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PRECAP: Swasan’s engagement…!!! Sanskar kissing swara..!!!


It’s been 13 days…since that day, when hurricanes of confusions started in my life…!!! ‘His Kiss’ has been haunting me like anything in my dreams till now..!! I have never kissed my father even… on his cheeks till now…!!!Erhhh… I am again thinking about this nonsense kiss..!!! I don’t remember how many times I have brushed my teeth that day… and wasted water for rinsing my mouth..!!

‘Life is short-Enjoy it’ – I love this quote and it’s my life strategy. Who would waste this precious life??!! I only dream of roaming the whole world, enjoying the beauty of it.

Here I am, in a position being the centre of attraction, where everyone around praising me, my parents standing far, seeing me with tears of happiness in their eyes and my sister, being next attraction to me, whole heartedly laughing with her friends. I am feeling like I am in heaven.

My happy thoughts were disturbed by my mehendi designer, sitting next to me asking “What letter should I put your mehendi mam??”From nowhere my sister Ragini appeared and said “You came to my sister’s marriage without knowing my jiju’s name!!!Write ‘S’, his name is sanskar..!!”

Hearing the words ‘MARRIAGE’ , ‘JIJU’ and ‘SANSKAR’ from her mouth, my face became red and my anger reached beyond limits. There used to be no place for word ‘MARRIAGE’ in my life dictionary and now, like all other girls, finally I am going to reach HELL!!!! This hell is going to keep full stop to all my dreams and enjoyment!!! But I am not going to let it happen…

And this ‘SANSKAR’… and my ragini calling him ‘jiju’????!!! I feel like kicking his a**!!! He is the main reason for all these sudden turnings in my life!!! He himself has invited danger…Till now he has seen only my few shades…

‘SANSKAR MAHESWARI!!! You are just going to change my surname only for some period of time. But I am going to be SWARA GADODIA at the end. You might make me enter into hell temporarily, but you too are going along with me. Now get ready to face the torture along with me, where I will make you regret for the decision of marrying me .’ I smirked myself.

“Di.. I know you are thinking about my jiju!!! Still there is some more time..!! Please come out of your dream world…” Ragini started teasing. “Woww!! Raguu.. You are soo intelligent..!! You caught me” I replied. Little does she know that I am actually thinking with exactly quite opposite intentions of what I am supposed to think about him off.

I kept my thoughts aside and started enjoying my marriage , after all it happens only once where you will be treated as a celebrity!!!


Sanskar’s POV:

‘Control your destiny, or else someone will’- This proverb fits to me right now!!!

Finally I found my destiny, my love, my future lovely BIWI…!! whom I lost few years back. Never in my dreams I have expected to meet her again, but this happened in real…I might have thanked god a million times and still it would be less!!!

Few years back, I am a stranger to her… but now…within few hours she is going to be lovely wife… 🙂 !!! But only to the outside world… But in her heart, still I am a stranger..!! 🙁

I know she don’t like me…probably hating me too for marrying her..!!! But I seriously don’t want to loose her and I am ready to bear every sweet torture of my cute short tempered girl!!

Just then I got a message from Ragini, “Hey jiju!!! OMG!! You love my sister so much it seems!!! Her mehendi was sooo dark …I am really jealous of my sister for getting a husband like you !!” I smiled and saw the pictures of Swara’s mehendi sent by her. I felt an urge to kiss those dark reddish mehendi hands right now!!Then I saw her pic… and I was once again clean bowled by her beauty!!!

‘So miss SWARA BOSE…!! Get ready to become MY LOVELY BIWI officially and your love story starts now!!’ I thought and changed the pic as my mobile’s wallpaper….


Finally… the day came… where I am sitting in the mandap… waiting for ‘HER’… to come down…!!! While Pandit has been reciting mantras… she started stepping down… in her red saree… with Gunghat on her head… like a bridal queen… her face glowing with happiness..!!!

Me(surprised) : “Looking extremely beautiful dear..!!! I thought you will be sad… as you don’t want this marriage..!! But you are soo happy..!!! Finally… you fell in love with me by my kiss or what 😉 ??!!”

Swara(uninterested): “Whatever…!!! It’s my marriage… and I will have this… only once in my life..!! I am not like other girls who would waste tears and spoil my makeup..!! I should look good in photos and videos…!! Don’t day dream unnecessarily..!!!”

I didn’t get a chance to talk to her further… but little disappointment which I had before… at the corner of my heart… about this marriage… vanished seeing her happiness..!!

As the priest suggested, I took a pinch of sindhoor and placed it on her forehead… and after sometime… I tied mangalsutra around her neck… wholeheartedly making her as my soul mate officially in front of whole world…!!

Our marriage happened fantastically… like a fairy tale with all rituals… ending with bidhaayi…!! To my surprise… she didn’t cry at that time too… instead, she started consoling her parents… that they will be always her parents… no matter whatever happens in future…!!

We entered our house… completing all rituals of a bahu entering her sasuraal…!! She was taken away by my mother to my room… while I was struck up with Uttara …!!!

Uttara : “ Bhai..!!! I think you forgot my deal..!!!”

Me(confused) : “Deal??!!”

Uttara(playing with her phone) : “ You know what… I recorded a video of a monkey in different expressions… his styles… and his dance too..!! It’s really fantastic video you know..!!! You wait here for sometime..!! I will just meet bhaabi and come..!!BHAABHII…!!!!!”

Me(worried) : “Hey.. My dear sissy..!!! You.. you are talking about deal naa??!!! What do you want??!!”

Uttara: “You know what bhai..!!! I am really good sister…!! I don’t have any intention to spoil your romantic night…!!! Just give your credit card along with password for my shopping tomorrow..!! I will forget about this video for now..!!”

Me(saluting) : “Yess… Mam..!!!”

As soon as Uttara left me… my father came and took me to some distance and started talking slowly and secretly..!!

Ram Prasad(with tears of happiness) : “ Sanskar!!! You became really big… and you are married now..!! I am sooo.. happy for you!!!”

Me : “Dad… Now you too started nonsense like mom..!!! Please… leave me… I am tired!!”

Ram Prasad : “ Tired??!!! I am your father… my dear son!!! I know how much energy you have been saving… to become tired by morning… 😛 !!! I just called you to give you this..!!!”

By saying… he handed con**ms to me…!!!

Me(shocked) : “Dad??!!!”

Ram Prasad(winking) : “Don’t compare me with you mother…!!! I am not like your mother…asking for my grand children.. 😉 !!! First… enjoy life..!!! Then… slowly… slowly… you can start everything..!! Understand??!! 😛 😛 ”

He went away… saying this…!!! I am already afraid… how I am going to sleep all night with my lady hitler…!! and my father here… is building sky scrapers in his dreams!!

I prayed to Hanuman… to give me strength and started walking towards my room..!!!

PRECAP: Swasan’s first night!!! (when kiss happened… this should even happen naa!! 😛 😛 )

Yoo..!! Guys… Finally wrote something… which I am bad… as I don’t know any rituals..!!! Do comment something about this episode… for my satisfaction..!! Next episode will be special for sure… 😛 !!! Keep guessing if you want.. about it..!! But don’t expect too much… 😉

Credit to: G.CHANDU

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