MY LOVELY BIWI…AND HER LOVE STORY!!!- swasan FF (EPISODE-06) (Swasan meet)


Hii every one!!!! I am back again..!! Thank you sooo much guys for showering your comments on my ff!!!! They meant a lot to me!!! I am really sorry I couldn’t reply to you all!! I hope you didn’t forget my ff!!!

But I have a bad news too… I can’t come up with regular updates until 18th … 🙁 !!! I am really sorry for this inconvience guys!!! I can at max. Come up with 2 to 3 episodes upto 18th…!! Today even…!! I tried my best to write.. but I couldn’t write a longer one…!! One more sorry for today’s episode before hand only!!! Because I didn’t make it a interesting one 🙁 !! My brain is not working properly because of my stupid work pressure!!! Please spare me for today… and I promise you guys to come up with beautiful episodes next time..!!!
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RECAP: Sanskar and swara meets but still swara was unaware of fact that sanskar is the marriage proposal guy..!!! Ragini promises sanskar to help in his love mission..!!


‘LOVE- The most powerful feeling which can make whole world turn upside down!!!’

Here I am standing before you as a proof for this Quotation…. I, Sanskar Maheswari, a 28 year old, handsome Man…where all girls run behind me… has now become a teenage lover boy… running behind a girl… using love tricks to make her fall for him..!!

I could see sweat producing from my body…due to nervousness, eventhough it was a cool chilly morning… while I was secretly waiting for her arrival, near a milk shop..!! Thanks to my Saali Ragini, for revealing all the daily activities of Swara…!! As soon as I thought about Ragini, a message popped on my mobile screen… ‘Good morning jijuu…!!! All the best 😉 ’

Finally…putting all my thoughts to a full stop….arrived my ANGEL… in a simple plain white kurtha and blue pyjama..!!! ‘ Ooo Man!!! How can someone still look soo good in morning attires with no trace of makeup…!!’ By the time I reached her, she was busy in buying milk…her back facing me…!!

As I was deeply immersed in my thoughts of how to start conversation with her now…she just turned back suddenly and bumped into me…!!!

Swara: “Ouch!!! Sorry…!!”

And then she lifted her face up and saw me…!!

Swara(surprised): “Heyyy!!! You here!!!”

Me(acting as surprised): “Heyy…Hii…!! How are you???!!”

Swara: “I am good!!! How come you are here??!!! Did you even just came out for a walk??!!! Is your home nearby even??!!!”

Me(nervously): “ Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! You are right..!! My house is just nearby…!! Came out for a walk like everyday…”

‘You Idiot!!! Is your house nearby??!!! You travelled for 1 hour and reached here stupid!!!’ My brain started scolding me…!!!

Swara: “ Everyday??!!! But I never saw you here…!! Even I come here daily!!”

Me(covering up): “Umm.. Wo… Actually… I generally come here much more early…!!! Today I was just little bit late…. and… fortunately I have met you!!”

Swara : “ Great…!!! It’s really a good habbit of waking up early in morning…!!Anyways…nice meeting you again!!! Bye…”

Me(worried): “Hey..wait!!!”

She stopped and turned back!!!

Me : “Since we met again…How about a cup of coffee together now??!!! A cup of coffee, early in the morning is really a good start of a day…you know??!!”

Swara(chuckled and said): “Well… first of all!!! We are not friends yet..!!! And second thing, is I will be late for my work if I join you!!! Thank you for your offer…and sorry for not accepting it!!”

Me(disheartened): “At least, we can be friends right???!!! This is our second meeting too…!!”

She(smiling) : “Actually… I am not that much open minded person to accept friendship of a guy within 2 coincidental meetings…!!! I hope you don’t take me wrong…!! Bye…”

She went away… and I kept on staring at her until she was out of my sight… listening to the scoldings of my brain!!


Every day, I meet her as if it was coincidental one… at different places like shopping mall, bus stop near her office, pizza hut etc..etc..!! But still… I didn’t gain her friendship!!! She is really a unique piece made by God!!!

As my meets with her increases, I can sense her face slowly converting from surprise to suspicion whenever I meet her…!!!

Whatever…!!! I am not going to leave her…!!! I am a modern vikram and she is my beautigul ghost vethaal…!!

On my 6th meeting with her in a ice cream parlour…

She finally asked me “Are you following me??!!” I could see complete suspicion in her eyes now…!!!

Me(tensed and covering up) : “Ooh..common!!! How come I can follow you!! I have my own business to do!!! I think… God wants us to be friends!!! That’s why he is giving these many opportunities!!!”

But she didn’t reply to me!!! She seriously stood up and went from there without even bidding me 🙁 !!!

I took 2 days gap… as she was doubting me and here I am again infront of milk shop…hiding secretly behind a tree nearby… waiting for her arrival!!!

It’s been a really long time now and she should have gone away too…!!! As time passes…My heart was beating fast with the thought… that if something might have happened to her!!! Suddenly I heard a voice… “ I am here… behind you.. enough of your hiding!!!”

I turned back and saw ‘HER…’!!! I don’t know whether I should be happy that nothing happened to her or worried that I was caught red-handed!!!!

Me(tensed and acting surprised) : “Wooh…Swara…!! again what a coincidence!!! You even had a habbit of standing behind a tree!!! I never know…”

Swara(angry and cutting my words) : “Enough of your non-sense Mister!!! One word from your mouth… I am going to pull out all your 32 teeth!! I sensed wrong about you on our second meeting only…but still… I brushed up my thoughts not to judge someone immediately..!! But you proved me wrong!!! Don’t try your stupid acts infront of me!!! Is there anything you still wanted to say to cover up your deeds??!!!!”

Me: “Umm…Woh…Actually… ‘I LOVE YOU’ !!!”

Both of us were shocked by my sudden confession…!!! Never I my life I thought I would propose to a girl… that too in this worst situation!!! I don’t know why I confessed my feelings soo suddenly…!! But finally, I was happy as I don’t need to lie to her from now onwards!!!

Swara(angry): “ Are you mad??!!! First, you acted for my friendship…!! and suddenly saying ‘I LOVE YOU’… Shame on yourself!!! Now a days… ‘LOVE’ has become a cheap thing for people… using the word whenever they feel like…!!! Don’t dare to name your act and feelings towards me as ‘LOVE’!!! It’s called madness!!!……..”

She kept on speaking all non-sense….and now my tolerance has reached it’s limits as soon as I heard her naming my love as madness!!! I suddenly held her shoulders tightly… turned her and made her lean against the tree…!!

Me(angry): “Hey…Miss!!! Stop your non-sense OK!!! I accept that I did wrong in following you and lied to you and I am sorry for that!!! But …Who are you to judge my feelings…Haa??!!! Don’t dare to call my ‘LOVE’ as madness!!! ‘I LOVE YOU’ and it’s the truth…!!! It’s your wish to love me back or not….!!!You can scold or beat me for my confession!!! But you have no rights to insult my LOVE…!!UNDERSTAND!!!”

Suddenly, I found out that I am in a position…soo close to her… able to listen her heart beats… my hands still holding her shoulders tightly… both staring into each other eyes… with complete silence surrounding us!!!

I immediately left her and came to my senses!!! But still…she was in a position of shock!!

Trying not to make the situation more awkward….!!! I mumbled a SORRY and left from there…!!!

PRECAP: Not yet decided… 🙁

Done with my writing!!! Please comment your views regarding ‘SANSKAR’S SUDDEN UNEXPECTED CONFESSION!!’ Even though, I can’t make it interesting…!!! But I promise you to make all his other confessions much more good!!! And please don’t forget my ff because of my irregular updates!!

My special message to SHAN… “I would like you to go once and check replies for your comments on my 4th and 5th episode… because I can’t reveal it here!!! I hope you won’t mind..!!!” and ANISHA.. “Hattsoff to you!!! I think you understood why…”

Credit to: G.CHANDU

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