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RECAP: Sanskar suddenly confesses his feelings to swara..!!!


Opening the door of my own flat without making noise… like a thief at midnight. became a daily routine for me every Friday…!!! After all it’s weekend… and a pleasure seeker like me would always end up in celebrations as token of completing our working days!!!

Without switching on my lights , I reached my bed and fell on it like I slept ages ago..!!! Suddenly my phone beeped indicating that I got a message… and as usual came from the great… Mr. Sankar Maheswari aka ‘MY HUTCH DOG’….!!

‘Good night my dear sweet and salty queen… sweet dreams – your future king sanskar’

Reading the message… my blood boiled like anything!!! But seriously… I didn’t understand how come he comes to know everything about me… my daily activies, my address including my phone number…!!! I still remember how he confessed his feelings last week like a psycho…..!!! Finally I landed in deep sleep… scolding and thinking about him!!!


Stars still watching me through window from sky….my phone started ringing …disturbing deep sleep…!!! I said “Hello…” still not opening my eyes…!!!

Other side : “Swara… please wake up…!!! It’s important…!!!”

Me(shocked and worried) : “Ragini!!! What happened??!! Why are you calling at this time??!!! Is everything alright??!!”

Ragini(crying) : “No!!! Papa got heart attack…!! Please come to Kolkata…!!! It’s really urgent…!! Mom and I don’t know what to do please…!!!”

Me(panicked) : “What??!!! Ragini… please don’t worry…!!! I am coming…!! Stay strong and take care of mom and dad..!! Handle the situation untill I come…!!!”

I cut the call immediately and booked a flight ticket in emergency case and rushed to airport…!!!



I have been trying to call Ragini to find out in which hospital Papa has been joined…but it’s switched off!!! I tried for my parents mobiles too and their response is even same!! Finally I decided to go home cursing their dead mobiles in that panic state…!!

As soon as I rang the door bell, Ragini opened the door crying… and I immediately hugged her and said “ How is papa??!! Don’t cry Ragini… I came naa!! Nothing will happen to him…!!!”

As Ragini was trying to say something, meanwhile my Mom came there crying and called “Swara…!!” I ran to her and engulfed her too in a bone crushing hug to console her…!!

Me(crying) : “Mom.. you too please don’t cry…!!! Be strong..!!! How is papa now??!! Is he fine??!!!”

“Offcourse!! I am fine…what happened to me???” – came a voice from behind!!!

“ PAPA!!! You are alright…!!! Ra… ra..gini ca..called me… to..told..that you got heart attack??!!!” I exclaimed as soon as I saw him…!!

“ Yess!!! I am alright…!!! Just shaved my beard and going to colour my hair even!!! Am I looking young??” said my father winking at me…!!

Then I turned back shockingly and said “Then why are you people crying, if nothing happened??” pointing to my sister and mother…!!

My mother(wiping tears) : “We are watching Swaragini serial on T.V…!!!”

Ragini(still crying) : “You know what swara!!!!… Helly shah fell into river while trying get saved from Rajat…and varun kapoor becomes depressed!!! Everyone says that Helly died…but Tejaswi and Varun don’t believe them and still search her!!! I am really feeling very bad for varun… 🙁 ”

Me(angrily): “You Idiots!!! I came running worriedly from Bombay thinking something happened to father!!! And you are crying for some stupid serial…!! and you RAGINI!!! Why the hell did you lie to me??!!!”

Ragini(scared): “Whoo…Di…actually…”

My father(interrupting) : “It’s because I told her to do..!! And why are you worrying??!! It’s your weekend anyway…No need to keep leave for office too…!! We three wanted to talk to you about something really important…. Now go and freshen up now!! We will discuss the matter later!!!”

Here my body is becoming like a red chilli because of anger…my father went to mirror and started colouring his hair and both my mother and sister again got involved in serial as if nothing has happened…!!Finally… I went to my room to fresh up and burst volcano on them later!!!


After having my homely made yummy breakfast, I went to hall where my mother and Ragini are still involved in T.V and my father just entered wiping his wet hair with towel and started reading newspaper sitting on chair near to me….

Controlling my anger and clearing my throat… I started speaking… “Soo..what’s the matter which you people want to say to me??!!”

Suddenly all three of them looked each other and surrounded me leaving their works and started signing themselves to start the conversation…!! Frustrated with their signing language, I said “Ragini…You speak out!!!”

Ragini (holding my hand): “Di!!! Woo…woo…woo.. how was papa’s hair now???!!! He is looking young naa??!!”

Me(pointing my mom) : “ Ok mom!!! You tell now..!!”

Sharmista: “Wooh.. Swara… but you should not shout at us immediately and listen to us completely…!! Promise me..!!”

Me(angry): “There is no way I am going to leave you people for getting me here telling a stupid lie!!”

While I was looking at my mother, “TOMORROW IS YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!!” Said my father in a single flow… closing his eyes…!!! I chuckled myself thinking that I listened wrongly and day dreaming because of improper sleep…!!! But I came to reality when I still heard my mother talking about this matter further…. holding my hand!!!

Sharmista : “Swara… we know that we lied to you!!! But there is no other way to make you come here… We know very well that you won’t step in her if you come to know about this!!!”

Me(shocked) : “I think my ears are not working properly…!!”

Ragini: “No…No Swara di…!!They are at good condition only!!! What you heard is right…Tomorrow is your engagement!!!!”

That’s it for me!!!! I stood up immediately and shouted at them like a mad dog…!!

Me : “Are you people nuts??!!! Do you know what you all are speaking??!!! You are not even talking about any proposal but about engagement…!!! How will it happen??!!! And who is that Duffer who is directly getting ready for engagement without seeing me even??!!! Does he feel marrying me as a joke??!!! Just give me his number…!!”

Sharmista(consoling): “Shonaa…!! just listen to us completely!!! He actually met you in Mumbai only…!! You forgot or what??!! We told to meet a guy right… 2 weeks back??!! He is the same guy…And he liked you…!!”

Me(remembering incident): “What??!!! He met me??!! No Mom!! I didn’t meet anyone at that time…No one came too!!! May be there is some misunderstanding…!!! If he would have met me…definitely he wouldn’t have accepted it…!!!”

I bit my tongue for blurting out truth in front of parents suddenly…!!! I can clearly see my father turning into red chilli now..!!

Shekar(angrily) : “What do mean swara??!!! So…you have planned something on that day even!!! I have tolerated enough of your non-sense!! Till now I had a guilt feeling that I said yes to this proposal without asking your opinion…!! I thought of convincing you… but I think no need of this drama anymore!!! I liked the guy and family… I invited all our relatives and friends too…And tomorrow is your engagement…!!! That’s final…!!!”

Me(angry and crying) : “Mr.Shekar Gadodia..!!! Even I have tolerated enough of your non-sense till now!!Who are you to decide about me without my wish??!!! If you want me throw out of this house… for your kind information I have already been living separately in Bombay with my own earnings!!! I am neither going to get engaged nor married because of your stupidity!!!! Understand!!!!”

“SWARA!!!” immediately my father shouted raising hand on me… but my mother stopped him in between!!!

Sharmista(worried) : “Shekar!!What are you doing…??!!! It’s not at all good to raise hand on grown up daughter!!!”

Shekar(angrily): “Look sharmista…!!! How she has become…calling her own father by name!!! It’s all your fault to make me accept to allow her to work in Mumbai!! We are attending all her old friend’s children’s naming ceremonies… and there she learned these manners and came!!!

Sharmista(consoling) : “Calm down Shekar!!She is your daughter…!! Even she has as much as stubbornness as you…!!!

Ragini(consoling): “ Di… you too even…!! Relax…calm down!!!”

Me(frustrated and crying) : “Calm down??!!! What are you saying Ragini??!!! You people took such a big decision regarding my life without my concern…!!! And you are telling me to relax??!! Do whatever you people want…but I am not going to stay here anymore and… GOOD BYE FOREVER…!!!”

Saying this… I went to my room crying to pack my stuff…!!


It’s been an hour since the drama took place and I almost completed my packing too..!! As I was about to dress up myself, my mom and ragini came…!!!

Sharmista: “Swara….We need to talk!!”

Me(coldly): “If it’s about the same matter which you told in hall…then forget about it!!”

Ragini: “Di…please!!! just listen to us patently for sometime…!!!”

Me(shouting): “Why should I listen???!! I have been saying that I don’t want to do any marriage….Are you listening it???!!!”

Sharmista : “But shonaa…!!! why??!!! Why don’t you want to??!!!

Me (shouting and crying): “Because I don’t want to live my life like you people…!!! I have my expectations and dreams …!!! I don’t want to kill those like you and adjust with a stranger!!!”

Sharmista(consoling) : “Shonaa…!!! What you are thinking is wrong…!! Marriage is not the only bond which makes you adjust with your partner..!!! It’s the love between you people which makes you do these… that too satisfied and happily…!!!”

Me : “ Oooh… really!!! If you are happy with your marital life, then why the hell… you and dad quarrel every time regarding money and other nonsense things???!!! Tell me sincerely…are you really happy ??!!! I still remember you crying… after quarrels that you have married him unnecessarily…!!!”

Sharmista : “It’s nothing like that swara…!!! I may not be happy all the time…!!! But I am satisfied with my life… !!!”

Me: “This is what I am saying… you are just saying all these thinking that you are satisfied but actually you are not!!!! May be you both used to love each other… when you are young… and adjusted!!! But later… you people adjusted because of responsibilities…society…etc.etc..!! You still might argue with me that I am wrong…but this is the Bitter truth…!!!”

Sharmista : “Everyone has their opinion!!! And it’s yours…!!! There is some truth in which you are saying… But still you are wrong…!!”

Me(angry) : “I know what’s right and what’s wrong…!! I am 25 years old and not a immature kid anymore…!!!”

Sharmista : “This is the problem swara…!!! You have grown up and it’s time for you to marry!!! What will others think about you if you are not getting married??!!! They feel that you have some faults..!!!”

Swara : “So, for you people… Society is more important than your daughter’s happiness??!!!”

Sharmista(angry) : “Haa.. yess..!!! We should have really thought about society while sending you far from us for studies and job!!! But what to do… we thought about your happiness…!!! We tried to give everything you want…!!! But you… in turn… became soo selfish!!! Have you ever thought How your father is facing taunts from his colleagues everyday about you still not getting married…??!!! Do you know what they generally say when you stay away from us in Bombay…??!!!

Forget about us..!!! We want your happiness and we are ready to bear everything…!!! But have thought about your sister??!!! Even she has grown up… and she needs to get married unlike you!!! But how??!!! Your so called Happiness and selfishness has became a barrier for her life too…!!!

Thank you for showing your concern on us and came here thinking about your father’s health…!!! You can go where ever you want and lead a happy life…!! We will live our lives anyhow… and no need to worry about us…!!! You may leave and Good bye!!!”

She stormed out… leaving me and Ragini in my room with complete anger!!! While my mind was battling inside with many thoughts…Ragini spoke…!!

Ragini : “Di.. Don’t worry..!!! I can understand your situation right now!!! Every thing will be set right with time…!!”

Me(thoughtfully): “Whatever she said is absolutely correct Ragini!! It was them who gave me this life… and they too have rights on it… they have beared me soo much till now!! But… I don’t want to spoil my life too…!!”

After sometime again she started speaking thinking…!!

Ragini : “Who said marrying someone will make life spoil??!!! I know that you are not a girl of our type…!! And I don’t think that you will lose your happiness with this marriage…!!! Because I know very well about the guy!!You can trust me didi…in this matter!!! I don’t know what your dreams are… but may be you may fulfil them after getting married…!! May be this marriage is showing you another way for it!!! Not all marriages lead to sorrow…!!!

Just think about it once more… And consider all of us even…!! Tomorrow is your engagement… It’s your wish to get ready for it or leave us and go away..!! We always want you to be happy only…!! It’s your life…and you have complete right to decide about it..!! Whatever happens… I am always your sister… and always be your side to support you in future..!!!”

Saying this… she even left me… giving much more trouble to my mind!!!


Considering all situations and thoughts… I decided to get married…!!! By this decision… everyone will be happy…!!! May be like what ragini said… It might open a way to achieve my wild dreams too…!!! No..No.. it’s not may be… It will definitely..!!! After all I preplanned everything…!!!

Finally… here I am… readying myself to get engaged to some stupid unknown donkey…!!! I don’t know How and why he said “yes” to this proposal even though he didn’t meet me..!! May be he might have fallen seeing my photo and accepted it…after all I am such a beauty…!!! Whatever…this donkey is definitely going to pay for his deeds in future for saying ‘yes’…!!!

As I was smirking myself for my thoughts… My phone beeped indicating some message..!!

‘Hii Jaan….how are you?!! Missing you soo much… Eagerly waiting to see you…!!! – Your sincere lover sanskar’

I smiled reading his message!!!! Becharaa… I am imagining his reaction when he comes to know that I am going to get married…!!! Hehe.. even I am eagerly waiting to see his reaction after reaching Bombay..!!

While I was immersed in my stupid thoughts…My sister came..!!! “Didi… Jiju and your sasuraal came!! Jijuu was looking really stunning you know…!!!” said my sister without facing me..!!

Me(irritated) : “Stop calling him jiju..!!! I am not yet married…!!”

She chuckled and turn back…!!! “omg!!!! Didi… Is that you??!!!! You are looking like goddess…!!! I am 100% sure that jiju will get heart attack..!! You are THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY QUEEN…!!!”

Me(much more irritated) : “I said stop calling that donkey as jijuu..!!!”

Meanwhile we heard our mom shouting from outside… “Swaraa…Ragini… come fast!!! Every body is waiting…!!!” Listening to this… We immediately rushed out out of room..!!

As I was walking outside slowly… I can feel evryone’s gaze on me and held ragini tightly for this stupid attention..!!! I saw my my Mom and Dad…with tears in there eyes!!!They were soo happy now and I felt really happy seeing them like this… forgetting my tension!!!

Meanwhile a lady came to me and said “Woww Choriii…!!! You are looking soo beautiful..evryone’s eyes are on you only!!”

I just simply starred at her thinking who she might be…!!!

Lady : “Why are looking at me like this… Oooh.. you don’t know me right!!! I am your saasu maa..!! I thought of meeting you before… but what to do… you came yesterday only…!! And I was busy with preparations..!!”

I immediately touched her feet to take her blessings as she was an elder… even though I didn’t like the fact of being her my saasu maa…and said “Bless me Aunty”!!

She immediately made me stand, hugged me and said “Nah..nah.. chori..!!! No need of all this..!!! I am soo happy seeing your respect towards elders..!!! Your daughter is really awesome sharmista ji!!! Thank you for giving her to us!!!and haa.. one more thing!!!! Call me Maa..!! not aunty!!! Understand..!!”

I felt happy seeing her love towards me and said “Ok.. maa!!!” But still…somewhere my heart is feeling guilt of cheating her…!!! But it’s not my fault..!! It’s her son’s stupid decision responsible for all the things going to happen in future..!! I thought… consoling my heart..!!

Slowly… I moved towards stage… where I am going to sign a deal about my life by exchanging a ring..!! Finally I saw the idiot… facing his back to me talking to some girl…probably his sister!!!

She said something to him…and he turned back immediately…!!!

“AWWWW……..IT WAS ‘HIM’!!!!!

PRECAP: Engagement time!!!!

What might be swara planning ??!! Will she succeed in it after seeing the person whom she is going to get married??!!!! For that… wait for my further episodes and keep guessing until then!!! What do you think about swara’s views about marriage??!!! Do anyone of you have same feelings??!! What about swaragini speaking about their own serial in this episode??!!! 😛 😛 😀 …. Don’t forget to comment views about this epi…!! Good bye everyone and meet you on 15th again…!!

Woohooo!!! Cheers everyone…!!! Please don’t loose interest in reading this ff..!! Story has just started now!!! And Shan… you are absolutely right..!! And hats off to you too..!!!

Credit to: G.CHANDU

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