My Lovely Dreamland by AngelAshu (Part-2)


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Recap: Swaras dream.. ashu swara convo.. swara joy with family.. and ashram..

So lets starts Part-2 of #My_Lovely_Dreamland

She saw him.. unknowingly smile appeared on her face..

Both looking each other from distance..

But she doesnt stop singing..

Kuch to hai tujh se raabtaa

Kuch to hai tujh se raabtaa

Kaise hamm jane hame kyaa ptaa

Kuch to hai tujh se raabtaa

Tu hamsafar hai.. fir kya fikar hai..

Jeene ki wajah yahi hai..

Marrna usse ke liye..

All clapped

Swara smiles..

Ashu: ohhnnooo.. swara.. its too late.. we have to leave..

Swara: hmm..

They both left..

At night..

Swara half lied on bed and reading a book..

Swara: whos that guy.. why he stared me like that.. any way.. he has a magical eyes haha..

At MM:

Sanskar: (staring moon) she is beautiful.. her voice amazing.. her sweet voice did magic on me..

I wanna meet her.. but how can i..??.. ohh god.. help me..

The next day..

Sanskar woke up with a bright smile..

He remember yesterdays eyelock.. and smiles..

At the another hand..

Swara woke up with an angelic smile..

Swara did some prayer..

Swara: ohh god.. how can I find solutions of my dreams..

How strange dreams na.. y u playing with me.. am not able to understand this real meaning of dreams.. but dream was nice..

She took her phone and calls ashu

Swara: Happy Birthday Ashu (high voice)

Ashu: awww love u swara..

Swara: love u too..

Ashu: so, u woke up now.. I mean came out from ur dreamland..

Swara: haha.. yeah.. and tell where is party.. haan..

Ashu: at home

Swara: ohh.. nice..

Ashu: acha.. now tell me about ur last night dream..

Swara: yaar.. at part.. some guy proposing me.. lol na.. and I said yes.. its a big lol naa.

Ashu: stop it Swara.. I know its a dream… we are taking fun.. but seriously tell.. u didnt like to love some one..??

Swara: never Ashu.. u know about me all.. but y r u asking like this now..?

Ashu: swara.. u have a beautiful world in ur life.. only some loves are bad.. its not mean all loves are bad..

Swara: hmm..

Ashu: and madam leave this topic.. may be ur dream boy is near uhahahah

Swara: aassshhhuuuuuuu

Ashu: dont shout.. am here.. bye..

Swara: haha.. bye

Swara cuts call with smile..

But the smile was vanished when she start remember something..

*** Voice Flash Back Starts ***

Boy: didi.. catch me.. catch me.. (running)

Girl1: didi.. today u have to catch him.. go fast..

Girl2: its becoming late.. fast..

Girl3: yeah yeah.. today I will show u pakka..

Boy: didi.. come..hahahahah

Girl3: uuu wait.. (start running behind him)

*** Voice Flash Back Ends ***

Swara face became sad with a hopeful smile..

She went to some rack and took a album..

She came to sofa and sit there

She opened album..

She touches each and every photo with a dull smile..

Tears start falling on photos..

Her beautiful eyes became red..

Again she start remembering something..

*** Voice Flash Back Starts ***

Girl3: take this..

Girl2: awww thank u..

Girl1: waoooo didi.. u did again.. its my fav..

Boy: (doing sounds..) ummmm yummmyyyyy u know didi.. its my fav.. but only by ur hands..

Girl1: I wanna lern this dish from u didi..

Girl3: y not darling..pakka..

Boy: leave didi.. its not a taste of dish.. its magic of ur hands

Girl3: awwww..

At that time some Girl3s Dad came there..

Dad: whats happening here (to little boy) u are eating alone.. u didnt sharing with ur bade papa..

Boy: aww have this.. (he feeds to his bade papa)

Girl1: yummy na bade papa..??

Dad: hmm

Boy: my sister made this for me so.. yummy is so little compliment..

Dad: (teasing) ohhnnooo.. its just good.. not much..

Boy: u stop it bade papa.. (kidding) u dont have any rite to tell this..okk its my didi prepared for me.. its delicious.. my didi hands have magic.. (having dish) ummm yummyyyyyyyy

All laughs

*** Voice Flash Back Ends ***

Swara start laughing while crying

She hugs album and crying more..

BG plays..

Janam janam janam saath chalna yuhii

Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahi

Ek jaan he bhale.. do vadan ho juda

Mere hoke hamesha hi rahena kabhi na kahana alvida.

Ahahahaahahaaaaa oooooo.

At that time some Angel Appears beside of Swara..

(yes friends.. we can notice in some films.. some souls.. angels appears for some special people.. and here swara is special girl.. so.. she only able to see One Beautiful Angel sometimes.. that Angel is her bestie.. and I dont need to explain about angel wearing etc.. coz u all know about pari (angel).. just imagine..)

Angel keeps her hand on swaras shoulder..

Swara felt her touch..

She Came into scenes..

Swara: (happily) angellll u came again smiles..

Angel: I told u na.. u r not alone.. am always with u.. u r feeling alone now.. see I came..

Swara: (hugs angel) I missed u sooooooo much

Angel: (smiles) Swara.. forget ur past.. I know its not easy.. u have a colour full future.. dont miss it..

Swara: (weeping) angel.. am trying my best.. but

Angel: (wiping her tears) Swara.. no more tears.. they all are in ur heart.. they all are in ur not telling to forget them.. just move on in ur life.. coz.. past never will come back.. concern on ur future.. ur tears are not good for them..

Swara nodes as yes..

Angel: now I have to go (peaks forehead) am always with u okk.. bye

Swara: bye

Angel disappears..

Swara again wipes her tars.. she put album into rack..

Goes to washroom..

At evening..

Swara: mom.. am going..

Shomi: okk beta.. come soon.. and give this (box) to ashu..

Swara: what is this mom..

Shomi: I made gulabjamun for ashu.. her fav na

Swara: aww mom.. even mine too na.. (pouted)

Shomi: haha swara I kept some for u at home..

Swara: awww mom.. love u. but dont tell to ragini about gulabjamun..

Shomi smiles

Swara: bye mom..

Shomi: bye beta..

Swara takes her scotty with her..

She leaves home..

She stops her scotty at one bouquet shop..

Swara: I will take one bouquet with me.. Ashu will like much..

She park scotty and went inside..

She selecting bouquet

Some little boy came there..

Boy: didi

Swara: haan

He passed a slip to her..

Swara about to ask.. he ran.

Swara: heyyy listen..

She vain..

She about to open slip..

Swara: OMG.. My dream she surprised..

But who send me this slip..?? let me open..

She opens slip..

*Jadu kardiya mujh par teri asar ne..

Phli nazar me hi kah diya meri dil ne..

Tere bina jeena naamumkin hai*

-Teri Diwanaa

Swara: what is this.. ohh god who is he.. without mentioning his name wrote slip..

She buy something and about to leave..

Someone throw a slip on her..

Swara: againuffff

She opens..

*pyaar ki dunia ne kahdi welcome mujhe..

Ab bhari hai aane ki tujhe*

-Teri Diwanaa

Swara: it seems like proposal..

She looks around her.. she didnt find any one..

She ignored that and went near scotty..

She found a slip near scotty..

Swara: ohhhoooo again

She opens slip..

*Zindagi me sab ko pyaar ki gift nahi milta..

Pyaara saa saathi ke saath koobsurat life nahi milta..

Tere bina mjhe mera jeene ki ummed nahi milta*

-Teri Diwanaa

This time swara got some irritation..

Swara: whats the hell who is he if he have such a courage.. he will mention his name.. he didnt na.. leave swara.. lets go..

She leaves

She reached ashus home..

Ashu likes gulabjamun by shomi hands much..

Swara enjoys party with all friends

After some time she told Ashu about Chits..

Ashu: my guess is right..

Swara: what..

Ashu: ur dream boy near u swara.. lets say yes to him..

Swara: ohhoo Ashu.. see yaar.. I donno at least his name.. some mad guy playing with me..

Ashu: Swara.. yaar how sweet he is.. see he send chits for u.. awww

Swara: Ashuuu.. what yaar.. leave it na..

Ashu: no way

Swara: okk baba.. when he will send again.. then we think about this..

Ashu: thats like a good girl..

At night..

Sanskar: yahhoooo swara start thinking about me..

I noticed all her reactions..

Sanskar beta.. u very lucky to have her.. dont

At GM:

Swara: who sends me chits.. what he want from me.. if he loves me..?? no no he just playing with me.. I think some of my friend playing with me.. Swara.. ignore..

She covers blanket on her and slept..

The next day

She went college..

Again someone gives slip to swara and went

*U r thinking about me na..

Yes.. I know.. u unknowingly start liking me..

Dont think me bad.. coz am not coming in front of u..

Am in love with u Swara.. and am soo near to u..

(she looking surroundings..but vain.. start reading again)

U donno how much I love u..

(she start some feeling on him)

I will come in front of u one day pakka..

I know.. u r thinking.. am playing with u..

Yeah.. am playing with my love..

But please mind.. I will never do anything to hurts u..

Coz.. I love u more then me..*

-Teri Diwanaa

A bright full smile appeared on her face..

Swara: (Monologue) yeah.. my heart start liking u.. I like ur game..

But I wanna see u.. I wanna talk with u.. where are u..

After some time..

She about to leave college she got another slip..

She excitedly opens..

* I know.. u want to talk with me.. u want to see me..

But soon

And if u want to tell me something

Just tell to ur heart..

I can hear ur words..

Pyaar se pyaare tum ho sanam
Jitna chahu tum ko utna hai kam

Waiting for our meeting moment..*

-Teri Diwanaa

Swara: (monologue) ohh god he answered to that questions which I asked to my heart

I doono what to do help me god..


Swara living her life normally..

Daily she getting 2 letters from him..

She fallen for him.. but behaving like.. she just reading letters.. as a friend nothing much..

If she want to tell something to him..

She just closes her eyes and tells to her heart..

And surprise he able to listen her words..

Its called relation of heart to heart..

Both thinking about each other deeply..

She kept a name for him as chits boy..


Which makes him smiles..

The episode ends with their deep thinking for each other..

Precap: A big ShockA big Twist..

So, friends.. how was the epi..

Hope u will like..

Next episode much exiting o

Dont miss it..

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