u guyz dont mind leave them (ladka.. ladki) alone sometime..

Shekhar: sure..

Swara: (Monologue) oohhhhnnnooo I cantttt but am helpless now.. goddd save me..

Ragini took ladka and Swara to some room

Now Swara and ladka only at room

Swara feeling much nervous..

Both seated..

Swara still didnt see him..

But he staring her continuously..

Ladka: hellooo

Swara: (monologue) ohh god.. now I have to talk with this idiot.. may be have to see too ohhnnooo

Swara: hii

Ladka: u didnt saw me na..

Swara shock.. (still her face down)

Ladka: I noticed.. u didnt saw me..

Swara silent..

Ladka: so, once look at me..

Swara silent..

She closed her eyes tightly

Swara(monologue): chit boy.. where are u.. this idiot forcing me to see him.. come here.. please save me.. I cant imagine anyone in ur place.. come to me.

Ladka: what happen..

Swara helplessly ups her face and looking him

She got a big shock

Swara: (monologue) ohhnnooo he.. he.. OMG.. he s that guy na.. whose I saw at Ashram and in my dream whatever.. I will reject this match..

Ladka smiles..

She smiles..

Ladka: so, did u remember me na..?

Swara: yeah.. that day.. at Ashram..

Ladka: yes.. Am Sanskar Sanskar Maheshwari..

Swara: nice name..

Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar: so, anything u can ask..

Swara: nothing.. I mean not need

Sanskar: whattt

Swara: shell we leave..??

Sanskar: we came here just now na.. talk some time with me.

Swara: see dear, I didnt want to hide.. I cant do this marriage.. Iam going to reject u..

Sanskar shock

Sanskar: why..? u didnt like me..?

Swara: its not a matter to like and dislike.. i didnt wanna this.. that it..

She stood and going towards door.. (dont worry guys.. ragini jate jate.. door ko close kar di thank god)

Sanskar: Swaraaa

She turns..

Sanskar: I cant leave u at any cost..

Swara:(angry) see Mr am love with some one.. I cant leave him at any cost

Sanskar: me too

Swara: whattt

Sanskar: u cant reject this match swara I know u cant..

Swara: r u mad I told u na.. (interrupted)

Sanskar: u cant swara..(high tone)

Swara surprised to saw his behaviour..

He coming near to her..

Swara: I can

Sanskar: swara.. first listen to me..

Swara: ohhnnoo.. I dont need

She goes to door about to open..

He pulls her to back..

Swara: leave me.. what r u doing..(tries to free.. but vain)

He pinned her to wall..

Sanskar: u have to listen my words.. after that ur wish..

Swara: leave Sanskar what rubbishhh leave me..

Sanskar: okk.. I will leave u.. but after leaving ye mt kahna ki I cant leave without u..okk..??

Swara: hahahah how silly Sanskar

Sanskar: (suddenly looks at his watch) oops its became 7pm.. I forget to write chit for u

Swara: (her big eyes became more big) whattttttttttt.

Sanskar smiles..

Sanskar: yes swara.. pehchana nahi..???

Swara pushes him and frees herself..

Swara: dont dare to lie in front of me.. u and he huuuhhh.. never

Sanskar: haha swara.. am waiting for this moment from 1 year.. and today see.. u rejecting me.. ur chit boy

Swara shocked again..

She not able to think.. she felt like her mind gonna blind..

Sanskar: (goes to her) sorry I hide this thing from u.. but I wanna give surprise to u..

Swara silent..

Sanskar: swara.. please dont ignore me.. I cant bear..

Swara: stop joking Mr. Sanskar maheshwari.. am not a kid..

Sanskar: what r u telling swara.. its not a joke..

Swara: then.. prove me.. u r my chit boy..

Sanskar: what r u telling to prove myself..

Swara: whatever..

Sanskar: okk.. then tell me.. what I wanna do to prove myself..

Swara: just stop it Sanskar.. am loving him much.. its not mean someone came in front of me and telling am ur chit boy.. what u think.. I will believe huhhh

She going towards door to open..

He holds her hands and pulls on him..

Swara: Sanskar leave me leave me..

Sanskar: I like ur attitude Swara..

U told me to prove na.. then okk.. do that.. which u always use to talking with me..

Swara: not u okkk (full angry)

Sanskar: acha baba.. with ur chit boy..okk..

She frees herself..

She closed her eyes..

Swara: chit boy.. see this idiot doing nonsence with me.. I cant bear this..

Sanskar: haha swara.. u r complaining about me to mine..

She opens her eyes

Sanskar: swara.. this idiot non other.. believe me.. am ur chit boy.. and this is not non sence baby.. I have full rites to do this with u only with u okk..

Swara: how did u know these all. (shocked)

Sanskar: swara.. my love is true.. so, I always able to listen ur heart.. I told u this before and telling now too

Swara eyes filled with tears..

Swara: (monologue) how this is possible swara.. Sanskar is ur chit boy..

Sanskar: I proved na.. if u tell me I will prove again.. but please dont ignore me..

Swara silent

Suddenly she falls on floor start crying

Sanskar tensioned much..

Sanskar: swara.. swara.. what happened..

She not able to listen anything.. she crying only..

Sanskar sat (by knees) beside her..

He places his hands on her shoulder..

Sanskar: swara.. relax.. y r u crying.. swara..please dont cry..

Swara: (crying) am sorry Sanskar My tum ko pehchan hi nahi paayi.. how idiot am am sorry..

Sanskar melted to see her cute face..

He makes her to sit on sofa..

She places her palms on his face..

Swara: u.. u r my chit boy (cry + smile)

Sanskar nodes as yes..

Swara: will u forgive me na..??

Sanskar places his index finger on her lips..

Sanskar: shhhh dont say like this..

Swara: but Sanskar.. when u did these all things with me.. and why..

Sanskar: bcoz I fallen for u at first sight..

Sanskar explains how he saw her first time and liked her voice..

After that I decided to meet u.. but I know u pakka reject me..

Thats y I played this chit game with u.. coz I wanna tell to u.. how much I loves u..

I never wanna cheat u swara.. when I saw u first time.. my heart starts feel for u..

I start giving chits to u..

And i share about my love with my parents.. they talked with ur parents as normal match..

These all things taken one year.. but still I cant leave u swara.. if u wanna reject me.. u can..

But I will wait for u till my last breath..

He about to tell something..

She cant control herself and.. she hugs him tightly

He hugs back

Tears falling from her eyes..

Swara: I love u… I love u my chit boy

Sanskar: I love u too..

BG plays..

Janeman chupke chupke

Sare dunia se chipke..

Tumne aisi baat kahi..

Dil mera kho gaya..

Na jane kab pyaar hogaya..

Sanam ikkraar hogaya..

The episode ends with Swasan lovely hug..

Precap: swara tells sanky about accident dream.. special moments of Swasan life..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

Hope u all will like..

But some twist abhi bhi bhakhi hai yaaro

I will try to upload next part soon

Thank u soooooooo much for lovely response..

Silent readers.. shower ur comments too..

Guys.. am uploading TellyUpdates and Wattpad also..

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